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Bali North Coast Village is one of the unique tourist and coastal complexes that enjoys a strategically vital location in the heart of the North Coast. Al-Shahawi Group Real Estate Company was keen to plan carefully and meticulously to choose a suitable and distinctive location for the resort to be a unique residential destination full of life with direct views of the turquoise waters, soft sands and fresh air.

Many advantages and services in Bali Village North Coast are essential elements in attracting the attention of many clients and investors to obtain various units in the project, including chalets, penthouses, standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses.


Information about Bali North Coast Resort

Bali Village is classified among the quietest villages in the Ras Al Hikma region, which is equipped with many service facilities and recreational activities, to ensure an integrated residential life in delightful summer units amidst the nature atmosphere located among the charming beaches.

The luxury of construction and design was the main goal of Bali village, where the resort was built in the form of a group of graduated terraces overlooking the sea directly with a level of height from zero to 45 meters, and the overall design of the village contributed to the climatic atmosphere moderation throughout the year.

It is normal for customers to have different needs and tastes when it comes to selecting a residential unit. The company was also keen to provide various units that suit the different tastes of customers at simple and affordable prices and payment systems.


Bali North Coast Resort location

Pali Village is ideally located in the heart of the North Coast, specifically in Ras El Hikma area at the 180th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, one of the most vital roads extending on the coast. The ideal location of the resort contributed to its proximity to many axes and vital areas, as it is separated by:

  • Only one hour, time separating the village from Sidi Abdel Rahman area, with a distance of 60 km, is the most distinctive area on the North Coast with its magical beach.
  • Jefaira village can be reached in less than half an hour from the Bali resort , with a distance of only 7 km.
  • Bali village is only 16 km away from La Vista Bay village Al Sahel.
  • The resort is only about an hour and a half from Alexandria with famous landmarks, and 2 hours from Cairo.


Project designs Bali North Coast

The resort was designed with unique architecture and charming style decorations through the distribution of a large number of green spaces and artificial water lakes throughout the village.

Although the resort overlooks the beach from all sides, El-Shahawi Group Real Estate Company has been keen to provide it with indoor swimming pools in units village and outdoor swimming pools in the recreational areas of the resort.

Also, Al-Shahawi Real Estate Group was keen to take into account customers' privacy in their residential lives in Bali resort North Coast, through the wide spaces between the units, which also contributes to enhancing calm and stability among the resort's clients.


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Bali village North Coast Areas 

The resort occupies 75 acres, which were carefully divided into residential units in the project, service facilities, and wide green spaces, defining a large part for various recreational activities.

The depth of Bali village, North Coast, reaches 800 meters, and the length of the beach extends to about 450 meters.


Units details in Pali North Coast

In the coming lines, we show you full details of the units in Bali North Coast Resort, starting with their types, areas, prices, and payment systems.

Units Types

The summer units in Bali North Coast vary in size and type to meet all the residential needs and requirements of clients, including:

  • chalets
  • Penthouse
  • Independent villas
  • Twin House
  • Town House

The units' spaces in the resort start from 100 square meters up to 315 square meters.


Features and services available in Bali Village

Various medical, commercial, recreational facilities and services, among others, are the most important things that customers look for when planning to buy or own a unit in a real estate project. This is the equation achieved by Bali North Coast, as it provided a set of advantages and services that customers cannot do without, including:

  • Entertainment area for children: - Taking care of the entertainment aspect for children is one of the advantages of the Bali North Coast project, by providing a dedicated area for them equipped with a wide range of entertaining games.
  • Beach games area:  The developer company of the project made the best use of the wide longitudinal extension of Bali village beach by creating an area dedicated to playing various beach games.
  • Swimming pools: - Inside the village, there is a group of different designs of swimming pools, suitable for different categories of women and men, as well as children.
  • A huge commercial area: - The village includes a wide range of commercial markets, including a number of major stores equipped with world-famous brands.
  • A chain of restaurants and cafes: - Bali Village, North Coast, contains a number of various restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks.
  • A social club: - the most famous landmark of Bali village, it was built directly on the sea and includes a group of playgrounds for lovers of various sports, and the club also includes a number of areas designed for enjoyable recreational activities
  • Health Club: - including an equipped gym, spa, jacuzzi, and many different recreational tools.
  • A large hotel: - The village was keen to provide a sophisticated hotel 8with integrated services to serve the customers at the highest levels. It has many hotel rooms to receive visitors at any time.
  • A major pharmacy: - Provides 24-hour health services to all village customers.
  • Security and control systems: Equipped with the latest high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor the property of customers 24 hours a day.
  • Car garage: The village allocated a car garage, equipped with security and control, to reduce congestion inside the village.

In addition to all the services and advantages that we mentioned in Bali village, North Coast, there is a large mosque that can accommodate many worshipers, as well as an area designed for barbecues and various family events.


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Units prices in Pali North Coast

Unit prices in the resort start from 1,200,000 EGP.


Unit delivery system in the project

Bali Village provides a system for receiving units with super lux finishing after 4 years of reservation.


Payment systems in the resort of Bali

The village offers various units with simple and easy payment systems. You can now book your unit with a down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located in the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



About the real estate developer of Bali North Coast project

El-Shahawy Group Real Estate Company is considered one of the largest and leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market and in the field of construction engineering and contracting. It has also implemented many tourism projects in Egypt.

The company was keen to establish a number of companies in other fields to immortalize its name, including the El-Asmnt Arabian  Company, Ready Rocks for Marble, Premix Concrete, as well as Sharm El-Shahawy for Engineering and Contracting, in addition to El-Shahawy for Real Estate Development.

Bali North Coast is considered one of El-Shahawy Real Estate Group’s distinguished projects that complement its success path.

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