Crystal Plaza Zahraa El Maadi

map pinRing Road, Zahraa El Maadi, Hay El Maadi, Cairo
BuildingBuilding 172,727 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 57,000,000 EGP
Area 330 M2

Crystal Plaza New Maadi is the ideal residential complex launched by Memaar Al Morshedy for Real Estate Development with a unique design, which was divided between two types of units that are most in-demand, namely luxury apartments and villas.

The company was interested in providing varying areas to suit the needs of a wide clients, starting with small families, passing through the middle and up to large families within the upscale compound.


About Crystal Plaza Compound

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company was able to achieve the difficult equation, which is to combine the luxury of design, the splendor of execution, the sophistication of the site, and the ideal prices that are out of competition.

We can't overlook that it provided all the advantages and services within Crystal Plaza Maadi to suit its customers, and did not forget to provide all of this with payment facilities that allow the customer to pay an easy down payment and complete the payment for the longest possible period.


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Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi location

Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi is located on the Ring Road, on the side of the British School, and directly overlooks the Shooting Club from the front, and from the back, it overlooks a 60-meter-wide street linking Zahraa El Maadi and the School Complex, making it enjoy the following location advantages:-

  • Nasr City District: It is located close to Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi.
  • Mokattam: minutes away from Crystal Plaza New Maadi.
  • New Cairo: you can reach it in a few minutes.
  • Heliopolis District: 15 minutes away from Crystal Plaza Maadi.
  • Fifth Settlement: It is about 10 minutes away from the compound.
  • Sokhna Tunnel: It is located next to the compound.
  • Cairo-Suez Road: One of the closest roads to the Compound.
  • Hurghada Road: It is located near the compound.
  • Zafarana Road: minutes away from the compound.
  • Downtown: can be reached in 20 minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: It is less than 10 minutes away from the compound.
  • Carrefour Maadi: It is about a kilometer from Crystal Plaza Maadi.
  • Katameya Club: It is located directly in front of the compound.
  • Maadi Club: The compound overlooks the club.


Crystal Plaza Al Morshedy Area

Memaar Al Morshedy for Real Estate Development chose an area of ​​16,700 square meters for the construction of Crystal Plaza Compound in New Maadi, and used the Dutch company Van Carter Studio to design it, which developed designs for major American and Russian projects, and divided the area as follows:

  • The residential compound consists of 7 sections, and each section consists of 11 repeated upper floors, apart from the ground floor, as well as two floors below the ground surface designated as car garages.
  • The detached administration building is 6 stories high and built on a separate area of ​​22,000 square meters.
  • All facades of the buildings of the Crystal Plaza Maadi compounds are made of glass that reflects the sun and does not allow noise to pass through.


Units Details In Crystal Plaza New Maadi

The company was keen to provide units that compete with the level of seven-star hotels inside the compound, and we mention the details of that as follows:


Units Types

Crystal Plaza Compound in New Maadi consists of 635 units divided into the following types:

  • Luxurious apartments in Crystal Plaza Maadi.
  • Villas in Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi.


Units Areas

As for the areas of the units within Crystal Plaza New Maadi, they range as follows:

  • Luxury apartments in Crystal Plaza Maadi project: areas start from 70 square meters.
  • Villas in Crystal Plaza Compound, New Maadi: the areas reach a maximum of 300 square meters.


Units Design

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Company has adopted the idea of ​​executing the units of Crystal Plaza compound in the new Maadi with international designs as follows:-

  • Luxurious porcelain flooring installation.
  • The use of modern lighting systems that are comfortable to the eye.
  • Reducing the number of internal columns per unit to give more area.
  • All units feature impressive hotel facades.
  • Installing noise and dust-insulating aluminum windows to enjoy a quiet and healthy atmosphere.


Features And Services Of Crystal Plaza New Maadi Compound

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company provides all the basic and recreational features and services to its customers within the compound of Crystal Plaza New Maadi, which we mention in detail below:

  • Integrated hotel service: at the level of 7 stars.
  • 7 electronic entrances: to prevent crowding and to protect the compound from entering any dangerous materials.
  • Commercial Mall: It contains all brands of clothing, shoes, and all international personal and household needs.
  • Swimming pools: of various lengths and depths to suit young and old.
  • Central entertainment area: It includes a package of the most interesting international games that are suitable for adults and children.
  • A cultural library: for those who love reading, acquiring, and reading books.
  • Periodic cleaning and sterilization service: that takes place over twenty-four hours to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Tourist trails: For those who like to run, walk, and cycle, far away from cars to prevent accidents and collisions.
  • Central air conditioning: to provide fresh air with the right temperature in summer and winter for all units.
  • Wi-Fi: This provides free fast internet to all units of Crystal Plaza Compound in New Maadi.
  • Central digital: to provide local and international TV channels for all units of Crystal Plaza Maadi compound.
  • Storage places: Attached to the units to store items safely.
  • Special windows: from ceilings to floors to ensure healthy sunlight.
  • health center: equipped with Gym, Spa, and Jacuzzi for lovers of exercise and relaxation sessions.
  • Medical services: to respond to emergencies and treat patients in all specialties by the most qualified medical staff.
  • An integrated fire alarm system: to protect the residents and avoid losses permanently, while providing an emergency exit to evacuate the compound with the utmost safety.
  • Intercom: To facilitate the entry of visitors to the residents of Crystal Plaza New Maadi, or to request assistance from the security staff.
  • Security and guarding service: The compound is guarded by security cadres trained at the highest levels of protection and works in rotation around the clock.
  • An integrated team for periodic maintenance: to repair any malfunction inside any unit in Crystal Plaza New Maadi immediately throughout the day.
  • Home theater: for cultural and entertainment performances.
  • Surveillance cameras: distributed on all sides and corners of the Crystal Plaza project, Maadi.
  • Pharmacies: To provide medication throughout the day.
  • Cardboard wall facades: for a dazzling view comparable to European facades.
  • Lobby: It is designated to receive visitors and has restrooms.
  • Electric Elevators: Each of the seven sections contains two panoramic electric elevators for easy transportation of customers between floors.
  • Car garage: It is two floors below each apartment building to prevent car congestion.
  • Integrated facilities: where the entire units are provided with water, electricity, natural gas, and sewage sources.
  • Distinguished views: The unit overlooks either the seaside of the club's area or on the tribal side on a 60-meter street, on the eastern side of the villas area, or the western side of the British School.
  • Artificial lakes: to ensure creative views of the beautiful landscapes of all units.
  • Restaurant chains: to provide fast food and local and international cuisine within Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi.
  • Cafés: to serve hot and cold drinks and enjoy gatherings of friends.
  • Hypermarket: to provide food products and goods throughout the day


Units prices in Crystal Plaza Compound Memaar Al Morshedy for Real Estate Development

The price per square meter for the units of Crystal Plaza Compound in New Maadi starts from 8,000 EGP, and therefore the total prices of the units are as follows:

  • Luxury apartments in Crystal Plaza New Maadi: their prices start from 560,000 EGP.
  • Villas in Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi: their prices start from 2,400,000 EGP.


Payment Plans In Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate

The development offers ideal payment plans to make it easier for valued customers to own their units within Crystal Plaza Maadi compound for the longest possible period as follows:

  • The unit is reserved within the Crystal Plaza project, Maadi, with a down payment of only 5% of its total price.
  • The company agrees with the customer to pay the installments over 6 consecutive years.
  • No fees added to the prices of Crystal Plaza New Maadi Compound units.
  • The company undertakes to deliver the units in the form of red bricks.


The Real Estate Developer Of Crystal Plaza project In Maadi

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company built the Crystal Plaza Maadi project with nearly forty years of experience, and it hired distinguished engineering cadres and architectural experts to launch a project that dazzled the whole world.

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Company was founded by the well-known businessman, Mohamed Al Morshedy, in 1983 AD, and was concerned with imposing unprecedented architectural strategies on the Egyptian real estate market.

The company has gone through many architectural experiments inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, not only in residential buildings but also extended to include commercial and administrative projects.

Perhaps it is worth noting that the credibility achieved by the company made its name enjoy a very good reputation among its competitors and that all its projects are characterized by modernity, services, and advantages that guarantee a life full of comfort, calm, and luxury.

As for its previous work, we cannot list it, but for example, the following projects were built:

Never miss the golden opportunity to own luxury and sophisticated units that bring you the luxury and modern life at unparalleled prices in Crystal Plaza Compound New Maadi and for the longest payment period.

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8,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 560,000 pounds.

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Ring Road, Zahraa El Maadi, Hay El Maadi, Cairo

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