El Shorouk Springs Compound

map pinAl Shorouk Road, 6th Area West, Shorouk City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 27,570 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 47,320 EGP/M2
TownhouseTownhouse 33,029 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 4,108,000 : 10,039,000 EGP
Area 149 : 175 M2
Price 21,294,000 : 76,050,000 EGP
Area 450 : 586 M2
Price 11,560,000 : 16,914,000 EGP
Area 350 : 422 M2

Are you looking for el shorouk springs compound? It is considered a distinctive project in El Shorouk City that includes various units in design and area, simulating the most luxurious and modern designs.

Springs El Shorouk provides all means of luxury and all the services that you may need, in addition to offering various payment plans to meet the customer's desires.

Let us weave for you a painting full of delightful colours, sophisticated design, and distinguished service, and present it to you in a unique residential neighbourhood.

If you want to know more about Springs El Shorouk Compound, you have reached your destination, and here is the following article.


Information about Springs El Shorouk Compound

  • Springs Hassan Allam Compound is a residential project in a prime location in front of Madinaty in El Shorouk, minutes away from the various main axes, which provides you with easy access to all surrounding areas and cities.
  • Springs El Shorouk Compound is one of the most luxurious and prestigious residential compounds located in the south of El Shorouk City, as the compound is connected to the main roads and is under the implementation of Hassan Allam Construction Company.
  • The best area in Cairo's shrouk neighbourhood is where you'll find Springs El Shorouk Hassan Allam Compound, close to the road leading to the New Administrative Capital.
  • Available in Springs El Shorouk compound, various real estate and villas for sale are among the most important distinctive designs in the region, as it includes the best apartment design. The standalone villa is available for immediate receipt and instalments over more than one system.
  • Learn about the most affordable units in the best projects, the variety of spaces, and the level of super lux finishing with competitive prices, in instalments from Hassan Allam Foundation.
  • Springs Compound has a variety of units, as it contains many residential units, villas, apartments, and townhouses, which represent a valuable real estate investment.
  • Real estate consists of a variety of apartments, and distinctive twin-house villas in a compound located on the Suez Road of various sizes, with average prices in instalments available in El Shorouk City, specifically in the Springs Compound, El Shorouk City.
  • The features of the project are dedicated to people with good taste,  the finest villas with the availability of any service needed by El Shorouk compounds of Hassan Allam Real Estate Company.
  • A compound with apartments for sale in the most prestigious areas in Shorouk.


Springs El Shorouk compound location

Springs El Shorouk Compound represents an integrated complex that includes all services and features with a direct view of the second gate of Madinaty, in the most prestigious city of Cairo, El Shorouk City.

The Springs Shorouk project is located on the Suez Road in New Cairo near the Administrative Capital. It has means of luxury, tranquillity, privacy, as well as basic services, and its proximity to important areas such as:

  • Madinaty: Springs Compound overlooks Madinaty specifically on the second gate.
  • Total Station: El Shorouk Springs Compound is located behind the station.
  • El Shorouk Club: el Shorouk Springs is minutes away from the club, as well as Hayopolis Club.
  • Schools and universities: el shorouk springs compound is distinguished by its proximity to the educational complex, which includes many different schools and universities.
  • El Horreya Road: el shorouk springs compound overlooks directly El Horreya road and the Cairo-Suez road.
  • Badr City: El Shorouk Springs Compound is close to different important cities such as Mostakbal City and El Obour City.
  • Maadi View El Shorouk Compound : It provides a sophisticated view of the Springs project, in addition to Merida Compound in Cairo.


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The area of Springs El Shorouk compound

  • The total area of Springs Compound: 150 acres.
  • The area of the buildings is small compared to the areas of the gardens, as it has acquired the largest share of the area of the project, which is considered one of its most important features.


Springs Compound services and features

El Shorouk Springs Compound is characterized by representing an upscale residential area equipped with the best services, capabilities, and various means of entertainment.

  • Main roads and axes: Springs Compound is close to service areas and main roads.
  • Green spaces and gardens: It provides wide green spaces overlooking the residential units.
  • Water fountains and waterfalls: It is characterized by the presence of various fountains distributed in the compound.
  • Artificial lakes.
  • Areas for Events: Areas designed for parties, and spending time with friends and family 
  • Security and guarding: 24-hour security services are available within the Springs Al-Shorouk project by trained security personnel at the highest level, with the best monitoring devices.
  • Surveillance cameras: Springs El Shorouk compound is equipped with the latest surveillance systems and security methods.
  • Garage for cars: Each building in the compound has a garage, in addition to the garage that serves all the residents of the compound.
  • Medical clinics: We care about you and your family, so the medical complex contains specialized clinics.
  • Pharmacies: We provide you with 24-hour pharmacies.
  • Mosque: Springs Compound, El Shorouk City, is characterized by a mosque
  • Malls: The Springs Compound has a wonderful multi-shop mall for shopping lovers, with many factories and international brands.
  • Health club: contains various services to provide more luxury, including a jacuzzi and a spa.
  • Tracks between gardens: The Springs compound includes walkways and tracks for jogging and cycling in gardens and green spaces far from cars.
  • Sports areas: el shorouk springs compound offers various units of sports courts, including football, squash, basketball, and a golf course.
  • Swimming pools: For more entertainment, we offer swimming pools in Al Shorouk suitable for adults and children.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The properties of the Springs El Shorouk project contain a variety of cafes, in addition to many restaurants.


Units details in Springs El Shorouk Compound

El Shorouk Springs Compound, which is owned by Hassan Allam, the famous real estate developer, provides many distinctive views of projects in Egypt, Cairo and abroad. Hassan Allam is distinguished by wonderful design and technical team that gives a unique value.

Springs is considered a distinctive landmark in the center of El Shorouk City, where El Shorouk Springs Compound relies on distinctive units in design, and unique in diversity in size, as it varied between apartments, townhouses, and distinctive villas with wonderful views and unique view of services and green areas.

Springs Compound provides a unique combination of spaces, interior and exterior designs, and entrances, and the details of the units are as follows:


Units Types in Springs El Shorouk Compound

In Springs El Shorouk Compound, there are various residential units to suit large, medium and small families, rental enthusiasts, and those wishing to own administrative and commercial units, and to suit all tastes, as the compound includes the following:

  • Apartments.
  • Town House.
  • Independent villas.
  • Twin House.


Units Spaces in Springs El Shorouk Compound

The construction designs and spaces within the Springs El Shorouk compound vary to suit the requirements and tastes of all customers, as follows:

  • Residential apartments: start from 173 square meters up to 223 square meters.
  • Standalone villas: start from 447 square meters up to 586 square meters.
  • Townhouses: start from 330 square meters up to 420 square meters.


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Units design in Springs El Shorouk Compound

  • Springs Compound was planned by the most skilled real estate designers at Hassan Allam Company, based on the latest engineering heritage, as it is characterized by wide green spaces and picturesque trees putting a barrier between the units.
  • Springs El Shorouk Hassan Allam Compound has a different and elegant design, as it has 3 gates on the main roads.
  • Springs Compound's interior and exterior colours are natural and calm.
  • The real estate colours are unified in the residential buildings in El Shorouk City.
  • Villas with two floors and the ground floor overlooking a garden are for sale.
  • Residential buildings do not exceed four floors.
  • The designs vary between apartments, townhouses, and villas in El Shorouk in Springs Compound.
  • Choose a distinctive spot that includes a unique view of Madinaty and the clubs in Al-Shorouk.


Units' prices in Springs El Shorouk Compound

The price per square meter in Springs El Shorouk Compound starts from 7000 EGP. Hassan Allam offers apartments, townhouses, and villas with different designs, features, and various services. Therefore, pricing varies, in addition to the nature of the payment method and repayment years, and in general, it is the availability of a competitive price. The unit prices are as follows:

  • Apartment prices in Springs El Shorouk Compound: the average price is 2,600,000 EGP.
  • Commercial store: the average price starts at 6,000,000 pounds.
  • Town House in Springs El Shorouk Compound: the price of 4,550,000 EGP.
  • Standalone villas, El Shorouk City: the price of 3,000,000 EGP.


Payment systems and methods in Springs El Shorouk Compound

The payment systems in Springs are flexible to provide satisfaction to all our distinguished customers. Hassan Allam offers great facilities when paying in El Shorouk City, offering different payment systems through the following:

  • Down payment: 15% of the unit value in Springs, then pay 5% after one year, pay 5% after 2 years, pay 5% after 3 years.
  • Instalment: over 7 years.
  • Delivery date: within 2022.


A brief about the real estate developer of Springs El Shorouk Compound

The real estate developer of Springs El Shorouk Compound is the holding company of Hassan Allam Group (El Nasr Contracting Company), an Egyptian company established in 1936 and known by a good reputation in the real estate market.

Hassan Allam is an influential sign in the real estate market with 80 years of experience in construction and engineering, investment projects, state projects, and service and commercial projects in the entire Middle East inside and outside Egypt.

 The company obtained the ISO certificate because it has a team of consultants and engineers to implement quality standards and meet the needs and requirements of customers, as the company obtained the ISO certificate.

Springs Hassan Allam Compound on the Suez Road is a sign of the magnificence and accuracy of Hassan Allam's works.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Springs El Shorouk Compound

The Hassan Allam Company works in the development of bridges, roads, the construction of new cities and towers, commercial buildings, tourist resorts, and residential buildings.

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