Elite Mall New Capital

pinMU-23, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 43,653 EGP/M2
ClinicClinic 40,000 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 1,920,000 : 3,100,000 EGP
Area 48 : 67 M2
Price 2,160,000 : 2,760,000 EGP
Area 54 : 69 M2

Elite Mall is a model for the ideal investment project, because everything in it is very special, whether its strategic location in the Administrative Capital, its large area, its services, multiple facilities, and its wonderful design.

The elite is also distinguished by the diversity of its units, as its owner, Sak Group was keen to build administrative, commercial, and medical units in it, taking into account the different needs of its customers, and also provided them with many other advantages that we will learn about below.


About Elite Mall New Capital 

What is distinctive about Elite Mall is that it does not include only one building, but two:

  • Building A and Building B, to ensure that the units are not crowded in only one building, and to provide more organization, especially since the units are distributed on the floors in a smart way that achieves this purpose, where the commercial units are located on the ground and first floors.
  • As for the medical units, there are several floors, starting from the first to the fifth, and the administrative units on the sixth and seventh floors, knowing that one of the upper floors has been allocated to the radiology center, in addition to allocating the roof of building B for cafes and gyms.


Elite Mall New Capital Location

The chances of the success of your project are very high as long as your unit is within the elite because it is located mainly in the largest commercial areas in the New Administrative Capital, which is the MU23 area located in the A3 square

Moreover, Elite Mall is located on the northern side of the Administrative Capital and overlooks two of the largest streets in it, with a width of more than 90 square meters, as well as being located between the second and third residential neighborhoods (R2, R3), and thus ensures that it attracts the residents of these neighborhoods as well.

The vitality of the mall's location also appears in its proximity to many major areas and facilities, such as:

  • Government area
  • New Capital International Airport
  • Diamond Hotel
  • Embassies District
  • green river
  • government district
  • G3 Mall


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New Capital Compounds


Elite Mall Area

Unit owners will not suffer from any noise during their work, because the mall is built on a large area of ​​5500 square meters, which ensures that there is no crowding inside.


Elite Mall New Capital Units Details

  • The elite will be your first and last destination on your journey to find a suitable unit for your project because it gives you a lot of options.
  • It has 48 commercial units on a total area of ​​4340 square meters.
  • In addition to the presence of 182 administrative and medical units with a total area of ​​12.548 square meters.


Units Types

All units needed by customers are available in Elite Mall, which includes units within its flanks

  • administrative.
  • commercial.
  • medical.

Therefore, it is intended for all clients wishing to invest in various sectors.


Units Area

  • The available spaces are very suitable for the purpose for which it is built
  • The areas of commercial units range from 25 square meters to 116 square meters.
  • As for the administrative and medical units, their areas range between 48 and 152 square meters.


Units Design

The mall units certainly motivate work, because they have very sophisticated modern designs, especially with impressive exterior decorations that give them a wonderful view, as well as the mall’s glass facades that increase its luxury.


Elite Mall Services And Facilities

  • Despite the intense competition between investment projects in the Administrative Capital, elite is always at the fore, because it provides its clients with all the following:
  • Personnel to guard and secure the mall working 24 hours.
  • Accurate and modern surveillance cameras inside Elite Mall to monitor any strange movements in the place.
  • Non-traditional gates, which operate with a modern electronic system, are considered more secure than traditional ones.
  • Spacious garage inside Elite Mall to facilitate parking inside.
  • Rooms for business meetings and conferences.
  • Halls equipped to organize parties and various events.
  • With a spacious basement consisting of two floors, about 230 cars can be parked on each floor, as the open spaces extend over 1482 square meters.
  • Many service facilities are close to it, as there are more than 2,000 educational buildings in the Administrative Capital, about 663 hospitals and medical clinics, nearly 40,000 luxury hotel rooms, and much more.
  • Modern equipment and technologies represented in air coolers, energy regulators, and solar panels are relied on by approximately 50%, to generate clean energy, ensuring a healthy work environment.
  • High-speed internet is available almost everywhere.
  • A place to collect trash for advanced and safe disposal, rather than dumping it anywhere to spoil the elite's overall look.
  • Storage places in the basement that owners of different units can benefit from, especially commercial units.
  • A spacious recreational place inside Elite Mall, inside which you can enjoy non-traditional sports such as horse riding.
  • Electric generators operate immediately in the event of a power outage.
  • Modern and advanced fire alarms, ensuring the safety of everyone in case of emergency.
  • Advanced electric elevators, which accommodate a large number of people, and are maintained regularly.
  • Large billboards for advertising on the external facade, where unit owners can take advantage of them to promote their activities and services.
  • Amusement parks are almost 4 times the area of Disneyland inside the Elite Mall, and there are water parks to enjoy kayaking and other great games.
  • Recreational places and facilities, represented by the gym, kids area (children's play area), swimming pool.
  • Close to the Central Park in the Administrative Capital, which occupies a larger area than the Central Park in New York America


To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Elite Mall New Capital Prices

The prices of the elite units will not be an obstacle to you, on the contrary, they will motivate you to buy because they are reasonable despite the availability of all these services and advantages in it,

  • The minimum price per square meter in Elite Mall, the administrative capital, for commercial units is estimated at EGP 77,000.
  • 40 thousand pounds for administrative and medical units.


Payment Plans Of Elite Mall Administrative Capital

The customer makes sure that Elite Mall is a successful choice until the last stage, which is the payment stage because he will get special facilities when paying and he can choose from three of the best plans, they are:

  • Pay 5% down payment of the total unit price in advance, then pay the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment of the total unit price in advance, then pay the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment of the total unit price in advance, then pay the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • All customers can receive their units during the next year 2022.


The Developer Of Elite Mall New Capital

SAK, the owner of the project, is known for its long experience in the real estate market, exceeding 35 years in this sector, so it has become one of the largest real estate companies operating in it, especially in the residential projects sector.

The company was founded by three of the largest businessmen with great experience in the real estate sector, they are Eng. Samih Al-Qishawi, Mr. Ali Al-Shahat, m. My Ghaitani destiny.

SAk is always keen to benefit from the experiences of others, so it cooperates with major companies to build giant projects, such as Landmark Real Estate Investment Company, Horizon Real Estate Company,

It has already managed to launch distinct commercial and residential projects in high-end areas, such as Elite Mall.

The most prominent previous work of the company:

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48,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 920,000 pounds.

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Project Location

MU-23, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

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