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Safia North Coast is the latest project of Alcazar Real Estate Development Company on the North Coast, specifically at Kilometer 185, close to several vital areas, such as Ras El Hekma, Sidi Abdel Rahman, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, New Fouka Road, and others.


The project is located on an area of 180 acres, and includes a variety of summer units, which come in different shapes and sizes, in addition to the competitive prices offered by the developer company, which are expected to receive great demand from a good number of customers and investors.


Location of Safia Village, North Coast

Safia Village is located at Kilometer 185 of the North Coast Road. With this location, the company developing the village was able to attract the attention of customers and investors wishing to spend an enjoyable summer vacation, or to live for a period of time throughout the year within the village, as the project is close to several important roads and axes, which made it easier Move from it to anywhere.


Places near the Safia North Coast project

Choosing a distinguished location is one of the characteristics of major real estate development companies, which in turn is reflected in the success of the project. Therefore, it can be said that Safiyah North Coast Village is expected to achieve great success once the construction of the units is completed, especially since the project is approaching several strategic areas and roads, including the following: :

  • Nearby villages: Safaya North Coast is close to several international villages and tourist resorts, such as Fouka Bay Village and Almaza Bay Village.
  • Nearby roads: The Safaia North Coast project is close to many roads and axes that connect the coast with coastal cities, such as Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and others, and the most prominent of these roads are the New Fouka Road and the Dabaa Road.
  • Neighboring areas: Kilometer 185 is famous for its proximity to several important areas within the northern coast, as it is close to Ras El Hekma Bay, Sidi Heneish, Marassi Village, in addition to Sidi Abdel Rahman.


Area of Safia North Coast village

The fertile environment of the North Coast region allowed the construction of a large number of projects belonging to the largest real estate development companies, on a huge area, such as the Safia North Coast Village, where its area reached approximately 180 acres, professionally divided between green spaces, artificial fountains, lakes, and landscaping. And between summer units of various types and shapes.


Safia North Coast units area

Alcazar Company - which owns Safaia North Coast - has not yet officially presented the project units or unit areas, but it is expected to make optimal use of the space allocated for the buildings and units, and to provide a large number of independent chalets and villas, in addition to townhouses and twin houses.

As for the spaces of Safia North Coast, Alcazar is always keen to offer varying and different spaces. To suit all clients and investors, especially since some of them prefer narrow spaces, which are represented by chalets, and others may prefer wide spaces, which include villas of various styles and shapes.


Design of Safia Al Sahel Village

The design of Safiyah North Coast did not differ from other projects of IL Cazar Developments, as it adopts an architectural style of the utmost elegance and distinction. Its concept is based on relying on the latest findings in modern architectural design, in terms of the harmony of the colors of the units inside and outside with the surrounding environment, in addition to To combine more than one architectural style at the same time.


In addition, the company developing Safaia North Coast was keen to provide large spaces between the units and each other. In order to provide more freedom and privacy, in addition to constructing some units with a tiered terrace system, which aims for the unit to be a few meters above sea level; So that residents can have a clear and direct view of the Mediterranean coast.


Safia North Coast services and facilities

Basic and recreational services are the backbone and cornerstone of any residential or coastal project. Therefore, the company that owns Safaia North Coast was keen to provide a diverse package of the best services and facilities within the project. With the aim of attracting a large segment of customers and investors who wish to spend their summer vacation in an atmosphere full of fun and luxury, these services can be explained in the following:

  • Green spaces : The green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes within Safiyah North Coast provide a wonderful lifestyle, where calm and comfort prevail throughout the place, which is reflected in the ability of residents to do some exercise in the morning with the utmost comfort.
  • Commercial market : The Safia North Coast project provides the possibility of taking a shopping tour within the village, thanks to the presence of a large commercial market, which includes many shops bearing the names of the largest international brands and brands, which display all goods and products within Safia North Coast.
  • Swimming pools : Although Safia North Coast Village is close to the sea coast, the company developing the project provided a number of swimming pools. To be close to the units, and to suit all age groups, especially since they are available in different shapes and depths.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services : There are many different teams working within Safia North Coast, including a team specialized in repairing faults and performing periodic maintenance operations, including another team specialized in constantly cleaning and sterilizing the village, and other teams that provide many services to the residents.
  • Social Club : There is a social club in Safia Village that supervises the establishment of many different social activities, which make the village more similar to American communities, which are largely social in nature.
  • Kids Area : Children within the Safiyah Al Sahel village can enjoy their time, due to the presence of a large Kids Area, which includes various educational and entertainment games. It is also distinguished by its good security by a number of security personnel. Many elements have also been used that contribute to reducing the risk of injuries, such as grass. Green and others.
  • Security services : Within Safiyah North Coast, there are a large number of surveillance cameras, which operate with the latest and most advanced technologies, in addition to a large number of security and guard personnel, in addition to electronic gates, which operate by QR-Code, so no one from outside the village is allowed Access; For more security and protection.
  • Restaurants and cafes : There are several restaurants and cafes spread within Safia North Coast, distinguished by providing the best food and drinks.
  • Internet : It is possible to browse all websites and complete various tasks and work within Safiyyat Al Sahel through high-speed internet, which is available at various points in the village, with the aim of providing the best possible internet service. It is worth noting that the maintenance team carries out periodic procedures to ensure that the Internet works with high efficiency.


Net prices north coast

The prices of Safia North Coast are still under study, but the company that owns the project is known in real estate circles for its competitive prices, which are highly compatible with the volume and quality of services available within its projects. The company is also always keen to attract new clients and investors, with the aim of expanding its reach, not only In Egypt, but also in the Middle East, which leads us to say that the prices of Safia North Coast will be the best among other coastal projects.


Payment and reimbursement systems in the Safia project

It is possible to own a unit within Safaia North Coast very easily, not only through the competitive prices offered by Alcazar Company - as usual - in all its projects, but also due to its reliance on the installment payment system, meaning the unit price can be paid in installments over a certain number of years, after paying a down payment. A contract ranges between 5 to 10% of the total unit price, which is considered a golden opportunity to seize one of the best Safiyya Village units on the North Coast.


Advantages of investing in Safia North Coast Village

The North Coast has now become the primary destination for real estate investments, due to the region’s distinctive fertile environment, as well as due to its large area and the distinguished strategic location it enjoys. All of these reasons make the region the first choice for safe and long-term investment.


Therefore, it can be said that Safia North Coast is one of the investment opportunities that is difficult to replace, especially with the village’s proximity to Ras El Hekma Bay, which is supposed to carry in the next few years many distinctive real estate projects, which means an increase in the prices of residential and summer units in the villages. surrounding him.


Other than that, the services and facilities available within Safia North Coast help the residents and owners of units within the village to resell or rent the unit throughout the year to others, in exchange for a large sum of money. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity now, and grab one of the units of Safiyya Ras Al-Hikma village.


About IL Cazar Developments

The first appearance of Alcazar Real Estate Development Company was in 1960, at the hands of the company’s founder, Mr. Helmy Khozam, and it bore the name Khozam Real Estate, until its name was changed in 2016 to Alcazar Company. To continue with the bus of huge real estate achievements, stemming from experiences passed down through different generations.


The company is now headed by Engineer Nader Khozam, who has spared no effort in presenting global residential, commercial and coastal projects that demonstrate the company’s ingenuity and confirm its leadership in the Egyptian real estate market, which explains the company’s great popularity and the constantly increasing demand for it from many clients. And investors.


The company is always interested in providing everything new in the field of real estate development, in terms of architectural design, basic and entertainment services, in addition to choosing a good location and offering distinctive and suitable prices for all customers, which is what the company is about to do in the village of Safia North Coast.


Previous work of IL Cazar Developments

Alcazar Real Estate Development Company is full of many distinguished real estate projects, of which we can mention the following:


Here, it can be said that Safia North Coast is one of the projects that is expected to achieve great success in the next few days, especially with the availability of all the elements that all clients and investors may need, from a strategic location, various services, and different units in Shapes and spaces, in addition to flexible payment systems and competitive prices.

Compound Location

Ras Al Hekma, North Coast