Spark Capital Insight Mall New Capital

pinMU-23, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo
OfficeOffice 80,000 EGP/M2

Available Units

Price 5,200,000 EGP
Area 65 M2

Spark Capital Insight Mall New Capital, is a golden opportunity for those wishing to start the investment of their projects strategically located in the administrative capital, where Brouq launched in the lively Downtown area.

Spark Capital Insight new capital also offers its clients suitable units for different Types, commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel units, where it ofres equal opportunities to all investors and provides them with various types of services.


About Spark Capital Insight Mall New Capital

The Spark Capital Insight Mall project, the administrative capital, is the first project of Brouq Development and Real Estate Investment Company in the new capital, so it made every effort and harnessed all its material and human capabilities to implement it in a luxurious and integrated manner that could compete with the giant projects established there, and it was already able to do so, as it enjoys a privileged location and how much Enormous services and many advantages that made it the focus of attention of all customers and investors.


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Spark Capital Insight Mall Location

new capital project The location of the Spark Capital Insight in the G15 area has increased its importance, especially as it is located in the same range of MU23, which is in the middle of the Downtown area, the most vital area of ​​the administrative capital, because it is inhabited, and it is only a small distance from each of the :

  • The Green River: directly overlooking it.
  • Iconic tower: overlooking it too.
  • Monorail station.
  • Governmental District: It is only 10 minutes away from the Spark Capital Insight Mall.
  • The intersection of the Al-Amal axis with the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • The main entrance to the administrative capital overlooks the Suez Road.
  • Podia Tower.
  • Trio V Tower.
  • Opera House: 10 minutes away.
  • Fairgrounds: It is also ten minutes away.


Spark Capital Insight Mall New Capital Area

Although Spark Capital Insight mall new capital is built on an area of ​​9 thousand square meters, the main building occupies only 30% of it, while the rest of its area is occupied by green spaces and a set of services and facilities necessary for the convenience of customers.


Spark Capital Insight Mall Units Details

The units of Spark Capital Insight in the new administrative capital are very diverse, so they were distributed on all its floors, which consist of a ground floor and 10 upper floors, as follows:

  • The first three floors (from ground to second) are shops, restaurants, and cafes, in which the compulsory rental system is applied Under a three-year contract.
  • From the third to the eighth floor of the Spark Capital Insight Mall are medical, administrative, and office units.
  • The ninth and tenth floors are hotel units equipped with the latest technical means to ensure the comfort of those in them and are distinguished by their luxury and sophistication, which makes them mimic 5-star hotels.


Units Types

The Spark Capital Insight Mall in the New Administrative Capital is an ideal destination for all investment activities because its units are diverse as follows:

  • Commercial units in Spark Capital Insight new capital, Administrative
  • units in Spark Capital Insight, the new administrative capital,
  • Medical units in Mall Spark Capital Insight, the administrative capital
  • hotel units in the Spark Capital, the new administrative capital.


Unit Area

The units of the Spark Capital Insight Mall project are offered in suitable areas, for example:

  • commercial units occupy a minimum of 22 square meters.
  • Administrative units and offices occupy a minimum of 35 square meters.
  • Medical units (clinics) also occupy a minimum of 35 square meters.


Units Design

The most striking thing about the Spark Capital Insight Mall units is their luxury and distinctive design, because the entire building is designed in a modern style, in a Spanish style, and has glass facades equipped with modern technology that allows lighting the place with natural sunlight but without feeling too hot, as well as spacious interior corridors.


Spark Capital Insight Mall Services And Facilities

Spark Capital Mall, the administrative capital did not become one of the most important projects of the administrative capital out of thin air, but thanks to its large number of services and the excellence of its equipment, which include:

  • An integrated security system: comprehensive for the individuals concerned with guarding who are present throughout the day, and surveillance cameras distributed to all Various gates and corners.
  • Integrated protection systems: represented in modern alarms and advanced firefighting systems.
  • Internet for all units: It is easy to connect to, due to the availability of Wi-Fi in the entire building of Spark Capital Insight mall new capital.
  • Modern power generation systems: Solar energy is used to supply clean and sustainable energy.
  • Large garages: It sings the occupants of putting their cars in a far place because it can accommodate about 338 cars.
  • Modern facilities: include the Roof Lounge and Sky Restaurants on the rooftop in the Spark Capital Insight in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Equipped halls: They are designated to receive visitors, and are distinguished by the integration of their equipment, as they have large screens and other equipment.
  • ATMs: There are multiple automated teller machines (ATMs) to facilitate the withdrawal or deposit of cash for all those present in it.
  • Food Court District: It includes a group of restaurants in a wonderful natural setting, in addition to cafes that serve multiple drinks. The most remarkable thing about Mall Spark Capital Insight is that it is equipped with a back area dedicated to serving restaurants.
  • Multiple centers for body care: including a spa and a gym, in addition to a fully equipped health club.
  • Central air conditioning: it serves all units, which eliminates the need for customers to install air conditioners inside them.
  • Electric Elevators: They include 3 escalators in addition to 11 electric elevators to serve the entire Spark Capital Insight Mall building in the Administrative Capital.
  • Large yard: It occupies an area of ​​3,000 square meters on the ground floor, and it has a large plaza that opens to the outdoors.


Prices Of Spark Capital Insight Mall Units

The price per square meter in the Mall Spark Capital Insight project starts from 18,000 pounds for cash, knowing that it offers its customers discounts exceeding 40% on the opening prices, and the prices of its units can be explained in detail as follows:

  • Commercial units in the Spark Capital: Their price starts on the floor The ground, first and second floors start from 80 thousand pounds per meter, and the price per square meter decreases to 48 thousand pounds in the case of cash payment.
  • Medical units in Spark Capital Mall, the administrative capital: the price starts from 30 thousand pounds per meter, and goes down to 18 thousand pounds in the case of cash payment.
  • Administrative units in Spark Capital Insight mall new capital: their price starts from 30 thousand pounds per square meter, and goes down to 18 thousand pounds per square meter in case of cash payment, meaning they have the same prices as medical units.


Spark Capital Insight Mall Payment Plans  

Spark Capital Insight in the new administrative capital allows its clients to pay the unit price in installments over a long period, by paying a 10% down payment and then paying the rest in equal installments for 14 years without interest.

Spark Capital Insight Mall eases the burden of finishing on its customers because the office and administrative units are to be delivered fully finished, and the hotel units are finished and furnished, that is, the customer receives them ready for residence immediately, except for the shops without finishing (Core & Shell system), provided that the receipt is In April 2024.


The Developer Of Spark Capital Insight Mall New Capital

Brouq Developments is the real estate developer of the Spark Capital, the administrative capital, and although it is recently established, as it was established during 2020, it cooperates with huge entities such as Qatar High-Speed ​​Group and NBS Developments, so it exceeded Its investments are 8 billion pounds.

Brouq did not implement the Spark Capital Insight Mall project alone but rather cooperated with distinguished companies and great expertise, represented by:

  • Mimar Company: Engineering Consultant
  • The Egyptian Developers Company for Real Estate Development: took over the task of management and maintenance
  • Majid Al Futtaim Company (Dr. Salah Shady): took over its management
  • Emirates Space Company: General Contractor.


Previous Projects of Brouq Company

The company chooses the most prominent sites for its projects, whether inside or outside Egypt, and a number of its most prominent previous works can be explained as follows:-

  • Residential projects in New Cairo: I 148 in the Beit Al-Watan neighborhood, 124 in the New Narges district, Starry 3 in the Beit Al-Watan district, a series of projects (Starry (1, 2, 3) in the Andalus district.
  • Commercial projects in Qatar (Doha): Borooq Tower, Rayyan Tower, Khaleej Tower, Jawan Apart Hotel, Garden Center Project, and others.
  • Other projects: conference palace, tourist resorts with 5-star hotels, amusement park, car racing circuit

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18,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 630,000 pounds.

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Project Location

MU-23, Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

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Office for sale 65 m at Spark Capital Insight Mall