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Amazon Mall New Capital , designed and implemented by Amazon Holding Company for Development and Real Estate Development, managed to rehabilitate all the ideal conditions to be the largest investment projects in the new capital, most notably the excellent geographical location, the charming view of the Green River, the impressive design with a high rise, exclusive services and systems Smart, various units and different spaces, fantastic prices and long-term payment plans, all these advantages you will only find in Mall Amazon.


About Amazon Mall New Capital

Amazon Tower, the administrative capital, offers all visitors a charming view thanks to its location in front of the Green River and the iconic tower. The customer booked the unit he wanted and paid the price in installments over 10 years.


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Amazon mall New Capital Location

The Amazon Tower Mall occupies the capital

The new administration is an excellent location because it is located within the CBD Central Business District, plot No. NC-09, you can see both the Green River and the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa from inside the mall, and here are the most prominent landmarks near the project:

  • Ministries and Governmental Neighborhoods: These famous neighborhoods are only 10 minutes away from the Amazon Mall.
  • Gold Souk: Among the landmarks near the mall.
  • Capitals Museum: the most prominent landmark in the new administrative capital, and separated from the mall in a few minutes.
  • Monorail Central Station: It is located near Amazon Mall New Capital, thus making it easy for visitors to reach it in a few minutes.
  • Egypt Mosque, Religions Complex, and People's Square: The mall is located near these landmarks, which increases the mall's vitality and importance.
  • Central Park and Information Center: You can reach all of them easily, they are just a few minutes from the Amazon Mall.
  • Amaze Business Complex Mall and Tower 31 North Tower: One of the most important investment projects located close to the project.


Amazon Tower New Capital Area

Amazon Holding Company for Real Estate Development and Development has established Amazon Mall New Capital on a vast area of ​​22,000 square meters, a large area to accommodate the largest number of services to meet the needs of visitors.


Amazon Mall new Capital Units Details

Amazon Tower Administrative Capital is the tallest investment tower in the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital. It contains commercial, administrative, and hotel units. Here are more details about these units:-


Units types

The Amazon mall new capital project is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to invest in the most prestigious areas of Cairo. The Amazon company, the owner of the project, offers different units of various sizes, as follows:

  • Commercial units in Amazon Tower, the administrative capital.
  • Administrative units in the Amazon Mall, the capital.
  • Hotel units in the Amazon Tower Mall, the new administrative capital.


Units area

Amazon offers units in the Amazon Tower Mall project in the administrative capital for sale with different areas and different prices:

  • Commercial units in Amazon Mall New Capital: with small spaces starting from 30 square meters.
  • Administrative units in Amazon Tower Mall, the new administrative capital: spaces start from 50 square meters.
  • Hotel units in Amazon Mall, the capital: These units come with areas starting from 60 square meters.


Units design

Amazon has dazzled its investors with the design of the Amazon Tower Mall, the administrative capital, which is inspired by the modern European style. The mall consists of 50 floors, which is second only to the iconic tower in terms of height. It is divided into 5 floors, basement, car garage, ground floor, and 45 upper floors. The location of the units in the mall are as follows:

  • Commercial units: Three consecutive floors are allocated from the ground floor to the second floor in Amazon Mall New Capital.
  • Administrative offices: they are on the following floors.
  • Luxurious hotel units: located on the upper floors of the mall, and these units would provide 5-star hotel services to all visitors.


Amazon Mall New Capital services and facilities

The company worked to satisfy the Arab investor by introducing many advanced services and facilities in the Amazon Tower Mall project, the administrative capital, to ensure that he achieves an abundant return, which are:

  • Charming view: All units of Amazon Tower, the administrative capital, overlook the Green River and the iconic tower and are surrounded by landscapes and green spaces.
  • Wide-open spaces: to receive visitors.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: You can enjoy this free service anywhere inside the mall.
  • Solar Energy System: Amazon has been keen to introduce this clean system to ensure the preservation of the environment and the reduction of electrical energy consumption.
  • Fire Fighting system: This system was introduced to avoid the occurrence of fires, which endangers the lives of visitors.
  • Escalators and panoramic elevators: making it easier for visitors of Amazon Mall New Capital to move from one floor to another.
  • Restaurants and cafes: a high degree of sophistication and luxury to suit all visitors.
  • Garage and parking: This service has been allocated 5 consecutive floors to avoid car congestion in front of the mall.
  • Comprehensive surveillance system: A guard team is ready to protect all visitors to the mall 24 hours a day, with the installation of surveillance cameras throughout the mall, especially at the entrance.
  • Rooms equipped for holding meetings and conferences: equipped with the best modern facilities.


Units prices in the Amazon Tower Mall the New capital

Amazon Holding for Real Estate Development offers ideal prices and unparalleled discounts for all investors wishing to achieve a huge financial return within a short period, and this confirms the great diversity in the prices of Amazon Mall units in the capital to suit all investors:-

  • Commercial units in Amazon Mall New Capital: the price per square meter starts from 80,000 Egyptian pounds for all the shops located in the mall, and the unit price varies according to the area and finishing.
  • Administrative units in the Amazon Tower Mall project in the administrative capital: the price per square meter starts from 35,000 EGP.
  • Hotel units in the Amazon Tower Mall, the administrative capital: the price per square meter starts from 50 thousand Egyptian pounds.


Payment plans in the Amazon Mall project New Capital

The real estate developer, Amazon Holding, took into account the circumstances and capabilities of many investors at the beginning of their career, and to achieve this, it provided them with easy payment plans of up to 10 years. Refundable System Available by the Company:-

  • Provider of booking hotel administrative units in the Amazon Tower Mall project in the administrative capital: starts from 50 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Provider of commercial units reservation in Amazon Mall, the capital: starts from 100 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The finishing specifications in Amazon mall new capital, have been determined by the owner company Amazon Holding, for more comfort and luxury, all commercial, administrative, and hotel units will be fully finished with air conditioning, electrical systems, fire alarm, and firefighting.


The Developer Of Amazon Mall New Capital 

Amazon Holding Company for Real Estate Development is the owner and responsible for the implementation of the Amazon Mall project, the company established its official headquarters in the United Arab Emirates in the last 2000, and this means that it has experience in the field of real estate for more than 20 years.

It seeks with all its might to change the concept of architecture and make a precedent in all its giant projects in the Middle East and North Africa, and this is evident in the design of most of its more than 190 projects, and several giant real estate entities have participated in this success:-

  • Al-Afif Group.
  • Al-Amazon Building Construction L.L.C
  • Force10 Group.
  • Al-Salam Group.

The credit for delivering Amazon Mall New Capital with the highest possible quality goes to the members of the Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Chairman of the Board: Eng. Hossam Abu Al-Saud.
  • Head of the commercial sector, Mr. Mohamed Amer.
  • Chief Project Officer, Engineer Mahmoud El Gharib.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Engineer Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Afeef.


Previous Works of Amazon Holdings

The company is proud to offer a large number of Successful projects that vary between residential, commercial, and administrative in the United Arab Emirates, and the most prominent of these businesses are:

  • Diamond Tower Project 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Mercury Grand Tower.
  • Cornish Tower.
  • Fujairah Office Tower.
  • Marina Dubai Tower.
  • Three Towers.

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35,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,000,000 pounds.

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Central Business District, New Capital City, Cairo