Granoy Mall New Cairo

pinNorth Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 58,413 EGP/M2
ShopShop 154,550 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 1,813,500 : 9,927,450 EGP
Area 31 : 170 M2
Price 17,072,763 : 28,519,237 EGP
Area 129 : 166 M2

Granoy Mall New Cairo is the first and latest project of Upwyde Development Company, which has been keen to offer administrative and commercial units within it that fit the dream of every investor on Egyptian lands.


About Granoy Mall New Cairo

Granoy Mall New Cairo, that elegant edifice, is distinguished by countless advantages that the owner company with 35 years of experience has been able to dedicate to focus on international specifications and modern standards for the construction of international architecture and has already achieved this.

It combined a sense of luxury, modern life, and basic services, which made it an integrated project that sings its customers from searching anywhere else because they will not find it more luxurious or elegant than Granoy Mall New Cairo.


Granoy Mall New Cairo Location

The heart of New Cairo is the site that was chosen to start the implementation of the Granoy Mall project in New Cairo, especially in the "Northern" 90th Street, which made it characterized by the following:

  • Near To Nasr City.
  • It is minutes away from "Cairo Festival Mall".
  • It is a small distance from Heliopolis.
  • It is only 20 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Surrounded by "Master and Dunkin' Donuts".
  • Close to Mobil Gas Station.
  • It is minutes away from the "ring" road.
  • Surrounded by sports clubs such as "Al-Zohour, New Cairo, Petrosport".
  • Granoy Mall New Cairo is located close to the "Cairo International Airport".
  • Close to Canadian International University.
  • Minutes away from the University of the Future.
  • Surrounded by international schools such as "Akhenaten School, Modern English, American International Schools".


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Granoy Mall New Cairo Design

The company hired the most skilled and most efficient architects and design and finishing consultants to give the world an imprint that history will remember through the ages until it came up with the design of Granoy Mall New Cairo as follows:

  • An external appearance that uniquely overlooks all the surrounding malls and residential buildings.
  • It consists of four floors after the ground floor, equipped to the highest standard.


​​Granoy Mall Upwyde Developments Area

The total area of ​​the Granoy Mall New Cairo project is about 5000 square meters, divided as follows:

  • A built-up area of ​​9.000 m² is enclosed within multiple floors in the form of a "Basement".
  • Followed by an area of ​​10,000 square meters for the floors as a whole.
  • As for the rest of the outdoor space, it was divided into green gardens, turquoise lakes, and beautiful landscapes


Units Details Granoy Mall New Cairo

Together, we learn about the details of the units of Mall Granoy New Cairo according to the following:


Units Types

The mall consists of the following:

  • Commercial units: located on both the ground and first floors.
  • Administrative units: start from the second floor and reach the fourth floor.


Units Area

The spaces of the units within Granway Mall New Cairo are divided into the following:

  • Ground floor units start from 89 square meters.
  • As for the first-floor units, their space starts from 49 square meters.
  • Floor spaces from the second to the fourth start from 31 square meters.


Units Design

The units have a creative design that is characterized by the following:

  • Finished with the finest materials and the finest colors.
  • Administrative units are characterized by a small number of columns inside them to give an ideal spaciousness to the unit space.


Granoy Mall New Cairo Services and Facilities

Upside Development has filled the Granoy Mall New Cairo with all the following features and services:

  • Very large green spaces include dancing fountains and crystal lagoons.
  • Providing a modern security system through HD surveillance cameras and distributing them throughout the mall.
  • Appointment of the most efficient security cadres to protect and guard Granoy Mall New Cairo.
  • Construction of international cafes and restaurants.
  • All units are provided with a high-speed Wi-Fi system.
  • Construction of the garage in the form of a "basement" under the ground to reduce crowding.
  • Providing integrated halls for lectures and meetings, and others for VIP visitors.
  • Special halls to receive businessmen.
  • The entire mall works through the latest solar energy systems to prevent pollution as much as possible.
  • Building protection through smart electronic gates.
  • Allocate more than one gate to the building to prevent overcrowding.
  • All units of Granoy Mall New Cairo enjoy breathtaking, soothing views.
  • Installing elevators and escalators that have a charming panorama to facilitate the transition between floors.
  • Provide each floor with a large number of "W.C" for men and women.
  • Providing periodic maintenance on all units of Granway Mall New Cairo.
  • Construction of swimming pools of different lengths and sizes to suit older children.
  • There is also a hypermarket to provide goods, products, and necessities to customers and visitors.
  • Establishing an integrated health club consisting of a gym, jacuzzi, and spa


Granoy Mall New Cairo Units Prices

New Upwyde Developments

Upwyde Developments provides various units, the price per square meter starts as follows:

  • The commercial units located on the ground floor are sold at a value of 140,000 EGP per square meter.
  • As for the commercial units located on the first floor of Granoy Mall New Cairo, the price per square meter is 85,000 EGP.


Payment Plans Granoy Mall New Cairo

The company has deliberately introduced more than one system to pay the price of the units to suit the largest category of customers, and we mention these systems as follows:

  • A 10% down payment system for booking units of Granoy Mall New Cairo, then 5% after a year, and installments over 4 years.
  • Or pay the value of 15% and complete the value of 10% after one year and divide the installments over 5 years.
  • Reserve the unit with a down payment of 25%, pay the value of 5% after a year, and complete the installments for 6 years.
  • Delivery of Granoy Mall New Cairo units begins after 30 months.


The Developer Of Granoy Mall New Cairo

Upwyde Developments shone with its first production project in New Cairo, which is the Granoy Mall in New Cairo, which targets a sales volume of seven billion Egyptian pounds.

The company has extensive experience that has accumulated over more than 35 years in all fields of real estate and architecture, including finishes and engineering designs, and is always interested in maintaining international standards and specifications to present international projects on Egyptian lands.

As for the company’s previous work, it has presented several projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt in each of the following:-

  • New Cairo with the "Granoy Mall New Cairo" project.
  • Sixth of October.
  • The new administrative capital is a "commercial, medical and residential project".
  • Sheikh Zayed City.

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85,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,600,000 pounds.

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Project Location

North Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

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