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With its experience of more than 20 years in the real estate market, Warren Developments established the Marquee Park Business Mall in the New Administrative Capital to be the headquarters for those wishing to invest in the capital or looking for a group of luxury communities to provide their medical, advisory or commercial services.

In general, Marquette Park Mall is considered one of the best malls in the New Capital; Where the strategic location, various spaces, prices, and easy payment methods for all Warren clients.

In the following lines, we will inform you about everything related to the Marquette Park Business Mall, to reach your ideal choice of units in it.


Marquee Mall New Capital Location

Warren Real Estate has chosen one of the best strategic locations in the new administrative capital, specifically in the distinguished financial and business district, which makes you close to the Presidential Palace, the Ministries District, and the government district that borders the mall from the eastern side.

It is also only 10 minutes from the Capital International Airport, 5 minutes from Al Masa Hotel, and a few steps away from a group of luxury compounds that help you in marketing your services to them and thus achieving great returns once you open your project in the mall.


Marquee Mall New Capital Design

The mall was designed to consist of a ground floor in addition to seven repeating floors, with the floors divided as follows:

  • Ground and first floor: includes all commercial units.
  • The second, third, and fourth floors: contain all medical units
  • Floors from the fifth to the seventh: they contain the administrative units.


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Marquee Mall New Capital Area

Warren Company has established its project on an area of ​​8,800 square meters distributed between landscaping on one side and buildings on the other, as follows:

  • 30% buildings
  • 70% landscaping and service facilities


Marquee Mall New Capital Units Details

Units Area

The spaces in the Marquee Mall vary to ensure that the needs of all customers are met. Here is the list of spaces:

  • Commercial units spaces: The commercial spaces in Marquis Park Business start from 26 square meters.
  • Medical units spaces: the spaces of medical clinics in Marquee Mall start from 23 square meters and end with a full 130 square meters.
  • Administrative units spaces: Administrative office spaces start from 50 square meters and end with a full 230 square meters.


Marquee Mall New Capital Facilities And Services

The features and services in the Marquee Mall in the new capital vary to ensure that the mall’s employees provide all their needs, as follows:

  • Central internet
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Modern surveillance cameras
  • Escalators
  • High-Speed ​​Modern Electric Elevators
  • ATM machines
  • A restaurant or food court area that offers a variety of services at the highest level
  • Security and guarding services 24 hours a day
  • Periodic maintenance services for the building
  • A gym and spa equipped with the latest equipment and modern means, as well as the presence of specialists to provide high-quality services to its patrons.
  • A medical center equipped to deal with emergencies.
  • A children's area equipped with modern entertainment games with constant monitoring to ensure the safety of children.


Marquee Mall New Capital Prices

Units prices vary according to the unit type, its space, and the floor it occupies. In general, the unit prices in the mall start from only 700,000 EGP.

The price per square meter is estimated at about 28,000 EGP


Payment Plans Of Marquee Mall

As usual, Warren offers many easy payment systems that suit the budget of each customer separately. Here is a list of payment systems in the mall

The first payment system: In it, you can reserve one of the mall units with only a 10% down payment of the total top of the unit, with the rest of its price being paid in equal installments for a period of 7 years.

The second payment system: You can reserve your unit with a 15% contract down payment, with the rest of the unit value being paid in installments over a full 8 years.

The third payment system: You can reserve your unit with a 25% contract down payment, with the rest of the unit value being paid over a period of 9 full years.



To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



About the Developer "Waren"

Waren owns a Marquee Mall project in the new administrative capital, the financial and business district. It has built this project with a budget of 1.2 billion pounds and with its 20 years of experience in the real estate development market.

It has hired Okoplan for engineering consultancy and architectural designs in all its projects, which amounted to 500 housing units in various regions in Egypt (New Cairo - October - El Shorouk).

With its Solidere Mall project in the New Administrative Capital


Advantages Of Investing In The Financial And Business District

The financial and business district is a major center for businesses and various industries, which contributes to attracting those wishing to obtain specific services with high quality to the offices and companies in the financial and business district.

Therefore, entrepreneurs and company owners seek to own offices in the financial and business district as well as clinics and administrative units. Therefore, your investment in a unit (administrative-medical-commercial) within the financial and business district helps you achieve great financial returns due to the high demand for reserving a place in the neighborhood.

In general, the financial and business district is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, near a group of cities such as Badr City, Al Rehab City, Al Mostakbal, and New Cairo, as well as a group of main roads that lead to it, such as the Regional Ring Road and Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

The financial and business district occupies approximately 195 acres, which provided large areas for the establishment of malls and commercial centers on its land, especially as it is close to the Ministries District and contains the Ministry of Finance, and is close to the Banks Complex, which includes the Central Bank and a group of important banks.

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28,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 700,000 pounds.

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Central Business District, New Capital City, Cairo