North Plus Mall New Cairo

pinNorth Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 52,446 EGP/M2
ClinicClinic 60,000 EGP/M2
ShopShop 130,000 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 8,000,000 : 12,349,000 EGP
Area 155 : 233 M2
Price 4,620,000 : 18,000,000 EGP
Area 77 : 300 M2
Price 22,880,000 : 42,250,000 EGP
Area 176 : 325 M2

North Plus Mall New Cairo is an integrated project owned by a major real estate company, Catalyst Real Estate Development, which was keen to build in the prestigious Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo. It also provided North Plus Mall with various units between commercial, medical, and administrative units, in addition to the many services and multiple facilities.


About North Plus Mall New Cairo

North Plus Mall in New Cairo provides its customers with a package of the finest services, whether security services or others, and due to its large area and the multiplicity of its units, it has been divided into three areas represented in the commercial area, the administrative area, and the medical area, and each of them includes high-end units of various area.


North Plus Mall Location

North Plus Mall enjoys a privileged location in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, where it was built on the northern 90th Street, the most important main street in the city, which links it to all vital areas and facilities, such as:

  • Waterway
  • American University (only three minutes away)
  • Cairo International Airport (only a third of an hour away)


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North Plus Mall New Cairo Area

The area occupied by the mall is 10,015 square meters, which is large enough to implement very distinctive exterior designs in North Plus Mall in New Cairo, in addition to erecting multiple buildings with a large space allocated for green spaces and picturesque water bodies.


North Plus Mall New Cairo Units Details

The units are divided into three areas:

  • Commercial area: it occupies 3082 square meters as a total area and more than three floors and the units of the first floor are equipped with outdoor spaces and have a distinctive view on the northern 90th Street.
  • Medical District: It has 36 clinics equipped to suit various medical specialties, which ensures that all North Plus Mall customers' needs are met
  • Administrative District: It includes a group of administrative offices with various areas.


Units Types

Customers in various sectors can find the units that suit them, as their units vary between commercial units, medical clinics, and administrative offices.


Units Area

All spaces are available in the mall, where the areas of its units range between 74 square meters and 983 square meters, ie, it includes small, medium, and large spaces.


Units Design

The engineering design of all units is very distinctive, and all the exterior facades have wonderful eye-catching designs, which mimic the most luxurious modern international designs.


North Plus New Cairo Services and Facilities

The facilities and services available in North Plus Mall in New Cairo are unparalleled in quality and sophistication, and are represented in:-

  • A group of the most luxurious commercial units, administrative offices, and medical clinics equipped at the highest level and in an integrated manner.
  • Security services are available around the clock, in order to guard the place and provide the highest degree of security in it.
  • Advanced surveillance cameras are always working, to achieve a higher degree of security for all units.
  • Pharmacies spread throughout the North Plus Mall.
  • A fitness center with advanced equipment and equipment, a spa, and a sauna.
  • Gates operated by a modern electronic system that provides more security in the entire place.
  • Maintenance works are carried out periodically to ensure that work within the units does not stop due to any malfunctions.
  • Wi-Fi is available in all units so that everyone can easily connect to the Internet.
  • A waiting area is attached to each unit, and there is a public waiting area as well, ensuring that there is no overcrowding in these areas.
  • A dedicated garage for customers and visitors, so that it is easy for them to put their cars inside instead of parking them in external garages that may be far away or not safe enough.
  • A hypermarket inside North Plus Mall, New Cairo, so that everyone in it can buy any goods or items they need.
  • An area dedicated to the activity of cafes and restaurants, to provide everything needed by customers wishing to invest on the one hand, and visitors wishing to eat outside the home on the other.


North Plus Catalyst Prices

The prices offered in North Plus Mall are suitable for all customers looking for units in a privileged location and integrated services at a reasonable price, despite its great distinction, but its prices are not exaggerated at all.


North Plus New Cairo Payment Plans 

Catalyst was keen to provide exclusive facilities to its customers upon payment, as it gave them the opportunity to pay a small advance from the unit price and then installments over a long period for repayment, meaning that they would not have to pay the unit price in full in cash.


The Developer of North Plus Mall New Cairo

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the North Plus Mall project in New Cairo, so it was necessary to enjoy all these advantages, as it is a leading company in the real estate development sector with more than 20 years of experience.

It has previously implemented a large number of giant projects, whether commercial, medical, or administrative. Among its most important previous works in New Cairo are the following:

Popular FAQ

60,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 4,600,000 pounds.

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Project Location

North Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

Project's Best Properties

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