chess field Al jazi First Mall New Cairo

pinMohamed Naguib axis, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 90,369 EGP/M2
ShopShop 164,129 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 5,821,310 : 17,222,570 EGP
Area 69 : 186 M2
Price 9,683,600 : 20,351,950 EGP
Area 59 : 124 M2

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo is part of the huge Al Jazi project launched by Seldar Egypt in one of the most prominent locations in the Fifth Settlement. Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo offers its customers full-service commercial and administrative units at competitive prices and easy payment systems


About Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

The best witness to the enormity and distinction of Al Jazi Egypt project, of which Al Jazi Mall Fifth Settlement is an integral part, its massive investments amounting to 7 billion pounds, with a total area of ​​63 acres, because it includes a compound with residential units, in addition to the mall that includes commercial units and administrative, knowing that it is the first project of its kind that carries international brands, namely, Marriott and JW Marriott.

It is worth noting that Al Jazi Egypt project includes several residential, commercial, and administrative projects represented in The First Compound, Al Jazi First Mall, Al Jazi Gardens, and Chase Field Commercial and Administrative Complex.


Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo Location

Aljazi Mall was established in a special location in New Cairo, as it is located at the beginning of the commercial walkway for the Al-Jazi Egypt project in the Fifth Settlement, specifically on the Mohamed Naguib axis (first district)

The distinguished location that Al Jazi Mall enjoys in New Cairo is known for its extreme vitality, due to its proximity to many service places and important cities, such as:

  • American University
  • police Academy
  • 90th Street (accessible in 1 minute)
  • Cairo International Airport: It is only a quarter of an hour away from Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo.
  • Rehab City
  • Nasr City: It is only 10 minutes away from Al Jazi First Mall, New Cairo.
  • Ring Road: It is a third of an hour away.
  • The New Administrative Capital: Less than half an hour (25 minutes) from Al Jazi Mall, the Fifth Settlement.
  • The Ring Road: It is no more than 20 minutes away from it.


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New Cairo Compounds.


​​Al jazi Mall New Cairo Area

Seldar Egypt was keen on making Aljazi Mall with integrated services and facilities, so it built it on a large area of ​​36,000 square meters.


Units Details Of Al Jazi Mall New Cairo

Al Jazi Mall New Cairo provides its customers with many non-residential units, especially commercial units, but these units are offered for rent and not for sale.


Units types

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo provides customers and investors with a group of the best commercial units, and Al Jazi Egypt project also includes administrative units.


Units area

Al Jazi First Mall units in New Cairo are built on an area suitable for its purpose, starting from 50 square meters, and there are other larger spaces for the customer to choose what suits his project.


Units design

All units of Al Jazi Mall Fifth Settlement are fully finished according to the latest types of modern finishes and are distinguished by their wonderful architectural design, which was implemented by Eng. Raef Fahmy, as everyone talks about the splendor of the project's interior decorations, which were implemented by Hani Saad Innovation's office.

One of the largest engineering consultancy companies took over the task of planning the roads and landscaping of the Al-Jazi project, which is the Oko Plan, so Aljazi Mall also came out wonderfully because it is part of the project. Seldar Egypt also hired three major contracting companies, they are:

  • Redcon for construction and development
  • Al Wadi Construction and Development Company
  • Rowad Modern Engineering Company.


Al jazi Fifth Settlement Services And Facilities

The services of Al-Jazi Mall New Cairo combine abundance and quality at the same time, and they are:

  • Round-the-clock insurance for all parts of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo by the most efficient guards.
  • High definition surveillance cameras are present in almost all corners of Al Jazi First Mall, New Cairo.
  • Immediate maintenance services are carried out as soon as customers request, to ensure that the work is not disrupted.
  • A distinguished management company responsible for Al Jazi Mall, Fifth Settlement alone.
  • Multiple entrances, where there are main and secondary entrances, facilitate access on the one hand and prevent crowding on the other.
  • Automated teller machines (ATMs) are located inside so that it is easy for visitors or even unit owners to withdraw cash.
  • Major stores inside Aljazi Mall are distinguished by providing the finest local and international brands and brands.
  • A group of major cafes and restaurants that are distinguished by their high-quality services and provide everything the customer needs.
  • Electric elevators from the first floor to the last floor, to facilitate movement and navigation.
  • Underground garages are characterized by their high security, which ensures the preservation of the cars in them to the maximum degree.
  • Green spaces and water decorations in the utmost sophistication spread around the entire Al-Jazi Mall, New Cairo.
  • A healthy and pollution-free work environment, because the entire project is LEED certified for the application of environmentally friendly and sustainability standards.
  • Entertainment places in Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo so that children can enjoy spending special times while shopping for the family.


To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Al jazi First Mall Seldar Prices

Although everything in Al Jazi First Mall in New Cairo is equipped to the highest level, its units are offered at competitive prices that are considered the best in the entire real estate market and are characterized by their diversity according to the unit area and its various specifications.


Al Jazi Fifth Settlement Payment Plans 

Customers of Al Jazi Mall, Fifth Settlement, will never suffer from the problem of default because it offers them very easy payment plans that enable them to pay a small down payment from the unit price and then pay the rest in installments over a long period of several years.


The Developer of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

Aljazi Mall is one of the latest projects launched by Seldar Misr for Tourism Investment, a major company affiliated with a huge entity represented by ARTIC.

Seldar Company, the owner of Al-Jazi Mall in New Cairo, was established in 2007. 8 other sub-companies work with it in different sectors, and because it is basically a large entity, it owns more than 34 hotels in Egypt and many foreign countries, including America, England, Germany, Italy.

Although Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo is the most prominent among Seldar projects, it has launched many other distinctive projects

before, and its most important previous works include:

  • Hilton Plaza Hotel in Hurghada
  • City Center Mall in Hurghada
  • Hilton Hotel on Alexandria Corniche
  • Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence in Cairo
  • Alef City Center Residence Compound (Hotel Apartments) in Hurghada

Popular FAQ

36,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,800,000 pounds.

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Project Location

Mohamed Naguib axis, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

Project's Best Properties

Office 73 m for sale in Chess Field Al Jazi - 3rd floor

Office 69 m-10% DP - Chess Field Al Jazi

In Chess Field Al Jazi Office 90 m - Delivery 2024

On the third floor, office 92 m in Chess Field, Al Jazzi

Office 96 m for sale in Chess Field Al Jazi - new cairo

In Chess Field Al Jazi, 4th floor - Office 96 m

Office 121 m-10% DP-5 years installments-Chess Field Al Jazi

Office 137 m, third floor, in Chess Field Al Jazi

On the second floor, office 120 m in Chess Field Al Jazi

Own a Office 4th floor in Chess Field Al Jazi - 126 m

10% DP in installments over 5 years - Office 148 m

Office in Chess Field Al Jazi- 2nd floor - new cairo

Office 152 m for sale - Delivery 2024 - Chess Field Al Jazi

In Chess Field Al Jazi mall - Office 155 m

Book now Office 159 m in installments up to 5 years

Office 172 m-10% DP-Chess Field Al Jazi new cairo

Office 176 m for sale - Chess Field Al Jazi- Delivery 2024

For sale office 153 m 2nd floor in new cairo- Chess Field Al Jazi

Office 186 m in Chess Field Al Jazi - third floor

Office 186 m in Chess Field Al Jazi - third floor - front view

Book now shop 59 m in installments up to 5 years-chess field al jazi

Shop 80 with an outdoor area of ​​23 m in Chess Field Al Jazi

Own a Shop in Chess Field Al Jazi with 10% DP - new cairo

In Chess Field Al Jazi Shop 90 m - with outdoor 28 m

Shop 91 m - Outdoor 24 m - Chess Field Al Jazi

Shop 80 m for sale with a great view in Chess Field Al Jazi

For sale Shop 91 m in Chess Field Al Jazi new cairo

Shop 94 m with 10% DP - Chess Field Al Jazi

For sale Shop 113 m in Chess Field Al Jazi - 10% DP

In Chess Field Al Jazi, shop 120 m with Outdoor ​​​​26 m

Shop in Chess Field Al Jazi- 10% DP- new cairo - 124 m