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A compound that includes villas have been designed with distinction to provide you with luxury, so we will discuss an issue about Palm Hills Golf View with a special discount.

Palm Hills Golf View, a residential compound in October that includes many different designs of villas and multiple types of twin house units, in addition to the genius designs of townhouses, services that provide you with complete luxury.


Information about Palm Hills Golf View

Palm Hills, the real estate developer that owns the Palm Hills Golf View project, combined residential services in the compound, in addition to a lot of recreational services in clubs like establishing a distinctive golf course that serves the residents of Golf View Compound.

The Palm Heels Golf compound is located in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City -Alexandria Desert Road, with a pioneering design and distinguished services.

The Golf View project is considered a residential oasis, as it contains a residential area that varies in design between villas, twin houses, and townhouses, and the vast green spaces and distinctive gardens give you vibes of a green oasis.


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Palm Hills Golf View Compound location

Palm Hills designed the compound in a prime location in Giza, and it is close to vital areas in 26th of July Corridor Road, 6th of October City, in a quiet place far from noise, and the project is characterized by its proximity to several important places like:

  • October Universities: Universities are a short distance from Palm Hills Golf View Compound.
  • 26th of July Corridor: The compound is located on the 26th of July Corridor Road.
  • Al- Alsun School: The Golf View Compound is located minutes away from Al-Alsun British American School.
  • Lycée Albert Camus: 5 minutes from the school.
  • New Giza: is close to the Palm Hills compound, Palm Hills Golf View.
  • Al Gezira Club: one of the closest areas to the golf project, next to the compound.
  • Arkan Plaza: A few minutes away from Golf Views Compound.
  • Mall of Egypt: very close to the mall and the Palm Hills project.
  • Mall of Arabia: you can easily shop inside the compound, and the Mall of Arabia is close to the project.
  • Dream Park: one of the most prominent areas near Golf View Compound.
  • Sheikh Zayed Hospital: It is one of the best hospitals in Zayed, the Palm Hills View project is just a few minutes.

The area of Palm Hills Golf View Compound

500 acres were allocated for the construction of Golf View Compound in 6th of October, and the largest area was allocated to green spaces, which represent 80% of the total area, and buildings came to occupy the remaining 20% of the total area, as follows:

  • The total area: extends to 500 acres
  • Building area: 100 acres
  • Green area: 400 acres


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Services and features of the Palm Hills Golf View project

Golf View is one of the distinctive projects as it contains a lot of important services and advantages that combine luxury, the splendour of design and a multiplicity of services, and these features are:

  • Golf course: The golf course is designed according to the best standards.
  • A commercial centre: it includes all the services that the residents need, as it includes all the commercial stores, including a supermarket, and clothing stores, in addition to outlets selling the best brands.
  • Various stadiums: There are many types of stadiums, such as the football field, and other sports.
  • Health Club: Palm Hills Golf View offers all kinds of health clubs such as gyms, saunas, and spa centres, in addition to Jacuzzi units, a fitness club, and a swimming pool.
  • Event venues: Large spaces for gatherings and banquet halls have been provided to serve the residents of the Palm Hills project.
  • Kids Area: A children's area with unique and wonderful games and safety and protection factors for children.
  • Medical services: Specialized clinic units are available in addition to pharmacies that serve the residents of Golf View Compound 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Places of Worship: Various places of worship are available to spend prayers.
  • Garages: Palm Hills Compound provides a garage for each residential unit, and several garages are also available for parking.
  • Schools and nurseries: There are schools for different stages, in addition to nurseries equipped at the highest level to provide a distinguished level of education.
  • Track for jogging: As we mentioned, the project was designed to be a residential oasis consisting of vast green spaces that vary between gardens, and some walkway designs for walking and running.
  • Bicycle path: For cycling enthusiasts, some paths away from car tracks have been allocated as an organizing point for the project.
  • Artificial lakes: To complete the beauty, there are some lakes that the residents enjoy.
  • Restaurants and cafes: an area that includes the best-known restaurants and cafes that serve the residents of Palm Hills Golf View Compound.
  • Green spaces: vary between gardens, landscapes, and rare flower gardens.
  • Fountains: You will find a spread of various fountains to increase the magic of nature with the sound of water.


Units details in Palm Hills Golf View

The diversity of the project units, as it offers different units of standalone villas and townhouses with different numbers of rooms to keep pace with the diversity of customers.

Enjoy immediate offers, exclusive opportunities, units of the latest house designs, and villas that suit everyone.


Units Types in Palm Hills Golf View Compound

Palm Hills Golf View Compound units vary in design, as Palm Hills Company provides the villa with a unique design, in addition to other units as follows:

  1. Villas
  2. Town House
  3. Twin House.


Units Spaces Palm Hills Golf View Compound

Many spaces are provided for each design, as the villas’ spaces vary, and the townhouse units come in more than one area, in order to provide and meet the customers’ requests, so there are buildings with ground floor and a number of floors, from the first floor, and there is a type that represents a wonderful corner, and the units’ spaces come as follows:

  • Villas space: it starts from 350 square meters.
  • Twin Houses space: starts from 300 square meters
  • Townhouse space: it starts from 247 square meters


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Units design in Palm Hills Golf View, 6th of October

The Palm Hills Golf View project was designed by the famous designer, Jack Nicholas, who is one of the best golf course designers. He designed the project villa on October 6 with the finest distinctive architectural designs, and he added various artistic touches.

It is what you find in the clear diversity of shapes, and the difference that provides an attractive nature to the compound, with wonderful services and many advantages.

The location of villas is in one row, in addition to villas consist of lots of designs according to the number of rooms.


Units prices in Palm Hills Golf View Compound

The price per meter in Palm Hills in October starts from 22,200 EGP and the prices are as follows:

Villa prices

 Starts from 7,000,000 pounds

Twin house prices

 Starts from 6,600,000 pounds

Townhouse prices

 Starts at 5,400,000 pounds


Payment systems and methods in Palm Hills Golf View 6th of October

The developer company offers project units for sale with a lot of payment systems, as it provides a system for many years and a very comfortable instalment system, to offer a competitive price, in addition to the advantages of Palm Hills Golf View Compound.

The units will be received within 2023, and the villas will be delivered semi-finished, in addition to window and door grommets, plumbing and electricity connections, and payment systems came to provide different facilities at different prices, here is the provider, the instalments in Golf View Compound are as follows:

  • Advance payment: 10% of the total unit value.
  • Monthly Installment: will be paid over 6 years.


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About the real estate developer of the Palm Hills Golf View project

Palm Hills Development Company is the real estate developer that owns Golf View Compound for various works in Cairo and  Egypt.

It is an Egyptian joint stock company founded by Al-Maghrabi and Al-Mansour, and it has many distinguished projects that are considered a milestone in the history of architecture.


Previous work of the real estate developer of the Palm Hills Golf View project

Palm Hills Real Estate owns approximately 18 projects in different areas in October, Fifth Settlement, and owns different areas of land to carry out various projects, including residential and commercial real estate, and others among the most important works of the company:

  • Casa Compound Villas in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Golf Extension compound, Sheikh Zayed
  • Woodville 6th of October.
  • Extension Palm Hills.
  • Badya Palm Hills, 6th of October.
  • Hacienda White Resort, North Coast, overlooking the finest landmarks.
  • Golf Central Mall, New Cairo.

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