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Vera Tower New Capital is the real launch for anyone who wants to invest in the most prestigious areas of the new administrative capital.

Here is ADC for real estate development that proves to the world that it can compete with major real estate companies by launching its majestic edifice VERA Tower new capital, which has provided with various types of units Commercial, administrative as well as a hotel.


About Vera Tower New Capital

The Vera Tower New Administrative Capital project has countless services and facilities, which start from the strategic location in the Town Down area, the modern architectural design, the various units, the charming view of Al Masa Hotel and the Green River, the competitive price as well as flexible payment plans, all of this will not Find it only inside Vera Tower New Capital.


Vera Tower New Capital Location

VERA Tower occupies a privileged location in the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital, as it is specifically located on the main axis of the financial and business district, the most famous area of ​​the New Administrative Capital, and what distinguishes the mall are:

  • Governmental District: You can reach this area within a few minutes.
  • Monorail Station: It is located close to the mall, which makes it easy for visitors to move from one place to another within the New Administrative Capital.
  • Al-Massa Hotel: The mall overlooks the hotel, providing its pilgrims with an irresistible charming view.
  • Bin Zayed North Axis: It is located close to VERA Tower new capital mall.
  • The Green River: separates from the mall by a short distance.
  • The iconic tower: You are about to reach the tallest tower in Africa in less than 5 minutes.
  • New Administrative Capital Airport: It is a 30-minute drive from VERA Tower Mall, the capital.
  • Capital Towers: The project is located in front of the famous Capital Towers, the most important of which are Clock Tower and Capital Park Tower.


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Vera Tower New Capital Design

Vera Tower, the Administrative Capital, comes with a design full of luxury and sophistication, where the company put together a summary of its previous experiences to create the mall, and it consists of 12 upper floors that are repeated, unlike the ground floor, and the floors were divided from the inside as follows:

  • Commercial units in Vera Tower New Capital: You can choose the location of your unit with ease, as work has been done to allocate two floors entirely for these units, namely the ground floor and the first floor.
  • Administrative units in Vera Tower, the administrative capital: we find them from the second floor to the ninth floor.
  • Hotel units in Vera Tower, the new administrative capital: are available for reservations from the tenth to the twelfth floor.


Vera Tower New Capital Area

  • Vera Tower Mall Administrative Capital was established on a vast area of ​​2,300 square meters.
  • The owner of the project, ADC, was keen to allocate the largest percentage of the project's land, which is 70%, for a charming view and a calm atmosphere, which is represented in the landscaping and green spaces.
  • As for the constructions and units, the share of the remaining area was 30%.


Vera Tower New Capital Units Details

We can list more details about VERA Tower units, in terms of type, area, and design.


Units Types

The mall includes various types of units to suit the requirements of the Arab investor, and they are as follows:

  • Commercial units in the Vera Tower project.
  • Administrative units in Vera Tower New Capital.
  • Hotel units Vera Tower, the administrative capital.


Units Area

All types of Vera Tower Mall units in the administrative capital came with different areas, to meet the wishes of all investors, and they are as follows:

  • Commercial units in VERA Tower, the capital: These units occupy an excellent location on the ground floor, with an area starting from 24 square meters up to 75 square meters.
  • Commercial units in Vera Tower New Capital: These units are located on the first floor of the mall, with an area ranging from 29 square meters to 77 square meters.
  • Administrative units in Vera Tower: spaces start from 25 square meters to 83 square meters.
  • Hotel units in Vera Tower Mall, Administrative Capital: available in more than one space, as it starts from 44 square meters and ends at 64 square meters.


Units Design

ADC was keen on paying attention to the interior design of the units as well as the exterior design, and the units were designed from the inside as follows:

  • Administrative units in Vera Tower New Capital: they are delivered fully finished, super lux, and air conditioning is included in all units, after 3 years of signing the reservation contract with the company that owns the project.
  • Hotel units: The company is keen to deliver these units fully finished, with the addition of all the means necessary for living, most notably air-conditioning and electrical appliances.


Vera Tower New Capital Services And Facilities

ADC Real Estate launches its first projects in the New Administrative Capital, which is the Vera Tower project, the administrative capital, and for that, it has been keen to stand out and shine strongly among the many giant investment projects that the new capital is witnessing, and therefore an unlimited number of services and facilities have been introduced, including the following:

  • Periodic maintenance services: to avoid any sudden malfunctions that impede the progress of work.
  • Meeting rooms: The mall contains halls equipped at the highest level for holding conferences, seminars and receiving VIPs.
  • Outdoor trails: to take a walk and enjoy the magic of green spaces and landscapes away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo.
  • Water fountains: perfectly distributed, and these services will add a charming aesthetic touch to Vera Tower New Capital.
  • Kids Area: The mall contains an entertainment area for children, and what distinguishes this area is that it is completely safe while at the same time it contains the best entertainment means suitable for all children of different age groups.
  • Restaurants and cafes: the mall contains a number of these high-quality recreational services, allowing visitors to enjoy an unforgettable lunch as well as enjoy a charming view of the green spaces and landscapes.
  • High-speed Internet service: to meet the needs of visitors and investors inside Vera Tower, the Administrative Capital.
  • Central air conditioning: The mall is fully air-conditioned, with all types of units equipped with air conditioners.
  • Bathrooms for men, women, and people of determination: providing the highest degree of privacy for all visitors.
  • Security and guarding services: The mall is equipped with the latest 24-hour monitoring systems, ensuring the highest level of security.
  • Automated teller machines (ATMs): facilitate the movement of buying and selling inside Vera Tower New Capital, as well as meet the needs of all visitors
  • Intelligent systems: most notably the automatic fire extinguishing system to avoid any accidents.
  • Billboards and Display Screens: Make it easy for visitors to reach the interface they want in just a few minutes.
  • Escalators and panoramic elevators: make it easy for visitors to move between floors in just seconds.
  • Electronic gates: to ensure the best level of protection
  • Garage and parking: The mall offers all visitors the best parking services that you can find within the Administrative Capital, knowing that this area is completely secure


Unit Prices Of Vera Tower New Capital

The price per square meter in Vera Tower, varies according to the type of unit and its location

  • The price per square meter for commercial units on the first floor starts from 80 to 125 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter for external commercial units on the ground floor ranges from 20 to 25 thousand Egyptian pounds, and for commercial units on the ground floor from 55 to 80 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • And external units on the first floor from 5 to 15 thousand Egyptian pounds in Vera Tower New Capital.
  • As for the administrative units, the price per square meter ranges from 19 to 28 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • And hotel units, the price per square meter ranges from 34 to 38 thousand Egyptian pounds


Accordingly, the prices of the units of Vera Tower, the Administrative Capital

  • Commercial units in Vera Tower Mall, Administrative Capital: their prices start from 2,600 EGP up to 11,500 EGP, and these units are available for reservations on the ground floor.
  • Commercial units in Vera Tower New Capital, on the first floor: their prices range from 2 million and 145 thousand Egyptian pounds to 6 million and 160 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative units in VERA Tower: price starts from 550 thousand Egyptian pounds up to 2 million and 324 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Hotel units in Vera Tower Mall, the administrative capital: unit prices start from 1,440 thousand Egyptian pounds and reach 2 million and 419 thousand Egyptian pounds


Payment Plans Of Vera Tower New Capital

Do not miss the price offers for VERA tower units and long-term payment systems provided by the real estate developer ADC. The cash and installment payment systems are as follows:


Cash Plan

The company offers special discounts upon immediate payment at Vera Tower New Capital, as follows:

  • 45% discount from the total value of the unit upon immediate payment, and this discount is available when purchasing any commercial, hotel, or administrative unit.
  • A discount of up to 40% when booking the unit and paying its price immediately and the rest of the amount can be paid in equal installments up to a full year.
  • 35% of the total value of the unit is deducted when paying in cash, the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 24 months.


Installment Plan

  • 10% down payment of the total unit upon signing the reservation, the rest in equal installments up to 8 years.
  • Pay the unit price in installments over 9 years, with a reservation down payment of 15% of the unit value.
  • It is available to reserve VERA Tower new capital units with a 20% down payment, and the rest is to be paid over 10 years.
  • It is taken into account that 10% of the value of the unit is paid before delivery, no later than 6 months, and this premium is for periodic maintenance.


The Developer Of VERA Tower New Capital

ADC Developments is the owner of the Vera Tower Mall in the new capital. The company laid its foundation stone in the past 2014, and since then it has been offering many successful investment projects in the New Administrative Capital, it has been interested in developing and changing the concept of architecture in Egypt, and this seems clear in its projects It has managed, with merit, to attract the largest number of investors from all over the Arab world, thanks to its innovative modern designs.


Previous Projects of ADC Real Estate

Its most notable projects are:-

  • Sunny Beach Village, Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Capital One and Two projects.
  • Star Residence Compound.
  • Vera Tower New Capital
  • Zayed Residence Project.
  • Katameya Breeze Project.
  • Mirage residential project.
  • The construction of more than 200 housing units in Sheikh Zayed.

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20,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 500,000 pounds.

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Downtown , Downtown Area, New Capital City, Cairo

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