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In the village of Cascadia North Coast, you can enjoy it when you live in it, or spend vacations in it, with a modern design..

Cascadia Village is a chalet for leisure and luxury housing, so we will discuss a topic about Cascadia North Coast in detail.


Details about Cascadia North Coast

  • Project Name: Cascadia North Coast.
  • Cascadia Village Location: North Coast City.
  • Cascadia Village Space: approximately 40 acres.
  • Types of units in Cascadia North Coast: chalets
  • Units Space in Cascadia North Coast: it starts from (70 to 150) square meters.
  • Payment systems in Cascadia North Coast: There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company for Cascadia North Coast: Marseilia Company.


Information about Cascadia North Coast

Marseilia Village is a distinguished and sophisticated coastal complex that matches international designs and is similar to many wonderful international villages and cities, as the resort was designed in the style of the charming city of Venice.

  • Cascadia North Coast lies on 40 acres at km 134.5 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.
  • The chalet designs within the Cascadia North Coast Resort vary between 7 models with a wide horizon design and full water views.
  • The company that owns Cascadia North Coast is Marseilia Real Estate Development Company.
  • It is located in a privileged area, specifically in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • For sale in Al Mumayaz Village, a chalet starting from an area of 70 meters, and prices starting from 840,000 Egyptian pounds, with a 10% down payment, in equal installments over 6 years, in the North Coast.
  • Cascadia Village, North Coast, provides a range of colors that provide joy and vitality, which is a source of attraction for domestic and international tourism.

Cascadia North Coast Village is one of the distinguished projects launched by Marseilia Investment and Real Estate Development Company, where the company chose a special place to build Cascadia Village, and it is close to vital and important cities, as it is 134.5 km from Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and it includes all the services that Pioneers need it.


What is the location of Cascadia North Coast?

The location of Cascadia North Coast is characterized by being in a distinguished and upscale location, specifically in the heart of the North Coast, as it overlooks the most beautiful beaches with golden sands and picturesque nature, and the village is distinguished by its proximity to the following places:

  • Sidi Abdel Rahman : The village of Cascadia is located specifically in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the northern coast.
  • Alexandria Desert Road : It is 134.5 km away from Alexandria Matrouh Road.
  • Stella City : Cascadia is located on the North Coast, in front of Stella Heights.
  • New Alamein: It is 10 minutes away from New Alamein City and El Alamein Airport.
  • Wadi El-Natrun Road : The village of Cascadia enjoys a direct view of both Wadi El-Natrun Road and the New Fouka Road.
  • New Capital : The village is two hours away from New Cairo.


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What is the area of Cascadia Village?

Cascadia North Coast Resort extends over a large area, which is 40 acres on the water, and it is distinguished chalets in Sidi Abdel Rahman on the North Coast, and the areas are as follows:

  • Total area : The Cascadia North Coast project was established on a huge area of 40 acres, and taking that huge space to build this village is taking into account the presence of all that customers need, and it includes all exclusive services, important facilities, buildings, water bodies, and more.
  • Buildings area : The buildings area is estimated at 14% of the total area of the village, and the buildings vary in size to suit all customers’ desires.
  • Green spaces and landscapes: The rest of the space, which is 86% , has been allocated for the construction of green spaces, landscapes, swimming pools, and sports fields. This is due to ensuring the provision of luxury, tranquility, and all that all visitors need.


What are the services and features of the Cascadia project?

Cascadia chalets in the North Coast have many advantages and services that vary between basic facilities and entertainment services; To complement the resort's distinctive painting, and among the most important features of Cascadia North Coast are the following:

  • Safety and security: Safety is the most important feature for all pioneers in the village of Cascadia, North Coast , where there are security personnel trained at the highest levels and the latest technologies and technologies, and Marseilia Real Estate Development Company has contracted with many of the largest and best companies specialized in the field of security and guarding, and cameras have been installed Monitor around the village.
  • Tranquility: Due to the large area allocated for green spaces, Cascadia Village provides calm and relaxation for the pioneers, which includes all the chalets, allowing the individual to do any activity he wants to do such as reading, yoga and meditation.
  • Swimming pools : The project is one of the best resorts on the North Coast, which has several swimming pools with different depths, suitable for all ages, and has a distinctive and elegant design in the heart of the resort.
  • Leisure activities: Cascadia Village has a range of different recreational activities, starting with practicing all water activities such as playing in the sand on the seashore, and even restaurants and cafes spread out on the sea along the Cascadia Compound in El Alamein City.
  • Special areas for parties : Cascadia North Coast has plenty of spaces for barbecues and gatherings, entertainment venues in the village suitable for all age groups, and there are plenty of places for games and activities that many love.
  • Ease of access : The proximity of the village of Cascadia, North Coast, to a large number of main roads and axes, which facilitates the exit and entry process in a short time.
  • Elevators : The presence of electric elevators and periodic maintenance for all units in the village, which makes the residents more comfortable.
  • 5-star hotel : Cascadia north coast contains a 5-star hotel; So that the pioneers get the highest level of service.
  • Malls : The cascadia north coast project is characterized by the presence of 2 malls that include shops with all brands.
  • Food Court : The cascadia north coast village includes restaurants and cafes, which offer the most delicious and delicious recipes by the best professional chefs.
  • Garages for cars : Cascadia North Coast enjoys the presence of private garages for cars for each chalet model.
  • Private beaches : The village includes a distinctive sandy beach overlooking all the chalets of the Cascadia Compound , on a distinctive golden beach, one of the best beaches on the coast.
  • Clubs : The village of cascadia north coast includes a gym with the latest equipment and devices. In addition, there are gyms with all kinds of sports such as football, tennis, and others.
  • Kids Area : Cascadia Village, North Coast, provides places for children to play, secured with surveillance cameras at all times, with all modern technologies and games for children to enjoy.
  • Internet networks : Marseilia Real Estate Development Company provided free and high-speed internet.
  • Cinema : The presence of a cinema hall equipped with the latest technology and the best equipment for more entertainment.
  • Health clubs : Cascadia Village has a huge health club, which includes a jacuzzi, sauna, and spa.
  • Maintenance and cleaning : Marseilia Real Estate Development Company provided the best cleaning and maintenance companies; To ensure the presence of cleaning services in the village over time to maintain the project and for more comfort for the pioneers.
  • Aqua Park: In the heart of the resort, there are many water games.
  • Hypermarket: to provide all the frequently needed commodities.
  • Pharmacy : There is an equipped pharmacy in the village, which includes all local and imported medicines and medical supplies, which operates 24 hours a day.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units details in Cascadia

When constructing units in Cascadia North Coast, they were designed in a contemporary style for European countries. Unit types and prices vary to suit all customers’ desires and capabilities. There is also a payment system in installments. The chalet price in Cascadia Village starts from 840,000 EGP. For more details Cascadia North Coast Units:


What are the unit types in Cascadia Village?

The units vary and vary within Cascadia Village to suit all the pioneers and meet their needs. It is also characterized by containing all kinds of services, and it also contains seven different models of chalets for sale on the North Coast.


What is the unit space in Cascadia North Coast?

Marseille offers a group of different models of chalets with a variety of spaces as follows:

  • Chalets space in Cascadia North Coast: it starts from 70 square meters to 150 square meters, and each space has its own price.


Module design in Cascadia

The village of Cascadia North Coast contains huge residential units with a contemporary design for the designs of cities in European countries. It is a floating city, one of the largest and most recent projects in Sidi Abdel Rahman, on a lake with crystal water of an area of 20,000 square meters, which brings calm and comfort to the souls, and includes many units. The residential units have a varied design, and they also include shops and all commercial, medical, recreational and other services.

In addition to using the latest methods and technologies when it was established, which made the residential units in Cascadia Village among the best choices for many customers. These units have been divided into clusters as follows:

  • Compound of residential units : overlooking attractive green spaces.
  • A club, sports fields, and a gym : to practice all kinds of sports and maintain a fit body.
  • Offices and shops cluster : This area contains a commercial market, a security center and another medical center equipped at the highest level and with the latest capabilities, and a parking garage.


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What are the prices for Cascadia Village?

The price per meter in Cascadia North Coast starts from 840,000 EGP, while the chalet price varies according to the area, and also according to the design, as there are seven different designs, and in the following we present to you a table with the detailed prices of the chalets:

units type

the prices

Chalet area of 70 meters

Chalet area of 90 meters

The price starts from 925,750 EGP.

Its price is equal to 1,190,250 Egyptian pounds.

Chalet area of 100 meters

The price starts from 1,322,500 EGP.

Chalet area of 120 meters

Chalet area of 150 meters

Its price is equal to 1,587,000 Egyptian pounds.

Its price is equal to 1,983,750 Egyptian pounds.


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Cascadia Village?

Cascadia North Coast offers a payment system that suits all customers, and this is compared to all the services it provides and the beauty of the design of the units, which are designed in a contemporary style for European countries, as follows:

  • 10% down payment: 10% can be paid in advance, and the rest can be paid over 7 years in equal installments.


Who is the company that owns the Cascadia North Coast project?

The real estate developer of Cascadia North Coast is Marseilia Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which is considered one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, as it has experience in the field of investment and real estate for more than ten years,

The company was established in 2001 AD, and Cascadia Company was previously able to attract the trust of customers and businessmen.


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What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Cascadia project?

Marseille Company has established several other projects in addition to Cascadia North Coast , and these works include the following:

  • Marseilia Land El Alamein.
  • Golden Yard.
  • Marseille Marsa Alam El Roum.
  • Blue Bay Jouri Ain Sokhna .
  • Marseille Bouquet project.
  • Florence Mega Mall.
  • Hayat Marseilia, Alexandria Governorate.
  • Marseille Beach Resorts 1,2,3.
  • Marseille Beach 4

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