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Get to know Bay West Hurghada Resort, which is the newest, best resort in Egypt. It is strategically located in Soma Bay in the Red Sea Governorate, a few minutes away from Hurghada.

Bay West Resort is distinguished by offering a wide range of recreational services that satisfy all the residents' needs and desires, in addition, it includes a large number of luxury hotels, stand-alone villas, and residential units equipped at the highest level.


Information about Bay West Hurghada Resort

If you want to have fun, luxury, and happiness, we can say that Bay West Hurghada Resort is the ideal choice for you, as it is one of the largest tourist projects that mainly seeks to provide the greatest possible means of luxury and comfort in the place of residence in Hurghada.

This distinctive resort offers a wide variety of high-end, international restaurants like Italian, Egyptian, and Greek restaurants, as well as full access for residents to enjoy viewing the Red Sea. The resort is also a good choice for couples who want to experience a unique honeymoon and create lifelong memories.

The resort is located in the Soma Bay area and it allows the customer to obtain a stand-alone villa of different sizes, Private swimming pools and countless entertainment services are available in these villas. in addition to the modern and unique architectural design of all villas, residential units and hotels in the resort.


Bay West Hurghada location

All customers want to know more details about Bay West Resort and how they can reach the location easily, as it is located in the best distinguished geographical locations within the Red Sea Governorate near the main roads that need just a few minutes by car.

In the following points, you can learn about the prominent areas and roads near this distinctive resort, as well as it is characterized by providing various activities throughout the day:

  • Soma Bay: Since Bay West Resort Hurghada is located in the centre of Soma Bay, all of its residences and villas have views of the beach, the mountains, or the desert. It also provides the most affordable travel ever.
  • Tourist resorts and hotels: The Bay Resort is located in the best part of Hurghada because it is close to many luxury hotels, chalets, and resorts, including the Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay and the Sheraton Hotel.
  • The White Beach: you can learn more about the most famous landmarks of Egypt because it is very close to many charming beaches such as the White Beach, and international West Golf courses, as well as close to the main international road
  • The most famous places of entertainment: the resort is close to many recreational areas such as Marina Soma Bay, international restaurants, cafes, and shops, and the Kempinski Hotel Resort Soma Bay is also close to Aqua Park.


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Bay West Resort Hurghada area

  • Total land area: 10 million square meters.
  • Buildings and villas area: 130 square meters.
  • Green spaces and gardens: 85% of the total area.


Services and benefits of Bay West Hurghada

Bay West Resort Hurghada is one of the luxurious tourist resorts located in the Soma Bay area, which is compared to the resorts of the North Coast. It is a comprehensive residential development that consists of numerous residential units, hotels, and standalone villas with swimming pools and gorgeous gardens.

Through the following lines, we will get acquainted with a wide range of features and services provided by the resort:

  • Gardens and vast green spaces: All residential units and villas have wonderful views of the gardens and sandy beaches or the mountains and the desert.
  • Private swimming pools: The customer can get a private swimming pool, umbrellas, and pergolas of high quality and efficiency in Hurghada.
  • Various recreational areas: The resort includes a lot of recreational places that contain a lot of children's games, and golf courses in Hurghada. in addition to the most famous hotels in Egypt.
  • International restaurants and cafes: One of the most important advantages of staying in this resort is providing a wide range of a restaurant famous for Egyptian, Italian and Greek food to suit all tastes, operating continuously 24 hours a day.
  • Diving centres: The resort offers the possibility to practice many wonderful marine activities such as water skiing using the latest machines or windsurfing and diving into the depths of the sea to see the coral reefs.
  • Various delivery services: Residents of Bay West Resort Hurghada can get a lot of transportation services, which include the most famous airlines, with the best-equipped limousines at the highest level.

West Bay is regarded as a hotel category dedicated to you, along with a collection of the most renowned Italian and Egyptian restaurants and cafes. Bay West Hurghada offers all means of privacy and security by making the customer reside in a quiet and prestigious community.


Units details in Bay West Hurghada Resort

Perhaps one of the most factors that helped increase the popularity of Bay West Resort Hurghada at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the entire Arab world, is specializing in luxury villas, in addition to providing a large group of separate villas with different spaces, sizes, and designs to suit all tastes.


Units Types in Bay West Hurghada

An entire space in the Bay West Hurghada Compound has been allocated for residential units of all kinds, and it is characterized by being available in many different designs, sizes, and spaces, as well as enjoying wonderful views suitable for all tastes, and it simplifies the lives of the residents in order to make the residence experience unique.

You can find out the types of units available in this resort as follows:

  • Independent villas for sale.
  • Chalets for sale.
  • Apartments for rent or sale.


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Units spaces in Bay West Hurghada Resort

The areas of the residential units vary within Bay West Hurghada, as well as their designs and sizes to suit all family members, as the first goal of providing such units is the ability to live a quiet life away constant stresses of life.

We know the units' spaces in the following lines:

  • Villas space: it starts from 330 square meters up to 370 square meters.
  • The villas consist of 3 rooms of different sizes, 3 bathrooms, a reception area, a living room, a roof with a wooden pergola, and a kitchen of a suitable size.
  • Building Area: It is only about 130 square meters of the total area of the villas, and the rest of the area of Bay West Hurghada Village is allocated to swimming pools and gardens.


Units design in Bay West Safaga Hurghada

  • The residential units in Bay West Resort, located in the Soma Bay area, have a completely unique architectural design that combines simplicity, luxury, and modern designs.
  • Wooden decors were chosen and combined with stones in the designs of the units and villas, creating a calm environment that makes you feel comfort and positive energy.
  • The resort buildings are characterized by European designs and consist of a ground floor only, and a glass facade.
  • The stand-alone villas in this resort feature a roof with an external staircase, like the two-bedroom villa in West Soma, and it also contains plenty of seating areas and wooden pergolas.
  • The standalone villas also have private swimming pools and many green areas that contain many different types of plants and flowers.
  • The colours used in the resort's units are inspired by the picturesque nature for more comfort, as the brown colour in the woods blends with the different trees and plants.
  • The green colour with gardens helps to create the spirit of nature inside the house and gives comfort and relaxation.
  • The customer can get great additional services such as the periodic cleaning service, where a well-trained team is sent to clean, sterilize and arrange the house inside out.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located in the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquillity and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units prices in Bay West Resort

The price per square meter starts at 40,000 EGP, and the prices vary according to the areas, designs, number of rooms, and the agreed-upon instalment system. We will show you the available prices in Bay West Resort Hurghada:

  • The prices of villas in this resort start from 5 million EGP.
  • Chalets, which consist of one room, start at 1,500,000 EGP.
  • The prices of two-bedroom chalets start from 2,500,000 EGP.


Payment systems methods in Bay West Hurghada

Now you can own the most luxurious stand-alone units and villas that suit the requirements and desires of all family members, as the developer is distinguished by providing simple instalment systems to suit all categories, you can learn about the payment and instalment systems available in the following lines:

  • 10% down payment: The customer can only pay 10% of the total required value of the unit and pay the rest of the required amount over 5 years.
  • Soma Bay Resort Hurghada offers different payment plans up to 6 or 7 years instalments.
  • All Soma Bay West villas for sale and residential units are delivered within one year only, noting that the resort units are delivered to the customer with full, high-quality finishing with many modern air conditioners.


About the real estate developer of the Bay West project

Soma Bay West Tourism Development Company is one of the most important and famous Egyptian real estate companies in the Arab world as it has a very long experience in the field of tourism, chalets, resorts and luxury hotels, it is keen to provide many Marine entertainment and activities services, designing golf courses and aqua parks.

In general, we can say the first objective of Soma Bay Tourism Development Company is providing the best innovative architectural designs. The company is also keen to offer customers a different coastal experience and reside in a villa or apartment that has a view of the Red Sea coast.


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Previous work of the real estate developer of Bay West Resort

Soma Bay Tourism Development Company is the one who established Soma Bay in the Red Sea Governorate, which is a very distinctive bay as it is surrounded by the Red Sea on 3 different sides. It also established many other projects that we will get to know in the following lines:

  • A wide variety of hotels such as Kempinski Hotel, Cascades Hotel, Caribbean World Hotel.
  • It also designed The Breakers Hotel, the famous Sheraton Hotel.
  • It has also established many entertainment services and parties for the possibility of enjoying watching the largest and most famous stars.


At the end of this article, we have been able to talk about all the information and details that revolve around Bay West Resort Hurghada, as it is one of the best resorts located in this governorate. To spend long times full of fun and luxury.

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