Hyde park North Coast

map pinRas Al Hekma, North Coast
ChaletChalet 64,328 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 4,310,000 : 8,090,000 EGP
Area 67 : 103 M2

Hyde Park North Coast was developed by Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company, which appeared in 2011 and was able to build the village at Kilometer 214 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, in Ras El Hekma Bay, on an area of about 240 acres.


The location of the Hyde Park North Coast project had a magical effect in attracting many clients and investors, thanks to its proximity to many important roads, axes, and villages, in addition to the diversity of its summer units, which were chalets, twin house villas, townhouse villas, duplexes, and independent villas.


All of this came at ideal prices, as prices for Hyde Park North Coast units start at 16 million pounds, and you can pay a 10% down payment and pay the remaining amount in installments over 8 years in order to own one of the best North Coast units ever.


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Location of Hyde Park Village, North Coast

Kilometer 214 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road is the location of Hyde Park, North Coast. This particular area is located in Ras El Hekma Bay, which is known for its large area, distinctive services, fertile environment, and infrastructure that has attracted many investments, making it close to many roads, vital hubs, and landmarks. Prominent on the North Coast.


Places near Hyde Park North Coast project

Choosing the location of Hyde Park Coast in Ras El Hekma had a great impact in making the village one of the most important tourist areas and villages on the North Coast, due to the region’s proximity to many roads and axes that make it easy for customers and investors to reach and move to and from any place, and the most prominent of these roads are the following:

  • Marsa Matrouh: The distance between Marsa Matrouh and the village is about 82 kilometers.
  • New Fouka Road: 3 km is the distance between Hyde Park Village and New Fouka Road.
  • Nearby villages: Some tourist villages are located near Mashrouh Hyde Park, and the most prominent of these villages are Silver Sands North Coast and Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • New Alamein: 91 kilometers separate Hyde Park North Coast from New Alamein.
  • New El Alamein Airport: New El Alamein Airport can be easily reached in less than an hour from the village, due to the close distance between them.
  • Cairo: Only two hours is the time separating Cairo from the village.


Hyde Park North Coast area

Hyde Park North Coast Village has an area of about 240 acres, divided between green spaces, landscapes, and summer units in a wonderful and exquisite way, making customers and investors feel psychologically comfortable and psychologically and visually calm, due to the good division of the project area, which contributed to providing many service, basic, and recreational facilities as well. In addition to the diversity of residential units and their spaces, which reflected positively on the residents’ experience, and encouraged many customers to purchase their units in Hyde Park North Coast.


The real estate developer within Hyde Park North Coast allocated a lot of green spaces, which occupied approximately 80% of the total area of the project. The village also has a sandy beach with an area of up to 550 meters, which contributed greatly to customers and residents enjoying more comfort in a summer atmosphere. Perfect.


Everything you want to know about villas for sale in the North Coast


Unit space in Hyde Park North Coast

The resort units within Hyde Park North Coast varied between chalets, duplexes and villas of different styles, from twin house villas and townhouses. These units came in ideal sizes and were provided to clients and investors supported by all the services and facilities they would need. The area of these units can be identified in detail in the lines. next:

  • Chalet space: There are chalets for sale in Hyde Park North Coast with areas starting from 73 square meters and up to 120 square meters.
  • Duplex area: The area of duplexes in the village starts from 132 square meters.
  • Townhouse area: The townhouse has a minimum area of about 360 square meters.
  • Twin house area: The twin house area reached 470 square meters.
  • Villa space: There are villas for sale in Hyde Park Village, North Coast, with areas starting from 600 square meters.


Design of Hyde Park Ras El Hekma units

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company excelled in developing the Hyde Park Coast project, so that customers and investors feel that they are in their second home, especially since many of them are trying to spend their summer vacation in the best coastal villages on the North Coast, and therefore the design was one of the important priorities that the company that owns the project was keen to provide. In the best possible way; To satisfy the company's customers and meet their desires.


Hyde Park North Coast units were designed with a system of tiered terraces, which allows all units within the project to see the sea directly, in a distinctive and ideal panoramic view, which is difficult to find in any other project on the North Coast. The best materials and raw materials for construction were also used; So that all units can withstand all different environmental factors, such as humidity, rain, etc.


Hyde Park North Coast prices

Hyde Park North Coast units were offered at prices that are, to say the least, difficult to replicate in any other project, especially in light of the basic features, services, and facilities available in the project, which we will talk about in the following lines, but it can be said that Hyde Park is your ideal destination for your financial capabilities, whatever your financial capabilities. It was, and you can find out the prices of Hyde Park Coast in the following lines:

  • Prices for Hyde Park North Coast units start from 16,000,000 Egyptian pounds


Payment and payment systems in North Hyde Park Village

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company has introduced a single system to pay for any residential unit in the project, but despite this, it can be said that it is a system that has very great flexibility, thanks to its idea based on paying a small portion of the unit amount, with the rest of the unit price being paid in the form of Equal installments, over a certain number of years, and the payment and repayment systems in the Hyde Park North Coast project can be explained in the following:

  • Paying a 10% down payment of the total unit price, and paying the rest of the unit price in installments over 8 years. Therefore, the value of the down payment - according to the aforementioned system - of the total price of any unit in the project is about 1,600,000 Egyptian pounds, and approximately 14,400,000 Egyptian pounds are paid in the form of installments. Over a period of 8 years, at a rate of 1,750,000 Egyptian pounds per year.


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Hyde Park North Coast services and facilities

The company that owns Hyde Park Ras El Hikma North Coast has provided many services and facilities that have made the village the first and ideal choice for many customers and investors, and these advantages can be explained in detail in the following points:

  • Security services: High-quality security services are available within Hyde Park North Coast Village, starting with security and guard personnel, surveillance cameras located everywhere, in addition to fire extinguishing systems that work immediately when any fire breaks out.
  • Garage: Hyde Park North Coast customers can leave their cars in a safe place and protect them from sudden climatic fluctuations, thanks to the presence of large garages that can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The best and most delicious food and drinks can be consumed inside Hyde Park Coast, thanks to the presence of a group of the best restaurants and cafes within the village, supervised by the best and most skilled chefs.
  • Medical Center: The village offers many different medical services to customers, whether through the medical center, which includes an elite group of skilled doctors, in addition to the latest medical equipment, or through pharmacies that provide various treatments for patients with chronic diseases.
  • Health center: There is a health center at Hyde Park North Coast at the highest level, offering many recreational services, which are suitable for men and women as well, where you can spend some time inside the sauna, spa, jacuzzi and massage rooms inside the club, as well as getting different care sessions. Skin and other things.
  • Sports club: There is a sports club on a huge area within the Hyde Park North Coast project, which includes many different sports fields, including football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and other various sports.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: Hyde Park North Coast enjoys a great deal of cleanliness and protection, thanks to the deployment of a team specialized in constantly sterilizing the village’s units and facilities, and disposing of waste as well. There is also a team specialized in maintenance work, which repairs all faults that may affect the various facilities and services in the project. .
  • Internet: Hyde Park North Coast is covered by high-speed internet, reaching all units, through which one can browse various websites, and complete tasks and work.
  • Commercial market: Inside Hyde Park Ras Al-Hikma, North Coast, there is a commercial market that includes many goods and products that customers need in their daily lives. There are also many brands and brands specialized in selling luxury products, at the lowest prices and with the best quality ever.


Advantages of investing in Hyde Park Ras El Hekma Village, North Coast

Hyde Park North Coast is not just a tourist village where you can spend some recreational time, but it is also an area for safe and secure investment, the value of which rises over time in a way that makes it uniquely at the forefront of economic and investment solutions at the present time. In order to preserve the capital of many clients and investors.


But the question remains: What are the factors that distinguish Hyde Park North Coast from other tourist villages to be a guaranteed and distinguished investment source? This question can be answered in detail in the following points:

  • Strategic location: The ideal location of Hyde Park Village North Coast makes it close to many important roads and axes, which facilitated the idea of reaching Cairo, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and other places, which contributed to raising the investment value of the region and the village.
  • Diversity of units: The diversity of summer units within the Hyde Park North Coast project provides many options for customers and those interested, who can resell or rent the unit in the summer or throughout other periods of the year in exchange for a remunerative sum of money. Taking advantage of the wonderful design of the units and the ideal location of the project.
  • Competitive prices and payment systems: Hyde Park offered the village units at an ideal price, facilitating the idea of owning a unit in the project, in cooperation with one of the best payment systems ever on the North Coast.
  • Reputation of the real estate developer: Hyde Park Company is considered one of the real estate development companies in Egypt that is undisputed in its prowess, accuracy, and transparency with customers, which has made it occupy a great position in the Egyptian real estate market, in addition to the company’s distinguished after-sales services, which help you in solving All the problems and obstacles that you may face in one way or another.


To know all the other compounds and residential units within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and to enjoy comfort, tranquility, and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:


Chalets for sale in Hyde Park North Coast


About Hyde Park Developments

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company is the company that owns Hyde Park North Coast, and it is one of the oldest real estate development companies in Egypt. Its first appearance in this field began in 2011, which was the starting point for one of the best real estate development companies, thanks to the experience it possessed. Humanity has contributed greatly to providing everything new in the field of urban development.


The company's board of directors is headed by Engineer Essam Abu Hamed, who, with his extensive experience, was able to contribute to writing the golden letters of the company's name among real estate development companies in Egypt. He was also able to participate in many events that increased the company's reach, the most recent of which was the Cityscape Exhibition. In 2021 and other various events and participations over many years.


Hyde Park Developments projects

Hyde Park has presented many huge projects, all of which have distinctive decorative touches, basic and recreational facilities provided at the highest level, and prominent designs that demonstrate the extent of the company’s ingenuity and keenness to provide all the needs and advantages that favor the company in front of its customers. Among the most prominent projects of the company that owns Hyde Park North Coast includes:


Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement

Hyde Park Fifth Settlement Compound is considered one of the most prominent projects of the company that owns Hyde Park North Coast, which was able to choose New Cairo as a location for the project, specifically in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, near the most prominent landmarks of the region, on a huge area, reaching 1,200 acres. It was divided between green spaces, landscapes, and residential buildings, which were diverse in a way that met the desires and needs of different customers.


Towny Hyde Park Compound, 6th of October

Towny Hyde Park 6th of October is located specifically in front of Al Jazir Club and behind the Palm Hills Golf Compound, on an area of 31 acres. The compound includes units of independent apartments and villas, with areas starting from 240 square meters and up to 300 square meters. All of this came at competitive prices and flexible payment systems. It included a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years. Unit prices in the project start at 10 million pounds.


Garden Lakes Compound, 6 October

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company excelled in developing the Garden Lakes 6th of October Compound, providing it with all the components and elements that made it a distinctive and wonderful residential community, as the designs of the residential units perfectly emulated the high European style, known for its elegance and sophistication. The prices of the project units were also presented. It is accessible to many groups and segments of society, as the unit price starts from 6 million Egyptian pounds.


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