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Ronza Tower Mall the new administrative capital, is one of the largest investment projects launched by Ronza Real Estate, as it is a distinctive mark in the new capital thanks to its strategic location in the Downtown area, in addition to its various multispace units that have a beautiful design, the highend services that occupy the vast majority of its parts.


About The Ronza Tower Mall Project New Capital

The investments of Ronza Tower Mall project in the administrative capital exceeded half a billion Egyptian pounds, because Ronza Real Estate Company was keen to be an integrated project that includes administrative, commercial and hotel units, and is equipped with all the services needed by the unit owners of any kind.


Ronza Tower Mall Location

Ronza Tower Mall is located in the Downtown area, which is characterized by being one of the most prestigious and most important areas in the New Capital, and thanks to its privileged location, it has a wonderful view from three corners, in addition to its proximity to many vital areas, such as:

  • Major Districts, such as Banks District, and Ministries neighborhood.
  • Important companies: insurance companies, and Oil companies.
  • Other notable landmarks include The Green River, the monorail station, and the gold market.


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Ronza Tower Mall New Administrative Capital Area

Ronza Tower New Capital occupies a large area of ​​​​11 thousand square meters because it includes not only residential buildings, but also many services and facilities, green areas, and so on.


Ronza Tower Mall Administrative Capital Units Details

You will notice that the units of Ronza Tower Mall in New Capital are wonderfully distributed over ten floors, knowing that each floor is equipped with all the facilities and services necessary for the convenience of customers, and they are distributed as follows:

  • The commercial units are distributed from the ground floor to the second floor.
  • Administrative units (such as offices) and hotel apartments are distributed over the third to the tenth floor.


Units Types

Ronza Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital contains a distinguished group of units, which include:

  • Commercial units in Ronza Tower Mall the new administrative capital.
  • Administrative units in the Ronza Tower Mall the administrative capital.
  • Hotel units in Ronza Tower Mall.


Units Area

The lowest area for Ronza Tower units in the capital is 19 meters, but it includes many large areas as follows:

  • Commercial units: The areas of the units on the ground floor start from 19 meters, while the areas on the first floor start from 30 square meters.
  • Administrative units: areas start from 40 square meters.
  • Hotel units: occupy over an area of ​​40 square meters as a minimum.


Units Design

Ronza Tower Mall units in the capital appear as if they were a luminous sign among the other surrounding projects, because the executing company focused its attention on implementing unconventional and luxurious designs, whether for interior design or external facades.


Features And Services Of Ronza Tower New Capital

It is difficult for Ronza Tower Mall customers to need something and do not find it available in or around it at least, as it is characterized by the abundance of its services and features including all of the following:

  • The highest levels of security: This is due to the presence of the guard and insurance team trained at the highest level 24 hours a day, in addition to modern surveillance equipment and cameras.
  • SMATV : serves the entire building, and therefore all units can subscribe to the service very easily.
  • Central air conditioning: It serves all floors of Ronza Tower, the capital so that all its units can benefit from it through special connections each unit.
  • Electric elevators: They are characterized by facilitating movement between the different floors of the mall, and most importantly, they are highly developed panoramic elevators.
  • Solar energy: It is relied upon to light all units and supply the building with the necessary energy, which helps in applying environmentally friendly standards and providing a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Protection systems: All units have an advanced firefighting system in anticipation of any emergency, in addition to taking all necessary measures and preparations to evacuate the place as quickly as possible in a period of fewer than 10 minutes.
  • Car garages: Ronza Tower Mall customers are allocated three parking garages, to ensure that there is no crowding between them.
  • A large number of units: Customers can choose from 220 units of varying areas starting from 19 square meters up to 80 square meters.
  • Food Court: It includes a wonderful chain of cafes and restaurants designed in a modern, international way.
  • Green areas: They give a wonderful view of all areas, thanks to their relaxing colors.
  • Modern audio technologies: They are one of the most important features available in the mall because they are designed in a very sophisticated way.


Units Prices Ronza Tower Mall New Capital

The price per square meter in Ronza Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital starts from 21,000 EGP. units prices depend on the type of unit and its specifications, as follows:

  • The price of administrative units in Ronza Tower, the capital: Its price starts from 21,000 EGP per square meter.
  • The price of hotel units in Ronza Tower Mall, the capital: Its price starts from 32,000 pounds per square meter.
  • The price of commercial units in Ronza Tower Mall, the new administrative capital: price starts from 84,000 EGP per meter for firstfloor units, and 95,000 EGP for ground floor units.
  • It is worth noting that the customer bears the payment of maintenance services costs at a rate of 10%, which is equivalent to 20,000 EGP for administrative units and hotel apartments, and up to 50,000 EGP for commercial units.


Payment Plans In Ronz Tower Mall New Capital

Customers of the Ronza Tower Mall project the administrative capital, choose the payment method from among several types of plans, all of which include distinctive facilities, which are:

The first payment plan: the buyer gets a 10% discount, and he can pay the value of the unit as follows:

  • 5% down payment, then installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment, with over 6 years installments
  • 15% down payment, 7 years installments
  • 20% down payment, and 8 years installments
  • 40% down payment, then installments over 4 years (first installment after receipt)

The second payment plan: It is the return plan, and it also includes several methods for the customer to choose from, including:

  • 10% down payment, then installments over 4 years, with a return of 10% over three years, and 10% for mandatory rent for 3 years.
  • 15% down payment, then installments over 5 years, with a return of 12% over three years, and 10% for compulsory rent for 3 years.
  • 20% down payment, then installments over 6 years, with a return of 15% over three years, and 10% for mandatory rent for 3 years.
  • 30% down payment, then installments over 7 years with a return of 18% for three years, and 10% for compulsory rent up to 3 years

The third payment plan: is provided to the first 100 customers only, and it is represented in:

  • 10% down payment and 30% return up to three years, 30% for mandatory rent for 3 years.
  • 15% down payment and 36% return up to three years, 30% for mandatory rent for 3 years.
  • 20% down payment and 45% return up to three years, 30% for mandatory rent for 3 years.
  • 30% down payment and 56% return up to three years, 30% for mandatory rent for 3 years.


The Real Estate Developer Of Ronza Tower

Ronza Tower Mall is owned by Ronza Real Estate and its Real Estate Holding Group, a large real estate company that has been operating in the Egyptian real estate market since 2008 on 6 October City.

Ronza was able to carve her name in the real estate sector among the largest Egyptian companies, especially as she is always keen to achieve market requirements and provide integrated services by choosing the finest sites for her projects, especially the Administrative Capital and the Fifth Settlement.

Despite that, it offers competitive prices that are considered the best in the Egyptian real estate market, as well as its full commitment to the agreed dates for delivering the units according to the specifications and conditions stipulated in the contract, which has boosted customers' confidence in them.

On the other hand, the Holding Group of Ronza Real Estate Company was keen to start its activity in the most prestigious areas of the Administrative Capital, which is the Downtown area, by launching the Ronza Tower in the capital, knowing that the company has a distinguished business history, such as:

  • Rayan Tower in the new administrative capital.
  • Construction of 6 projects in the first district in the fourth tourist zone on the 6th of October City.

If you are looking for distinguished investment opportunities that achieve the highest return for you, and offer you the best prices and the easiest payment systems, do not hesitate to book your unit inside Ronza Tower Mall the capital now.

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21,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 840,000 pounds.

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Downtown , Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

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