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pinMU-19, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

Eins Mall New Capital is the latest project of Egy Towers in the New Administrative Capital, and it is one of the projects that pose a great challenge for it to be one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

Mall Eins New capital consists of commercial, administrative, and hotel-residential units, with modern designs in the German style.


About Eins Mall New Capital

  • This mall is a hotel tower, was established by a German administration, with various areas, and modern designs in the heart of the Downtown.
  • It is known that Egy Towers, which designed the project, offers the highest return on investment, suitable prices for all its clients, and great facilities in payment.


Eins Mall New Capital Location

The Eins Tower Administrative Capital is one of the most locations in the New Administrative Capital, in terms of sophistication and distinction, as it is located Downtown in the GOV 2 area, and the mall is located on four main axes, including the Al-Massa Hotel axis, the railway axis, and also The ministries axis, and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

We also find that it has a stunning view of the view of 16.000 square meters on the landscape.

Among the most important areas near the mall are the following:

  • We find that Eins Mall New Capital, is a 20-minute drive from the Administrative Capital.
  • It is only 400 meters away from the Ministries Quarter, and the distance that separates it from the House of Representatives and Senate building is only 300 meters.
  • What distinguishes the Eins Tower Mall project in the administrative capital more is its proximity to pharmaceutical companies and petroleum companies, where they are only 500 meters away.
  • And if you decide to book in Eins Tower Mall, the administrative capital, you will find that only 500 meters separate you from the Mosque of Egypt, which is the second-largest mosque, after Al-Fattah Al-Alim.
  • Eins Tower Mall overlooks the Green River at a distance of 900 meters.
  • It is a kilometer and a half from El Masa Hotel.
  • Eins Mall New Capital is located next to the most important and largest projects that were built in the Administrative Capital, such as the Quattro Mall and Revan Tower.
  • Eins Tower is located in front of the main authorities of the state, such as the People's Square, the Central Bank, as well as the diplomatic district, and it is a short distance from the main investment sectors.


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Eins Mall Tower New Capital Area

The area of ​​Eins Tower, the total new administrative capital, is 4137 square meters, and the building area is 750 square meters, while the rest of the spaces have been allocated to landscapes and green spaces.


Eins Mall New Capital Units Details

We can get acquainted with the details of the units in full in the Eins Tower Mall project, the administrative capital as follows:


Units Types

The units vary in the mall as follows:

  • Commercial units in Eins Tower, the administrative capital.
  • Administrative units in Eins Mall New Capital.
  • Hotel residential units in Eins Tower Mall.


Units Area

also mentioned that the space Eins mall new capital as a whole of 4137 square meters, and space units of 750 square meters were divided as follows:

  • Commercial units on the ground floor: spaces start from 30 square meters and reach up to 143 square meters.
  • Commercial units on the first floor: spaces start from 34 square meters up to 59 square meters.
  • Administrative units: space starts from 24 square meters and reaches up to 59 square meters.
  • Hotel units: spaces start from 35 square meters up to 50.5 square meters.


Units Design

The company was keen to design the Eins Tower Mall of the capital with great accuracy, taking care to distribute all units according to their type, as follows:

  • Ground and first floors: they were allocated for commercial units.
  • The second floor: It was allocated in Eins Mall New Capital, for business center units, and businessmen services.
  • Third to tenth floors: they are allocated for hotel units in Eins Tower Mall, and they are finished in the best international style.


Eins Tower Mall New Capital Services And Facilities

some many features and services prompted many customers to book at Mall Eins Tower, the administrative capital of the new, including the following:

  • zone parking: allocated to the business, and all those who dwell in the units of the hotel, as well as visitors also There is also another corner area designated for businessmen to receive VIP visitors.
  • Cafés and Restaurants: In Eins mall new capital, there is a large group of international cafés and restaurants.
  • Security and Security: There is a wide range of cameras at the highest level of technology, found everywhere in the mall, with the presence of security guards who have a lot of experience.
  • Private entrances: These are entrances that have been allocated to the owners of hotel units, and care has been taken to design them with very luxurious and sophisticated designs.
  • Entrances to commercial units: Entrances have been allocated to commercial units, and they have been equipped with the latest technological means.
  • Kids area: It has been designated for children, ensuring that it is safe, and has all the entertainment facilities for children.
  • Gym and Spa: They are provided with the best sports equipment and health facilities, which helps businessmen who do not have time for sports to take care of their bodies.
  • Sports hall: In Eins Tower, the administrative capital, there is a large sports hall for various sports.
  • VIP halls: They are designated so that businessmen can receive VIP visitors in them.
  • Display screens: They are found in commercial units, especially in restaurants and cafes areas.
  • Fire Fighting system: In the Eins Mall New Capital, there are safe entrances and exits, and modern technological alarms.
  • Central air conditioning: this air conditioning is found everywhere in the mall.
  • Fabulous View: Where Eins Tower Mall overlooks a wonderful view full of charming and picturesque views.
  • Internet services: The mall has high-speed internet, covering all mall locations.
  • ATMs: There are a large number of different bank machines, to ensure that all the needs of visitors to the place are met.


To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Prices In Eins Tower Mall New Capital

begins with the price per square meter in the Mall Eins Tower, the new administrative capital of 35 thousand pounds and the price of the units starts from 950,000 Egyptian pounds, and varies depending on the unit type as follows: -

  • Commercial units in Eins Tower Mall new capital: prices start From 35,000 EGP per meter.
  • Administrative units in Eins Mall New Capital: their prices start from 18,000 EGP per meter.
  • Hotel residential units in Eins Tower new capital: their prices start from 10,000 EGP per meter.


Payment Plans Of Eins Tower Mall New Capital

Egy Towers has provided great facilities for payment, in its desire to encourage successful investment, and they can be identified as follows:

  • 0% down payment, then the entire amount is paid in installments over 5 years in equal installments.
  • Pay 10% as a booking advance in Eins Mall New Capital, then pay the remaining amount over 7 years.
  • A 20% down payment is to be paid, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 9 years.
  • Pay 30% as a reservation deposit, and pay the rest in installments over 10 years.


The Developer Of Eins Mall New Capital

The company that developed Eins Tower Mall New capital is Egy Towers for real estate development, and it is one of the keenest companies to provide a great return on investment, to encourage investment in Egypt, and it is one of the distinguished companies.


Previous Projects of Egy Towers

Among the company's most important previous projects, are the following:

  • The Park Westin project in the New Administrative Capital.
  • A large group of real estate and compounds in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Its partnership with N AD Towers Abu Dhabi National Company for the implementation of JD Holding projects.

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35,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 950,000 pounds.

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Project Location

MU-19, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo