Central Iconic Tower New Capital

pinCentral Business District, New Capital City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 120,000 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 5,160,000 EGP
Area 43 M2

It’s the new project of Modon developments, Central Iconic Tower, the new administrative capital.

Modon real estate development has launched its new project with outstanding displays under hashtag #Modon-btbny-watan as one of the 20 Year Initiative's hashtags; You can buy your unit’s cost over 20 years.

Perhaps the most important thing you can notice about the Modon company is the speed at which units are booked into their projects, which are characterized by their uncompetitive prices.

In the next lines, we show you everything you need to know about the Central Iconic Tower mall while explaining the prices, the payment plans, and how to book a special unit to be your most successful investment in the new capital.


Why choose the central iconic tower?


The special location

The Central Iconic Tower has a strategic location within the neighborhood of the CBD and in front of the Icon tower, "Africa's tallest tower."

This site makes you near a range of landmarks in the new capital, such as:


  • Green River
  • Ibn Zayed's northern axis
  • Al Masa Hotel
  • Gold Market
  • Egypt Mosque
  • Monorail train station
  • Ring Road and Suez Road

With this site, you ensured the success of your investment in the new administrative capital.


The large area of the tower

Modon built over 2,500 m². providing it with landscape areas to ensure distinct visibility of the units.


Central iconic Tower Design

The tower has been built by the DMA company which made mountain view designs and the intelligent village besides Majid al Futtaim projects.

The DMA made sure that unit designs varied to suit their purpose; hotel rooms are different from the retail and the retail is different from commercial units.

In general, the mall consists of a ground floor + 18 floors.


Central iconic tower units

Units types

  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Retail


Units spaces

Hotel rooms spaces: these types' spaces start from 36 m².

Commercial units: you can book a commercial unit with a space starting from 50 m².

Retail unit: the retail spaces start from 50 m².


Central Iconic Tower Facilities

Landscape view (70%)

Management system with Facil company which manages:

  • Dusit hotel
  • Atlantes hotel
  • Versace hotel
  • Jumeirah hotel

Dancing Fountain

Kids area


Security Services


Central Iconic Tower prices

Hotel rooms & commercial units: the prices of these two types start from 1,200,000 EGP

Retail Units: start from 680,000 EGP


Tower’s Payment Plans

You can book your unit with this payment plan…

Down payment: 10%

Installment: 20 years


About the developer

Medina is one of the best real estate developers that has launched projects worth up to 3 billion EGP.

The company has created and launched a series of successful projects in the real estate market, such as:

Group of sports clubs in Kuwait

Commercial malls in Kuwait

Group of international hospitals in Kuwait

Group of international schools in Kuwait

Commercial malls in Egypt

The Tower projects in the new administrative capital

So The Central Iconic Tower project is a compendium of the company's real estate experiences.

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Project Location

Central Business District, New Capital City, Cairo

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For sale office 43 m in Central Iconic Tower New Capital