Fifth Square Mall Fifth Settlement

pinNorth Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
PharmacyPharmacy 160,000 EGP/M2
ShopShop 56,266 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 32,320,000 EGP
Area 202 M2
Price 6,070,000 : 22,344,000 EGP
Area 78 : 427 M2

Fifth Square is one of the most important projects of Al Marasem Development and Real Estate Investment, as it was implemented within the Fifth Square Compound, which is located on the northern 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement.

Where the Fifth square mall contains a good number of shops that vary in terms of spaces to suit all desires, where there is a hypermarket, clothing stores, and many cinema halls.


About Fifth square mall

Fifth Square is located in one of the most vital areas in the Fifth Settlement, which is the main 90th Street, next to the American University.

It has luxurious designs inside and out and is characterized by a refined architectural style that matches the European style.

In addition to the high-end facades and the distinctive view, as well as the finishes and decorations that suit those with fine taste.

Fifth square mall also includes many commercial units of varying sizes between large, medium, and small to suit all purposes at competitive prices compared to other prices in the same area and neighboring areas.

Al-Marasem Company, the owner of the project, offers a different investment idea by making the units available inside the mall with a 50% participation system, where the customer pays half the price and the ceremony pays the other half, thus becoming a partner with the half.


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Fifth Square Mall Location

The Fifth Square Mall, located on the northern 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, specifically in the golden square, is close to most of the vital places that the customer needs, which is one of the most important attractions to it, as it is located next to the following:

  • It is only five minutes away from the American University.
  • The distance between it and Heliopolis and Heliopolis is about ten minutes.
  • The time it takes to get from Fifth Square to the downtown area is about a third of an hour.
  • It takes the customer only 20 minutes to travel from Fifth square mall to Cairo Festival City.
  • The mall is only 27 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It is located near many major roads, such as the Ring Road, the Middle Ring Road, and the Suez Road.
  • It is also located next to many high-end compounds in the Fifth Settlement, such as Palm Hills, Fifth Settlement, Mivida Emaar Compound, Sharbatly Villas, and others.


Fifth Square Mall Area

The owner was keen to build Fifth Square on a large area to include a group of various shops, with an estimated total area of ​​72,000 square meters.

Fifth Square consists of a ground floor along with three upper floors, with 2 modern electric elevators, one for ascending and the other for descending.


Units Details in Fifth Square Mall Fifth Settlement

Fifth square mall includes a large number of units that are suitable for setting up a variety of commercial projects, knowing that the units vary in terms of spaces to suit all purposes.


Units types

The units available within Fifth Square range from shops selling various goods and products, a hypermarket, a kids area, and 6 cinemas.


Units area

The spaces vary to suit all purposes, ranging from 60 square meters to a maximum of 1500 square meters.

The hypermarket area within Fifth square mall is estimated at 6391 square meters, while the children's area is estimated at 649 square meters.


Units design

All units within Fifth square mall have modern designs that are characterized by sophistication and luxury, and all of them directly overlook the main street to enjoy a charming view.


Fifth Square Mall New Cairo Services and Facilities

The developing company was keen to provide all the features and services that customers need inside the mall, which are as follows:-

  • Below the Fifth square mall, there is a large garage of 140,000 square meters, which can accommodate about 5,000 cars at one time.
  • Strong security and guarding system 7 days a week, where there is security personnel everywhere working in the system of changing shifts throughout the day.
  • Distributing high-tech surveillance cameras everywhere within and around Fifth square mall to monitor all events.
  • There are modern alarms that work in emergencies such as fires and others.
  • There is a hypermarket and some retail stores that have all kinds of food and beverages.
  • Entertainment services are available in the form of 6 cinema halls to watch the latest movies.
  • There is also a kids' area, which is equipped with several games that are secured for more comfort for children.
  • All this is in addition to the varied spaces and elegant designs.
  • Al-Marasem offers units at competitive prices to customers, in addition to providing easy payment systems.


To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Fifth Square North 90 Mall Prices

Al Marasem Real Estate Company offers competitive prices when purchasing a unit inside Fifth Square, as it suits a large segment of clients and those looking to invest.

Where prices range from 80 thousand to 120 thousand per square meter, where the unit price starts from 2,567 thousand and 400 Egyptian pounds.

Bearing in mind that the company provides a half-participation system, which is that the customer pays only half of the unit price, provided that the company pays the remaining half, thus becoming a partner of 50%, which guarantees a safe investment.


Payment Plans Fifth Square Mall

The company's developed facilities did not stop at the appropriate prices and the 50% participation system, but it also included easy payment systems and unparalleled facilities.

Where the payment systems are in installments in equal quarterly payments over four years, in the case of paying 5% of the contract provider, and paying the second payment of 5.5% after three months, and then the third payment of 5.5% after another three months.

There is also a 5% down payment system, and the rest is paid in equal quarterly installments (every 3 months) for 5 years.

It is worth noting that all units will be delivered within three and a half years from the date of contracting with the company.


The Developer of Fifth Square Mall

Al Marasem Real Estate Investment Company is the owner of Fifth square mall, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate marketing in the Egyptian and international market.

The company is one of the Saudi Binladin Group of Companies, which has a wide reputation and long experience that extends to more than 20 years, under the management of Sheikh Khalid bin Laden and Sheikh Omar bin Laden.

The company created a new investment system, which makes the client a partner with it by paying only half of the unit price.

The ceremony has an honorable precedent, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Heliopolis Club El Shorouk City.
  • Protocol Hospital in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo International Airport Hotel.
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.
  • Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Princess Royal Ras Sidr Resort.
  • It has also established other malls such as Al-Rehab Mall.
  • Dreamland Mall.

The speed of orientation and the initiative to book a unit inside the Fifth Square Mall if you are interested in a safe investment and a guaranteed profit.

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80,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,550,000 pounds.

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Project Location

North Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

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