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Saada Mall New Cairo is one of the launches of Horizon Egypt Real Estate Company Horizon Egypt Developments in New Cairo City on Suez Road, where the company selected a plot of land on an area of 370,000 square meters to offer its clients a number of multi-use investment buildings.


The Saada New Cairo project is distinguished by its strategic location that can be reached from anywhere, as it is close to the Mohamed Naguib Axis and the Middle Ring Road, in addition to being located directly on the Suez Road. It is also close to residential compounds and important areas, including the Saada Compound, the American University, The German University, in addition to its proximity to the Fifth Settlement, Shorouk City, Madinaty, Al-Rehab City, and the New Administrative Capital.


The mall includes a number of commercial buildings, which consist of a ground floor and 3 or 5 recurring floors. The mall is divided into 5 areas to include many types of commercial and administrative units, with varying areas starting from 93 square meters for commercial units, and 60 square meters for administrative units, and there are buildings Complete for sale, with areas starting from 1200 square meters.


Saada Mall provides an exceptional opportunity for real estate investment through the competitive prices offered by the owner company to its customers, which start from 170,000 pounds per square meter in administrative units, and 320,000 pounds for commercial units. These prices are available with flexible payment systems with a down payment starting from 10%, and installments over 6 Years without interest.


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Location of Saada Mall, New Cairo

The Emirati company Horizon Company chose the location of Saada Mall with great care, and was keen to give great attention and detailed study to this site to ensure maximum benefit from it. The choice fell on a distinct area surrounded by residential compounds such as Saada Compound and Creek Town Compound, with the aim of enhancing the value of the project and making it an opportunity. Investment that attracts investors and entrepreneurs.


Saada New Cairo Mall has a strategic location in the embrace of the city of New Cairo, as this huge mall makes its way confidently carrying the banner of creativity and innovation on the New Suez Road in the First Settlement, which makes it a vital hub located at a distance of 2 kilometers along this strategic road, and this location It makes the mall the premier shopping destination in New Cairo and its surrounding areas.


Places near Saada Mall, New Cairo

The location of Saada Mall New Cairo is close to the most prominent roads, main axes, and important vital areas, the most important of which are the following:

  • Cairo International Airport: The mall is located just 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • New Administrative Capital: The project is about 20 minutes away from the Administrative Capital by car.
  • Mostaqbal City: Mostaqbal City can be reached from the mall in just a quarter of an hour.
  • Madinaty: Saada Mall is only 5 minutes away from Madinaty.
  • Mohamed Naguib Axis: The location of Saada Mall in New Cairo can be easily reached through Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • Fifth Settlement: The project is approaching the Fifth Settlement.
  • American University: The mall is located a few minutes from the American University and the German University.
  • Ring Road: The mall can be reached from Cairo and its suburbs through the Ring Road.
  • Cairo Festival City Mall: Saada Mall, New Cairo, is located just 5 minutes from Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • 90th Street: Saada Mall, First Settlement, is a few minutes away from 90th Street.


Saada Mall area, New Suez Road

The Mall Saada New Cairo space reflects an innovative and unique investment vision. The developer has divided that space harmoniously, which provides visitors with a unique and distinct shopping experience, as that space accommodates a huge group of commercial units, stores, restaurants, cafes, service facilities, and administrative units and offices, which are balanced All of them have a wonderful view of green spaces and landscape, which attracts the public and ensures demand for the mall around the clock. The mall’s area can be explained in detail through the following:


  • Total area: The area of Saada Mall, New Cairo, is about 370,000 square meters.
  • Building area: The smallest percentage of the total area of the project is allocated to construction and buildings.
  • Green spaces and landscape: The largest percentage of the area was allocated to the green cover around the mall buildings, in addition to the landscape and water bodies.


Unit space in Saada Mall

Saada New Cairo Mall includes many commercial and administrative units, in addition to providing entire buildings for sale within the mall, in order to ensure that the needs of customers and investors are met. These units were offered in varying sizes between small and large, which can be explained in some detail through the following:

  • Administrative units area: The area of administrative units in Saada Mall New Cairo starts from 60 square meters and reaches 1,000 square meters.
  • Commercial units area: The commercial units area starts from 93 square metres.
  • Complete building area: The mall's complete building area starts from 1,200 square meters and reaches 5,000 square meters.


Design of units in Saada Mall New Cairo

The design of real estate projects is the main focus for attracting investors and customers, as they are the first thing that attracts attention and attention. Therefore, the company that owns Saada New Cairo Mall has made every effort to create this huge entity on the ground with specifications that exceed all expectations and imaginations.


In designing the mall, the company relied on modern designs that are compatible with the latest architectural standards and technological technologies, in order to attract passers-by and provide a distinguished shopping experience. One of the most prominent points that received great attention is the optimal use of internal and external spaces, which creates a comfortable atmosphere full of vitality and entertainment.


The credit for these unique designs goes to the international designer Ahmed Adnan Saffarini, who is considered to have long experience in the field of urban design, spanning more than 50 years, during which he executed countless distinguished works in the UAE, adding with his experience artistic touches to the architectural identity of Saada Mall. And turn it into a tangible reality.


Abdullah Al-Meshal Contracting Company also played a major role in establishing the project, and it is considered one of the largest construction and real estate development companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It implemented the New Cairo Saada Mall in a professional and high-quality manner, as follows:

  • The mall extends over a distance of 2 kilometers, and it consists of several buildings consisting of a ground floor and 3 or 5 recurring floors.
  • Saada Mall New Cairo consists of 5 main areas. The first area is a business complex, the second is dedicated to shopping for the most famous international brands, the third is designated as an entertainment and gaming center, the fourth is designated for restaurants and cafes, and the fifth is designated for establishing a 5-star hotel that includes hotel apartments at the highest level. .
  • The ground floor of the project buildings was allocated to commercial units, and the remaining floors were allocated to administrative units and offices.
  • The height of the commercial units in Saada Mall New Cairo is about 4 and a half metres, while the height of the administrative units is about 3 and a half metres.
  • Under each building of Saada Mall in New Cairo, there are two garage floors designed to the highest standard to accommodate the largest possible number of cars and avoid crowding and congestion in front of the buildings.


Saada Mall New Cairo services and facilities

The features of Saada Mall in New Cairo take care of bringing us to those services and facilities that the owner company provides to its customers, which combine various basic and entertainment services that meet the desires and requirements of customers and investors, and among the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • Elevators and escalators: Saada Mall New Cairo has many advanced, high-speed elevators and escalators that facilitate movement between the floors of the mall.
  • Brands: Saada Mall has a huge area dedicated to displaying a wide range of famous local and international brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The project contains a huge area of restaurants and cafes, which offer visitors the most delicious Western and Arabic food and drinks.
  • Electronic gates: The mall includes many electronic gates that facilitate entry and exit without being subject to overcrowding or crowding.
  • Spacious garages: Under each building of the mall, there are two floors of spacious garages, sufficient to accommodate the largest number of cars.
  • Central air conditioning network: Saada Mall, New Cairo, contains central air conditioning networks that contribute to purifying the air while providing appropriate working temperatures.
  • Internet services: The project includes high-speed Internet services with the aim of completing work in a quick time and with high efficiency.
  • Security systems: The mall includes 24-hour security systems that provide modern surveillance systems and highly trained security and guard personnel.
  • Entertainment area: Saada Mall New Cairo contains a huge entertainment area for children and adults, which includes many modern games, as well as advanced cinema halls.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: Saada Mall, New Cairo, has various teams of workers working in cleaning and maintenance services for all facilities, throughout the day.


Unit prices in Saada Mall, New Cairo

Get ready to realize your dreams by booking an investment unit inside the Saada Mall on the New Suez Road and be part of this distinguished edifice. Take advantage of the competitive prices that are currently available inside the mall, which you will never find in any mall with the same specifications. These competitive prices can be explained below. :

  • Commercial unit prices: The price per square meter in commercial units in Saada Mall New Cairo starts from 320,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative unit prices: The price per meter in administrative units starts from 170,000 Egyptian pounds.


Payment and installment systems at Saada Mall New Cairo

There are many payment systems available within Saada Mall New Cairo that suit the capabilities of a large segment of customers and investors, and these systems can be explained as follows:

  • A 10% down payment is paid, with the remainder of the unit price paid in installments over 6 years without interest.
  • Units in Saada Mall, New Cairo, can be reserved for a reservation amount of up to 150,000 pounds.
  • An entire floor in the mall can be reserved after paying a refundable reservation amount of 500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can reserve an entire building in Saada Mall New Cairo by paying 1,000,000 Egyptian pounds for reservation.


Advantages of investing in Saada Mall, New Suez Road

Saada Mall New Cairo has many elements that make it attractive to customers and investors and which guarantee them a stable and profitable investment return, which can be obtained in a short time from the start of the project. Among the most prominent features of investing in the mall are the following:

  • The mall has a vital location near the most important main roads in New Cairo, as it is located on the Suez Road, and near the Mohamed Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser axis.
  • The mall is located close to several vital areas and new cities, ensuring daily traffic, the most important of which are the American University, the Administrative Capital, 90th Street, and the Fifth Settlement.
  • The mall has been professionally divided to provide visitors with a unique shopping experience. There is an area designated for food, another for games, and a third for shopping and others.
  • The project offers a variety of commercial and administrative units in a variety of areas, ranging from large to small.
  • The customer can own a distinct unit, an entire floor, or an entire building within the mall, with competitive prices and unbeatable payment systems.


A brief about the real estate developer of Saada Mall New Cairo

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Company Horizon Egypt Developments is the company that developed Saada Mall in New Cairo, and it is considered one of the most prominent real estate development companies in Egypt, which was distinguished by a huge volume of investments and unprecedented successes. This huge entity is managed by the Chief of Staff for the Emirate of Ajman, Majed Al Nuaimi, and he is one of the most prominent investors within Egypt, and a pioneering figure in the world of real estate, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Investment Group, which owns a distinguished package of successful businesses in Egypt and Abu Dhabi.


As for the second leader in Horizon Egypt, he is Adnan Saffarini, who is considered one of the most important businessmen in the Emirates and the founder of one of the most famous design offices in the world, EAS. The successful businessman, Abdullah Al-Mubarak, contributed to the implementation of Saada Mall, and he is one of the most famous businessmen in Dubai, and the owner of A contracting and construction company with huge operations inside and outside Egypt.


Previous work of the real estate developer for the Saada New Cairo project

There is a lot of real estate work carried out by Horizon Egypt Real Estate within Egypt, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Saada Compound New Cairo.


About New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the third generation cities and the most prominent modern urban projects in Egypt. New Cairo is located northeast of Greater Cairo, near the most important main roads, including the Cairo-Suez Road and the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road.


The city consists of several diverse neighborhoods and areas that include many residential complexes, the most prominent of which are the Fifth Settlement, the Third Settlement, and Al-Rehab, as New Cairo extends over a huge area of up to 85 thousand acres, providing a large amount of services and real estate units of various types.


New Cairo is characterized by a tight plan that includes many neighborhoods that provide commercial areas, various services, and residential compounds, as well as entertainment areas, green spaces, landscaping, water bodies, and others.


Advantages of investing in New Cairo

New Cairo is considered one of the most attractive cities for real estate investment in Egypt, due to its components that guarantee investors and entrepreneurs a distinguished profitable return. One of the most important of these components is the rapid growth in the real estate field within the city, which is represented by the countless real estate projects that vary between... Commercial, residential, administrative, medical and other projects.


New Cairo has a strong infrastructure, including a network of roads, transportation, public facilities, sewage networks, water, electricity, etc., which makes it an attractive place for housing within it. It is also considered one of the cities that is witnessing huge and sustainable economic development, which enhances promising investment opportunities and a stable and guaranteed profit return for those who continue. .

Project Location

Suez Road, New Cairo City, Cairo