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Clock Tower is a fully administrative building that has been implemented by the Capital Urban Development Company at the Downtown.

It includes administrative offices of varying areas to suit all desires. Clock Tower Mall in the new administrative capital is distinguished by the availability of comprehensive services, competitive unit prices, and different payment plans that suit all possibilities.


About Clock Tower Mall New Capital

The Capital Real Estate Development Company has established Clock Tower in a strategic location near the vital areas of Downtown.

Clock Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital includes administrative units of varying areas, allowing the customer to purchase the unit that suits his needs.

Clock Tower Mall is characterized by various services, whether basic or even entertainment, which gives the customer the feeling of stability within his unit and that he does not need anything from outside the mall.

All these advantages and more, but the owner company has made available the units of the Clock Tower Mall project in the administrative capital at unprecedented prices while providing great facilities when paying with a convenient installment plan.


Clock Tower Mall New Administrative Capital Location

The Clock Tower is located within the administrative district in the Downtown area, specifically in front of the Parliament building. It is strategically located near the following places:

  • Ministerial District: The Clock Tower Mall in the new administrative capital is only 250 square meters on foot from the ministries complex.
  • AlFattah AlAlim Mosque: The mall separates about 500 square meters from the AlFattah AlAlim Mosque.
  • The Presidential Palace: The Clock Tower is located in the capital near the Presidential Palace.
  • Monorail: It is located only 750 square meters from the Monorail Express train station.
  • Souk Al Dahb: A few steps separate the Clock Tower Mall from the Souq Al Dahab, in addition to its proximity to the government district.
  • Capital Airport: The distance that separates Clock Tower Mall from the Administrative Capital from the Capital International Airport does not exceed 4 square kilometers.
  • AlMassa: The mall is separated from AlMassa Hotel by a few minutes, as the distance between them is estimated at about 2.8 square kilometers.
  • Major projects: Clock Tower Mall is located near major commercial projects such as Owagik Tower, Inizio Tower the Administrative Capital


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Clock Tower Mall New Administrative Capital Area

The total area of ​​Clock Tower is estimated at about 5150 square meters, with buildings and construction occupying only 40% of the total area, with 2575 square meters for each building.

While green spaces occupy the largest part of the area of ​​the Clock Tower Mall project, approximately 60%, which gives a charming aesthetic appearance to the mall.


Clock Tower Mall New Administrative Capital Units Details

The real estate developer was keen to provide comfort to customers and seek to meet all their desires, by providing units of different areas and modern decorations within Clock Tower Mall new capital.


Units Types

The units of Clock Tower Mall in the new administrative capital are as follows:

  • Administrative units in Clock Tower the new capital.


Units Area

The units’ areas vary within Clock Tower Mall, the administrative capital, and they are as follows:

  • Administrative offices: areas start from 30 square meters.


Units Design

The Clock Tower Mall is characterized by a modern architectural design that matches the French style, and it consists of two separate buildings, and it was named by this name due to the presence of a huge, eyecatching clock at the front of the project.

The Clock Tower Mall project in the Administrative Capital consists of a ground floor and eight upper floors and includes administrative units of varying areas.

Highquality marble was used to finish the entrances, while the floors were provided with luxurious porcelain, and firstclass ceramics were used in the bathrooms.

Double glazing was used for the facades of the units to prevent noise, while Jotun paints were used for the walls, and all units were provided with suspended ceilings.


Clock Tower New Capital Services And Facilities

The features and services available within Clock Tower vary in order to satisfy customers and work for their convenience, the most important of which are the following:

  • Green areas: Green areas and landscapes are spread over a large area inside the Clock Tower Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Screens: Huge display screens are available to show the units' services and the map of the mall from the inside.
  • Elevators: Providing the Capital Clock Tower with three advanced electric panoramic elevators to prevent congestion on the stairs.
  • Stairs: electronically operated escalators to facilitate the process of going up, down, and moving between the floors of Clock Tower Mall.
  • Fire Alarm: The Capital Clock Tower
  • features a sophisticated system that works automatically in the event of fires and the ability to quickly selfextinguish to reduce material and human losses.
  • Automated teller machines: Providing a number of automated teller machines (ATMs) to complete financial operations such as withdrawals and deposits.
  • Wheelchairs: Providing the Clock Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital with a number of wheelchairs for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Central Air Conditioning: The Clock Tower Mall project in the administrative capital has been provided with central air conditioners that guarantee all units an appropriate atmosphere throughout the seasons of the year.
  • Central shower: Providing a central shower that serves all offices to watch all channels.
  • WiFi: A central internet network that works at a high speed, and all unit owners benefit from it free of charge without any fees.
  • Halls: Providing spacious halls to serve businessmen, where meetings and conferences are held, with all advanced sound and lighting devices.
  • Smart System: Providing Clock Tower Mall in the new administrative capital with a smart system to control lighting and air conditioning systems with remote control from outside the units.
  • Fresh Air System: Reliance inside Clock Tower on an innovative system to purify the air continuously.
  • Gym: Clock Tower Mall includes a gym equipped with all modern sports equipment for lovers of daily fitness.
  • Maintenance services: Providing facilities maintenance service periodically and technicians specialized in repairing all malfunctions such as plumbing and electricity.
  • Cleaning service: Cleaners are available to clean the offices from the inside and keep the floors of the mall clean constantly.
  • Reception hall: Providing the Capital's Clock Tower Mall with VIP LOUNGE reception halls.
  • Toilets: There are toilets for men and women on each floor, designed in a modern and contemporary style.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Clock Tower in the capital includes a number of the best restaurants and cafes that provide international services to customers.
  • Garages: Providing a number of covered garages that can accommodate a large number of cars, with modern surveillance cameras.
  • Security services: The developing company did not neglect to provide security and safety inside the Clock Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital by distributing security personnel in various parts throughout the day.
  • Surveillance cameras: Distribution of modern CCTV surveillance cameras throughout the Clock Tower Mall project, the administrative capital, which operates 24 hours a day nonstop.


Units Prices In Clock Tower Mall New Administrative Capital

The price per meter inside Clock Tower Mall new capital starts from 29,000 EGP, which is a competitive price that suits most customers and those wishing to invest and start their own projects.

Knowing that the unit prices vary according to the type and area, and in general, we find that the prices of Clock Tower Mall units are the best among the neighboring projects.


Payment Plans In Clock Tower New Capital

The Capital Real Estate Company offers easy payment plans to customers in convenient installments over the longest repayment period, as follows:

  • A down payment upon contracting is only 10% of the total unit value in the Capital Clock Tower.
  • Install the remaining amount in equal installments for up to 12 years without interest.
  • All units of Clock Tower Mall in the capital are to be delivered within three years from the date of contracting.
  • Knowing that the customer gets a discount of up to 10% when purchasing during the lunch period, with a discount of 22% when paying the value of the unit in the Clock Tower Cash Mall.


The Real Estate Developer Clock Tower

Clock Tower Mall the new administrative capital was implemented by the Capital Building and Construction Company, which is one of the leading real estate development companies in the Egyptian market.

Her experience extends to more than 24 years, during which she has implemented a large number of huge projects, through which she was keen to implement international quality specifications in construction.

The company that owns the Clock Tower Mall project in the Administrative Capital has an honorable precedent, as follows:

  • Establishment of The Venue Mall, Fifth Settlement.
  • Execution of Grand Capital Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Residential projects in New Cairo such as Beit El Watan, Lotus District, Choueifat, New Narges, District One, and North Rehab City.
  • finally Clock Tower New Capital

For every client who wants to start his own project and work in a suitable atmosphere that motivates the completion of tasks, quickly book a unit inside Clock Tower Mall administrative capital at special prices and great facilities.

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29,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 870,000 pounds.

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Downtown , Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

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