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Blumar El Sokhna is one of the luxurious projects launched by Wadi Degla Company, and its magnificence appears in the sophistication of its location within Ain Sokhna, and the magnificence of the chalets’ design in it, in addition to the multiplicity of services Blumar El Sokhna greatly confirms the fact that it is an integrated project that achieves the well-being of its residents and provides them with the utmost comfort. .


Information about Blumar Ain Sokhna Village

The village of Blumar , Wadi Degla, Ain Sokhna , is known for its charming atmosphere, because it overlooks the shores of the Red Sea, which reflects a natural landscape at the peak of beauty . Its guests, in the end, live among the most beautiful landscapes inside one of the largest tourist villages, as it was implemented in three phases due to its huge area.


The location of the village of Blumar El Dome

Blumar El Dome is located in Ain Sokhna, on the Zaafarana Road and the Red Sea coast, and at kilometer 32 on the Suez Road. It is a very special location, especially since it linked it to Greater Cairo and some other important roads and projects, as follows:

  • Cairo : The distance between them is 140 km , and it can be covered in about an hour.
  • Suez Road : only a short distance separates them.
  • Marina : The distance between them is 3 km .


The area of Blumar Ain Sokhna village

Wadi Degla Company established the village of Blumar Al-Ain Al-Sukhon on 261 acres (about one million and 77 thousand square meters ), and was keen to achieve the well-being of its customers by allocating 30% of the land for recreational facilities , green spaces, and artificial lakes, and it also provided them with various units, where the proportion of buildings is 70%.


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Details of the units in Blumar Ain Sokhna

The opportunity for every customer to find a unit with the specifications he dreams of is great, because the village of Blumar El Dome, Ain Sokhna , includes 2,290 luxurious units with various spaces.


Unit types

The chalets offered in Blumar Sokhna vary as follows:

  • Garden chalets
  • Proof chalets


Units spaces

Clients of Blumar Ain Sokhna will find small units of 110 square meters , medium and large units of 300 square meters , and there are smaller units than that, and some examples can be explained as follows:

  • Chalets with a garden : some of them extend over 104 square meters and have a garden of 73 square meters , while others extend over 130 square meters (consisting of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms) and have a garden of 116 square meters, and there are other ground chalets with the same area ( 130 square meters as well). A larger garden of 130 square meters is attached to it.
  • Chalets with attached roof : their area is 181 square meters , and the roof is the same area as well.


Units design

Although the units of Blumar Ain Sokhna are semi-finished, their architectural design reflects great creativity, and the charming view overlooking them gives them a great deal of luxury, as they have a beautiful view either on the seaside or on the wonderful views and industrial decorations, such as landscapes and green spaces. .

The sophisticated modern design of the project as a whole also appears in the buildings consisting of a ground floor and two upper floors, with each building providing a garden and swimming pool for its residents only, for more luxury.


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Features and services of the Blumar Ain Sokhna project

Spending a summer vacation in Blumar Ain Sokhna is an enjoyable experience, because it is equipped with all the necessary services for the comfort and well-being of its guests, such as:

  • Security service : It is guarded and secured by a group of the most efficient security personnel and the best surveillance cameras.
  • Cleaning services : It is available to unit owners who wish to do so, in order to reduce the burden of cleaning and arranging their homes for them in case they are busy.
  • Medical services : There are clinics close to the units of Blumar El Dome village, Ain Sokhna, with various specialties, in addition to 24-hour pharmacies.
  • Health Club : It has integrated modern services that ensure the provision of everything that its visitors need and achieve the highest level of comfort for them.
  • Garages for cars : for residents, so that they do not have to park in public or insufficiently secured garages.
  • Commercial area : It includes a wide range of shops and stores for retail sale, souvenirs, and various goods and necessities that residents of Blumar Sokhna Village need, in addition to a supermarket and bakery, to provide the necessary food commodities.
  • Restaurants and cafes : the finest services are available at all, as they provide their customers with different items and drinks in a distinctive atmosphere.
  • 5-star hotel : It is characterized by the luxury of its designs and the sophistication of its hotel services, so it is considered one of the best hotels in the city.
  • A special area for pets : so that guests of Blumar Sokhna can take their animals with them and take better care of them.
  • Golf courses : spread over a wide area, so that all guests can enjoy practicing one of the most beautiful sports.
  • Gym and Spa : They are equipped with all the equipment and equipment necessary for the comfort and satisfaction of their visitors.
  • Enchanting natural and industrial landscapes : represented by the seashore with its golden sands, in addition to the green spaces and spacious gardens, as well as the artificial lakes that adorn the various parts.
  • Kids Aria is completely safe : it has a group of the most fun non-traditional games and entertainment activities suitable for children of different ages.
  • Multiple recreational areas : There is an entertainment area of 20,000 square meters, in addition to the area for car racing and the carousel, as well as the amusement park and water games (Aqua Park) with 8 of the most enjoyable recreational games ever, in addition to the beach club that allows for fun recreational activities Also, other recreational facilities.
  • 20 swimming pools : they are distributed in different parts within Blumar El Sokhna to give it a greater degree of luxury, especially with the magnificence of their designs.


Units prices in Blumar Ain Sokhna

The price per square meter in Blumar El Dome, Ain Sokhna , generally starts from 17,000 pounds for the residential units in particular. As for the offered prices, they vary according to the area and specifications of the chalet, such as:

  • Chalet 130 square meters : its price is 1,700,000 pounds, knowing that it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garden of 116 square meters .
  • Chalet 104 square meters : its price is 1,550,000 pounds, knowing that it has a garden of 73 square meters attached to it.
  • Chalet of 130 square meters (ground floor) in Blumar Village, Wadi Degla, Ain Sokhna : its price is 1,750,000 pounds, knowing that it has a garden of 130 square meters attached to it.
  • Chalet 181 square meters: its price is one million and 83 thousand pounds, knowing that it is attached to a roof of the same area.


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Reservation and installment system in Blumar Ain Sokhna

Clients of Blumar Ain Sokhna can comfortably pay the price of their units, thanks to the payment facilities available at all stages as follows:

  • The first stage : 5% down payment, then 10% as a second payment, provided that the rest is paid in equal installments over a period of 4 years .
  • The second stage : 5% down payment, then 10% as a second payment, provided that the rest is paid in equal installments over a period of 6 years .
  • The third and fourth stages : 5% down payment, then 10% as a second payment, provided that the rest is paid in equal installments over a period of 7 years.

The owner company had previously delivered the units of the first phase in the village of Blumar Sokhna since the end of 2018, while the second phase was delivered in March 2020, and the units of the third and fourth phases were delivered in 2020 and 2021, and it is preparing to deliver the units of the fifth phase in December 2022


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The real estate developer of Blumar Ain Sokhna

Wadi Degla Development, the company that owns Blumar Sokhna, enjoys a great position among the largest companies operating in the real estate sector, because it was able to launch integrated projects with a group of the most luxurious units, in addition to its experience that extends for many years, as it was founded Since 2005

Wadi Degla is still planning to construct major projects in Ain Sokhna, such as the Murano treatment project, and it also has an honorable precedent that spreads in the most prestigious cities and regions, including the following:

  • Projects in Maadi : Tijan Zahraa Maadi, Promenade Compound, Canal Residence Sarayat Maadi.
  • Projects in New Cairo : such as the Neopolis compound in Mostakbal City, the River Walk project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Projects in other regions : such as Pyramids Walk in October City, Marina Wadi Degla Resort Ain Sokhna, Blumar North Coast (in Sidi Abdel Rahman area)

All those looking for unlimited fun and luxury should hurry up to book their units in Blumar Village, Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna, because it is considered an irreplaceable opportunity, especially with its competitive prices despite its great services.

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10,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,870,000 pounds.

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