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Ibiza Chillout Sokhna is the most prominent recreational service project that Master Group for Real Estate Development and Development has introduced into the Egyptian market.

It has been provided with various types of units, chalets, and independent villas as well as studios. The Ibiza ChillOut Sokhna project reflects the true meaning of a life of luxury and luxury, do not hesitate to book your unit with the best Price per meter in Ain Sokhna.


About Ibiza Chillout Sokhna

Master Group for Real Estate Development has managed to outperform the major real estate companies, thanks to providing Ibiza Chill Out Ain Sukhna with a range of services and countless advantages, in addition to the excellent geographical location, innovative design, and charming views of the seashore, and now the competition continues Offering competitive rates and convenient payment plans.


Ibiza Chillout Sokhna Village Location

Ibiza ChillOut Ain Sukhna occupies an excellent location in Ain Sukhna, specifically on kilo 58 Zaafarana Road, and the most distinguishing feature of this village is its proximity to the following:

  • The New Administrative Capital: just 30 minutes away from the village.
  • Suez: It is located only 55 km from the project land.
  • Greater Cairo: 140 km from Ibiza Chillout Village.
  • La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Village: It is one of the most prominent tourist villages located in the area. It is easily accessible from Zaafarana Road in 60 minutes, and you will be able to go to this distinctive sign via Ain Sukhna Road in 90 minutes.


Ibiza Chillout Ain Sokhna Area

Ibiza Chillout Village extends over a vast area estimated at 27 acres, and the project company has shown the extent of its creativity and its ability to challenge in dividing this large area among the construction buildings, which were built on an area of ​​20% of the total land allocated for the entire project, while the remaining area is 80% It has been exploited in landscaping, wide green spaces, integrated services area, Crystal Lagoons, as well as recreational sports and activities.


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Ibiza Chillout Resort design

The Ibiza Chillout project is coming with an innovative modern design with international standards and specifications, along the seashore with a width of 300 meters and a depth of up to 400 meters, and what distinguishes in this project is that all the residential units directly overlook the sea, Thanks to the adoption of the Master Group for Development on the design of terraces, the first terrace was built at a height of one meter above sea level.


Ibiza Chillout Ain Sokhna Units Details

Master Group for Real Estate Development presented an ideal model for the various units of Ibiza ChillOut Ain Sokhna in terms of space, design, finishing as well as the charming view of the seashore, and the details are as follows:


Units Types

Within the village, there are various types of units that any customer dreams of. The Master Group for Development and Real Estate Development has worked hard to satisfy all its customers by providing multiple options, giving each of them the freedom to choose the unit they want, which came as follows:

  • Hotel studios in the village of Ibiza Chill Out.
  • Independent villas in Ibiza Chillout Ain Sokhna.
  • One-bedroom chalets in Ibiza Chillout Resort.
  • Two-bedroom chalets in Ibiza ChillOut Ain Sokhna.
  • 3 bedroom chalets in the Ibiza Chillout project.


Units Area

The area of ​​the units in Ibiza Chillout Village varies between the following:

  • Standalone villas: start from 422 square meters, and they are ideal units for all who wish to enjoy a life of luxury and privacy.
  • Chalets: come in various sizes to meet the needs of families and individuals, and start from 56 square meters to 122 square meters.


Units Design

The various units of the Ibiza Chillout Resort will be delivered with the full finishing system, and the finishes are also varied, to satisfy all tastes. As for the delivery date, it will be after 3 years of contracting with the company.

Within the commercial area in Ibiza Chill Out Ain Sokhna, there are commercial and medical units, and they will be available for reservation, and the medical units will be delivered in the finishing system, while the commercial units will be delivered semi-finished, allowing the customer to put his final touches.


Ibiza Chillout Village Services And Facilities

The Master Group Real Estate Company stressed the need to establish an integrated project that includes basic and recreational services that you will not think of, and this is the secret of the project's distinction, the most prominent of these services came as follows:

  • Landscapes and green spaces: They were built on a large area for more comfort and psychological calm.
  • Artificial lakes: distributed throughout the village.
  • Swimming pools: Master Group Real Estate has taken care of water bodies as they add beauty and charm to the village, and it is one of the best entertainment facilities for adults and children, and for that, 5 swimming pools have been established with a distinctive distribution within the village.
  • Commercial Mall: The project includes the largest commercial mall in Ain Sokhna, as it was built on an area of ​​4,000 square meters, and it is divided from the inside into several commercial and medical units, making it an ideal investment opportunity in the most prestigious tourist areas.
  • Club House: On the beachfront, enjoy the magic of white sands and sparkling turquoise waters.
  • Aqua Park: Inside the village, there is a water games area, the first of its kind in the Ain Sukhna area, as it provides all water games lovers an enjoyable time, as it includes water games suitable for all age groups.
  • Children's entertainment area: Your child is safe with us, we can provide him with fun and safety at the same time, the area has been provided with all games and recreational activities with the introduction of the necessary safety means to protect the child throughout the hours of his presence in the area.
  • 4, 5-star hotel: Within the village there are hotels equipped at the highest level, ensuring the provision of the highest quality of hotel services.
  • Sports area: It is equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment, which ensures maintaining fitness and ideal weight.
  • Gym: Inside there is a spa and jacuzzi, as well as a gym and gymnasium, with a team of trainers to provide the necessary assistance to all those who frequent these halls.
  • Pharmacy: Available 24 hours, with a delivery service to the door of the house.
  • Garage and parking: it was built underground and is completely free. A large area has been allocated in the village, for parking in a safe place away on the road, and this helps to maintain the appearance of the village.
  • Village security services: The level of security services in the village showed the extent of the real estate developer's interest in the level of safety and protection and placed it in the first place, and this is confirmed by the presence of guard teams in separate areas of the village 24 hours a day.
  • Restaurants and cafes area: this area overlooks the entire beachfront, which provides all customers to enjoy dining in a wonderful and unforgettable view.


Unit Prices Of Ibiza Chillout Resort

The prices of the units of all kinds came in a variety of ways to suit the conditions and capabilities of many customers. The price per square meter in Ibiza Chillout Ain Sokhna starts from 17 thousand Egyptian pounds, and accordingly, the total unit price is as follows:

  • Hotel studios in Ibiza Chillout Resort: price starts from 896,000 EGP.
  • One-room chalets in the Ibiza Chillout project: available at fantastic prices starting from one million and 56 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets in Ibiza Chill Ain Sokhna with two rooms: the price starts from one million and 472 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Three-bedroom chalets in Ibiza ChillOut Ain Sokhna: with prices starting from 1,792,000 EGP.


Payment Plans Of Ibiza Chillout Resort

Master Group Real Estate has introduced multiple and flexible payment plans, to suit many customers. Dear customer, you do not have to choose the appropriate payment system for your circumstances and financial capabilities. Book your unit in the Ibiza Chillout project with a 5% down payment and pay the rest of the amount in equal installments up to 10 years.


The Developer Of The Ibiza Chillout Village

Master Group is the company that owns the Ibiza Chillout project, and it is one of the distinctive signs in the Egyptian real estate market since it laid its foundation stone in the last 2016 year. The credit for its establishment goes to businessman Mohamed Lashin, despite its recent era in the Egyptian market However, it has considerable experience and efficiency, which is confirmed by its ability to select distinctive locations for the construction of its projects, as well as its European-inspired urban designs.

Previous Projects Of Master Group Real Estate

Master Group has managed to construct a large number of successful residential projects in the most prestigious areas of Cairo, the most important of which are the following:

  • White Bay Ras Sidr Project.
  • The City Valley Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • The City Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • City Oval Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • Design and implementation of contracting for the Ministry of Awqaf.

Don't miss the opportunity to book an ideal unit in the Ibiza Chill Out project, Ain Sokhna, with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period.

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17,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 896,000 pounds.

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