zizinia compound new cairo

map pinSouth Investors Area, New Cairo City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 33,333 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 30,165 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 5,000,000 EGP
Area 150 M2
Price 35,595,000 EGP
Area 1180 M2

Zizinia Compound New Cairo is the true meaning of luxury and sophistication. The project is located in the heart of the residential city of the future in New Cairo, built by Ardak for Development and Real Estate Investment. Zizinia compound new Cairo offers apartments, villas, duplexes, and penthouses of different sizes and prices.


About Zizinia Compound New Cairo

Ardak for Development and Real Estate Investment has been keen to provide the residential city of Zizinia in the Fifth Settlement with all aspects of luxury, to give everyone who lives inside it a modern and upscale life, as well as provide various housing units and different spaces to suit the needs of all families, book your unit at Zizinia Compound New Cairo and receive immediately after paying the down payment.


Zizinia New Cairo Location

The project is located in the heart of New Cairo, and it is distinguished by the following:

  • It is located near the new administrative capital, a few minutes to reach the project
  • Zizinia Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement on the Ring Road along 90th Street, the most prominent landmark of the Fifth Settlement area.
  • It is located near Cairo Suez Road.
  • Zizinia compound in new Cairo occupies a prime location near Madinty.
  • It is only 5 minutes away from the Fifth Settlement.
  • 45 minutes between Ain Sukhna and New Cairo.


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Zizinia Compound New Cairo Area

The owner company of the project has allocated a vast area of ​​70 acres to create a residential and recreational city that exceeds all expectations, and this area was divided between the residential units, which had a share of 20% of the total land of the Zizinia Compound project, the Fifth Settlement, and the rest area of the Zizinia project is 80% It has been fully allocated to green spaces and recreational services.


Units Details Of Zizinia Compound Fifth Settlement

The real estate developer, the owner of the project, was keen to meet the needs of a large segment of customers by providing them with different types of units, as well as providing each type with different areas and finishes.


Units types

Zizinia Compound New Cairo has won the admiration of everyone thanks to the distinctive design of the residential units. It is noted that all the buildings are similar in shape and design, and all of them consist of a ground floor and 5 repeated upper floors. As for the types of these units, they vary between residential and administrative, the total number of units reached 1800 units, as follows:

  • Residential buildings: each of them consists of several floors, and each floor consists of a number of apartments, the total number of buildings is 83.
  • Standalone Villas: Within the project there is a very limited number of villas, amounting to 39 villas, book now before the available number runs out.
  • Townhouse: one of the best residential units, with only 29 units.
  • Commercial units: very limited, the project contains 11 commercial units.

The real estate owner of this integrated city also promised to launch new types of units in the future.


Units Area

The spaces in Zizinia Compound, the Fifth Settlement, are varied to meet all needs, and they are as follows:

  • Residential apartments in Zizinia Compound: some of them consist of 2 rooms and others have 3 rooms, starting from 160 m² up to 300 m².
  • Standalone villas or apartments with ground gardens in Zizinia Compound: the space of these units starts from 263 square meters.
  • Duplexes in Zizinia Compound: these units come in various areas, starting from 304 up to 468 square meters.
  • Penthouses in Zizinia Compound: large areas from 325 m² to 331 m².


Units design

ARDIC was keen to design Zizinia compound, the Fifth Settlement, according to the latest architectural and engineering designs, with a full team of international engineers and designers.


Zizinia Compound New Cairo Services and Facilities

This giant residential project, Zizinia Compound, New Cairo, offers all residents the best health, treatment, educational, and recreational services:

  • Distributing green spaces in a professional manner throughout the Zizinia Compound, New Cairo.
  • Inside the project, there is an artificial lake, which is distinguished by the length of the compound, which gives it a charming appearance.
  • A paved sports walkway for walking, running, and cycling.
  • A spacious garage, to keep the largest number of cars for the residents of Zizinia Compound, to reduce their accumulation inside the compound.
  • Clubhouse on the highest level of entertainment.
  • Garbage collection places for safe disposal to ensure that the health of the compound residents is not negatively affected.
  • A highly trained team, to carry out periodic maintenance, to help the residents of Zizinia Compound, Fifth Settlement, to solve the problems they face as soon as possible.
  • The Zizinia Compound New Cairo project relies on solar energy as one of the best ways to generate clean energy that does not pollute the environment, for street lighting and water heating.
  • Large areas for parties and events.
  • Allocating large green spaces for outdoor barbecues
  • A large mosque in the Islamic style accommodates a large number of worshipers.
  • A security system at the highest level throughout the day and night, ensuring full protection for all residents inside the compound.
  • Digital surveillance cameras provide the best protection.
  • Zizinia Compound, Fifth Settlement, contains an integrated entertainment area, which contains a large and varied number of games and recreational activities.
  • An integrated medical centre to provide the best medical care.
  • Pharmacies are available 24 hours.
  • Restaurants and cafes of the highest quality, to the satisfaction of all visitors to the compound.
  • Zizinia Compound includes a large commercial area, which includes a number of shops specialising in selling international brands, to meet the needs of the residents of the compound.


Zizinia Compound Prices 

Ardak, the official owner of the project, was keen to help its clients live in Zizinia Compound New Cairo, by providing them with housing units of varying sizes and prices to satisfy a large segment of customers, as follows:

  • The meter price starts from 11,875 EGP up to 12,500 EGP.
  • The price of residential apartments in Zizinia Compound ranges from one million and 900 thousand EGP to 3 million and 600 thousand 
  • The prices of apartments attached to the gardens, or the so-called Garden Veranda units in Zizinia Compound, start from 3 million and 500 thousand EGP
  • As for the prices of duplexes, they start from 3 million EGP up to 3 million and 985 EGP.
  • Also, the prices of the penthouse varied according to the size, ranging from 3 million and 750 thousand EGP to 3 million and 900 thousand EGP.


Zizinia New Cairo Payment Plans

Zizinia offers reasonable prices and convenient payment plans:

  • Reserve the unit with a down payment of 5% of the total unit price.
  • The rest amount is paid in instalments over 7 years.


The Developer of Zizinia Compound New Cairo

Ardak Development and Real Estate Development Company is the official owner of the Zizinia El Mostakbal project, and what distinguishes this developer are the following:

  • This real estate company has a good reputation in the Egyptian real estate market thanks to its giant residential projects.
  • It relies on a huge budget estimated at about 5 billion pounds and more, and this is what made it able to compete with the major real estate companies in the Egyptian market.
  • It always takes the lead in creating everything new, and this is evident in the design of its residential and commercial projects.
  • It was established in the past 1998, which means that it has a long experience of more than 23 years, and this has made it able to understand customers' needs


Previous Works of Ardak Real Estate Company

Ardak Real Estate has presented a large number of successful projects, most notably:

  • Residential City Zizinia Gardens.
  • Zizinia Rose Compound.
  • Zizinia Flowers Compound in El Shorouk City.
  • Mazar Mall in the Haram area.
  • Zizinia Compound, New Cairo.

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12,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,900,000 pounds.

Ardk for development and real estate development

Compound Location

South Investors Area, New Cairo City, Cairo

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