The Groove Ain Sokhna

map pinAl Zafarana, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez
ChaletChalet 69,000 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 6,900,000 : 15,522,000 EGP
Area 100 : 190 M2

The Groove village of Ain Sokhna shines on the Red Sea coast, where DM Developments sought to choose a distinguished location, and it also took care of dividing the resort into various units between standalone villas, chalets, and twin houses.


About The Groove Sokhna

The Groove Sokhna village is one of the closest tourist villages to the vital areas, and the main roads that connect the entire governorates of the Republic, in addition to having all the advantages and services, whether basic or recreational, that each customer needs.

As for the prices of the units in the groove village of Ain Sokhna and their payment plans, it has sparked intense competition between Dar Misr and major Egyptian real estate companies, as it offers more than one way to pay prices in a way that suits all customers.


The Groove Sokhna Location

The company was able to choose a strategic location for the construction of the tourist village, The Grove, Ain Sokhna, specifically on Jabal El Galala on the “Zaafarana” road, as it is characterized by the following:

  • The New Administrative Capital: It is 60 km away from The Grove, Ain Sokhna, which is less than 30 minutes.
  • Porto Sokhna Resort: It is less than 11 km from The Grove Sokhna Village.
  • Movenpick Hotel: It is located near the village of The Groove Resort, less than 7 km away.
  • Il Monte Galala Village: It is located minutes away from The Grove Resort, Ain Sokhna.
  • Greater Cairo: 120 km from the village.
  • New Galala Resort: One of the closest resorts to The Groove Sokhna.


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The Groove Village Sokhna Design

The Groove Ain Sokhna has the largest beach in the entire Ain Sokhna area, and it has been designed with the latest international architectural styles according to the quality standards as follows:

  • Residential buildings are only 3 stories high.
  • The buildings are built inside The Grove Village, Ain Sokhna, with a system of terraces, to ensure a wonderful view of the sea directly for all units.
  • The terraces are gradually raised from 9 meters to 60 meters.
  • A private beach in The Grove, Ain Sokhna, with a length of 930 meters and a depth of 450 meters.


​​The Groove Village El Sokhna Area

Dar Misr for Real Estate Development has built The Groove Village of Sokhna on an area of ​​83 acres, approximately 350,000 square meters, consisting of the following:

  • The built-up ratio in The Groove Sokhna is only 14% of the total area.
  • 13% of the total area is allocated for the construction of artificial lakes only.
  • The sandy beach of The Groove Resort occupies 15% of the village area.
  • The rest of the percentage, which is 48%, is distributed between green spaces, facilities, and recreational buildings.


The Groove Ain Sokhna Units Details

As for the units within The Grove Resort, Ain Sokhna, the details are as follows:


Units Types

The number of housing units within the groove village of Ain Sokhna is about 1,700 units divided into the following types:

  • Detached Villas in The Groove Sokhna: For those who love independence and privacy.
  • Chalets in The Grove, Ain Sokhna: available in two types, the first of which consists of two rooms, and the second of which consists of three rooms.
  • Twin House in The Grove, Ain Sokhna: For lovers of luxury.


Units Area

The space of the units within The Groove Resort is as follows:

  • villas: with an area of ​​322 square meters.
  • Two-room chalets: spaces start from 94 m² up to 110 m².
  • Three-room chalets: their areas range from 140 square meters to 145 square meters.
  • Twin House: space starts from 172 square meters up to 288 square meters.


The Grove Village Services And Facilities

Dar Misr Real Estate Development was keen to introduce all the services and features in The Groove Village, Ain Sokhna to become the best haven for its clients to spend the most beautiful holidays, and these services include the following:

  • Crystal Lagoons: To ensure a panoramic view of all units within The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna, amidst green spaces.
  • A mosque: to accommodate the largest number of worshipers, provided that it is sterilized first to preserve their safety.
  • Social Club: For lovers of family gatherings.
  • Swimming pools: suitable for all ages and varying depths.
  • Dancing Fountains: For a more beautiful appearance of The Groove Resort.
  • Sports fields: for fans of different sports such as basketball, squash, and football.
  • Pharmacies: To provide and deliver medicines to the units of The Groove Sokhna.
  • Hypermarket: to provide products throughout the day.
  • Shops: One of the most famous international brands to provide personal, household, and entertainment supplies.
  • Health club: It has a gym equipped with the latest fitness equipment, a spa, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna for lovers of recreation.
  • Medical clinics: to provide medical care within The Groove Sokhna village throughout the day.
  • Barbecues: They can be held in places designated for BBQ parties inside the groove village of Ain Sokhna.
  • Golf cars: to move inside the village of The Groove, Ain Sokhna.
  • Banquet halls: to hold family celebrations.
  • Surveillance cameras: of the latest brands, and they work with HD technology to identify the features of the highest quality.
  • Periodic maintenance: To address emergencies of any kind and immediately repair all units of The Grove, Ain Sokhna.
  • Security services: to protect the village throughout the day by the most efficient security cadres.
  • Restaurants and cafés: to serve Egyptian and international foods and beverages of all kinds.
  • Recreational area: contains entertaining games for both adults and children.
  • Kids Area: To provide the most fun and exciting children's games.
  • Hotel: It contains 50 hotel rooms that enjoy distinguished services.
  • Recreational island: on an area of ​​14 acres within the village of the groove, Ain Sokhna.
  • Tourist walkway: with a length of 1500 meters for jogging and cycling lovers.
  • Conference rooms: equipped with modern equipment and devices.
  • Yacht marina: It is built on an area of ​​12 km in the village of The Groove Resort for lovers of fishing and cruises.
  • Aqua Park: It contains all the most entertaining water games in the world.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Unit Prices Of The Groove Village

Ain Sokhna, Dar Misr for Real Estate Development

The price per square meter in The Grove Sokhna starts from 17,000 EGP, and therefore the total unit price ranges as follows:

  • Standalone villas in The Grove, Ain Sokhna: the price starts from 5,474,000 EGP.
  • Two-room chalets in The Grove Resort, Ain Sokhna: the price starts from 1,262,000 EGP.
  • Three-Bedroom Chalets in The Grove, Ain Sokhna: available at prices starting from 2,380,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse in The Groove Sokhna: its price starts from 2,924,000 EGP.


Payment Plans Of The Groove Resort

The company provides more than one plan for paying the prices of the units of the groove village, Ain Sokhna, to facilitate its valued customers. We mention this in detail in the following points:

  • The possibility of paying 5% of the total unit price and paying installments over 8 years.
  • Pay a value of 10% as a down payment to book units within The Groove Resort village, and complete the installments over 9 years.
  • The installments are paid for the units of The Grove, Ain Sokhna, every month, provided that their value is equal, and no fees or interests are added to it.
  • The delivery of the units of The Grove, Ain Sokhna, begins with the beginning of 2022 AD, and for new customers, the units will be delivered within 4 years from the date of contracting the unit.


The Developer Of The Groove Sokhna

Dar Misr for Real Estate Development owns The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna, and it is one of the most prestigious companies in the Egyptian real estate sector, as it has presented many projects in both Greater Cairo and Mokattam.

The company was founded by the engineering consultant Ahmed Abdel Hamid, who implemented the village of The Grove in Sokhna in a unique way, as DM Developments allocated a huge amount of investments to the village that exceeded the four billion Egyptian pounds barrier.

The company is always keen to present ideal projects and speaking of its previous work, we find that the most famous of them are:

  • El Mostakbal City project in New Cairo.
  • Construction of the Ain Sokhna road.
  • The Galala City
  • Implementation of the Galala road.
  • Infrastructure works for Galala Plateau facilities.

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17,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,200,000 pounds.

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Al Zafarana, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez

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