Tag Sultan Compound

map pinRing Road, 10th District, Nasr City, Cairo
VillaVilla 91,031 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 23,668,000 : 26,776,000 EGP
Area 260 M2

Are you looking for a TAG SULTAN? You have reached your destination, it is a compound that provides villas and apartments with a modern design, in the Tag Sultan project, the spaces vary, and it provides payment systems that take into account all levels, we will discuss a topic about Tag Sultan in Cairo .


Information about Tag Sultan Compound

The Tag Sultan new cairo project is a distinctive architectural painting that combines residential designs with various spaces, in addition to green spaces and various gardens, and the best services.

The Tag Sultan new cairo compound is one of the most important projects of the real estate developer, Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development, which owns important experiences that simulate modern architecture in Egypt.

The compound was designed to offer a great variety of spaces, and  prices, to include the fulfillment of all desires and suit different tastes, in addition to adding various facilities that serve the Tag Sultan community, and achieve a luxurious life . It is located at the head of the road that connects the Suez Road and Cairo Road, In addition to the vital Thawra Street.


The location of Tag Sultan Compound

A distinctive space has been allocated in the best location and the finest area in the heart of New Cairo, as it is located on the Ring Road, to be close to all Cairo axes and vital areas. Tag Sultan new cairo is close to distinctive landmarks such as:

  • Nasr City: 10 minutes separates the compound from Nasr City.
  • Fifth Settlement: The project is considered an extension of it, as 10 minutes is the distance from the Tag Sultan project .
  • Cairo Airport : You can go to Cairo Airport in only 5 minutes from Tag Al-Sultan .
  • Kempinski Hotel: The hotel is close to the residents of the compound.
  • Mirage: The city is located near the Tag Al Sultan Compound, Nasr City .
  • Tulip Golden Hotel: tulip golden is one of the most important real estate in the area.
  • Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque : It is one of the most important mosques in Nasr City, and it is close to the Sultan Compound.


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The area of Tag Sultan Compound, Fifth Settlement

  • Total area: 30,000 square meters.
  • Building area: 18% of the total area, which is 5400 square meters.
  • Green spaces and landscapes: 82% of the total area of Tag Sultan , which is 24,600 square meters.


Services and features of the Tag Sultan project, New Cairo

The Tag Sultan project has many services and advantages that made it an exceptional project in the Fifth Settlement, and apartments and villas are available for sale. The owner company of the project has chosen the best areas of New Cairo to be a shining star among the area's compounds.

The following are some of the benefits that have been achieved by customizing the project with the addition of services and amenities to attain complete elegance, comfort, and pleasure of nature:

  • Green spaces: Tag Sultan Nasr City Compound was designed to represent the charming nature through the expansion of green areas, which are spread throughout the project.
  • Kids area: A special entertainment area for children that includes many games and entertainment for them.
  • Walking paths: Paths have been allocated through the gardens of the Tag Sultan new cairo compound, so that the residents can enjoy walking or running away from the car paths.
  • Sports areas : There are many services that are concerned with providing places for exercising, and Tag Sultan Nasr City provides sports fields for many games, and there is a gym dedicated to performing outdoor exercises.
  • Medical complex: Tag Sultan contains clinics of various specialties to serve the residents of the project, and some pharmacies, which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Health club: for women in Taj Sultan compound, as we provided them with a health club with the latest equipment, a spa center at the highest level, and a beauty center that needed.
  • A large hotel: a distinctive hotel was designed in the project that provides hotel services at the highest level compared to the most luxurious hotels in the place.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The Taj compound provides various well-known restaurants and the best cafes.
  • Recreational activities: The project has a distinctive view of recreational activities and clubs equipped to hold parties to spend events with family and friends and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere and types of Sultan's Gardens.
  • Swimming pools: It provides the best bathroom designs, as the swimming pool is characterized by a modern design.
  • Places of worship: It contains a distinctive mosque.


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Units details in Tag Sultan, Fifth Settlement

We present to you the details of the project units, where you can own the best apartment, or a villa with luxury supplies in the middle of green spaces, with hotel services in pictures, and it includes distinct bedrooms, as it is considered a residential property in a tourist resort with distinctive finishing, as it is one of the distinctive architectural edifices and the jewel of New Cairo entirely.


Types of units in Tag Sultan

Book one of the distinct units where you can enjoy the comfort and a sophisticated design that dominates the construction in the assembly through its location and services, which are proven by customer reviews. The types of units of Sultan projects are as follows:

  • Apartments
  • Independent villas


Units Spaces, Tag Sultan Compound

The spaces of the project come with the latest look and a variety of spaces that provide customer satisfaction, and are in line with different tastes.

  • Apartments space in Tag Sultan Compound : the apartments space starts from 100 square meters
  • Independent villas space in the Tag Sultan project : the villas space starts from 250 square meters .


Units design in Tag Sultan

The company designs a distinctive unit for Taj Al-Sultan, where the good selection of the site blended with the design direction to preside over the modern designs of the rest of the projects. Independent villas were designed with more than one area and number of rooms, in addition to equipped apartments.


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Units prices in Tag Sultan Compound

The price per meter in Tag Sultan Compound starts at 18,000 EGP/m.

The price of apartments in Tag Sultan Compound

2,458,542 EG

The price of the villas in Tag Sultan

3 million 950,000 EG


Payment systems and methods in Tag Sultan Compound, New Cairo

There are many advertisements for unit sales, and the search for the most luxurious project at the best prices increases, and we offer you the best systems where you can pay by installments, and there is a very high discount when paying in full cash, and the payment systems are as follows:

  • Advance payment : 5% of the total unit value is paid as an advance payment.
  • Equal Installments: Repayment is made in equal monthly installments over 9 years.
  • Receipt: The units shall be delivered within 2 years from the date of the contract.
  • Cash discount: 36% is discounted when paying cash.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located in the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Brief about the real estate developer of the Tag Sultan New Cairo project

Nasr City Corporation for Housing and Development was established in 1959, and its shares were offered on the Stock Exchange in 1995.

The company presented many important residential projects to be the best and most important symbols of real estate development, as it has a team of more than 450 engineers, developers and the best administrators to carry out a real estate revolution to build the most important infrastructure projects in Egypt.


The previous work of the real estate developer for the Tag Sultan Fifth Settlement project

The activities and contributions of Madinat Nasr for Housing and Development have varied to include the most important national and public projects, some of the projects

  • Taj City Compound.
  • Primera Project.
  • Sarai Compound, Mostakbal City.

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Compound Location

Ring Road, 10th District, Nasr City, Cairo

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