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Allegria Compound on the 6th October is one of the high-end residential compounds that Sodic Real Estate Development has established in the Sheikh Zayed area on the ​​6th October, and it includes various residential units including villas and apartments of different sizes and unbeatable prices.


About Allegria Shiekh Zayed

The owner company chose a strategic location in order to build Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed, as it is close to most of the main axes and roads, making it easy to move from it to anywhere else.

The architectural design of the Allegria October project is very sophisticated and modern in a way that resembles European compounds.

Allegria Zayed Compound was built on a large area that allows leaving enough spaces between the residential buildings, thus achieving privacy for the residents inside their units.

The benefits and services available within Allegria Sheikh Zayed are varied, giving customers a sense of stability, luxury, and self-sufficiency.

All this is in addition to competitive prices and easy payment systems with the lowest down payment and the longest repayment period.


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Al Sheikh Zayed Compounds.


Allegria Shiekh Zayed Location

The compound is located in Sheikh Zayed near the Rod El Farag axis and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and it is within walking distance of the following vital places:

  • Dahshur: It is easy to reach from the compound to the Dahshur link.
  • Sphinx Airport: Allegria Compound on 6th October is only five minutes away from the Sphinx International Airport.
  • Residential projects: It is located a small distance from some compounds, such as West Town Hub, Beverly Hills, Sodic, Etapa, Alpatio Al Zahraa, in addition to Polygon offices and Forty West apartments.
  • Mohandessin: The distance that separates the compound from the Mohandessin neighborhood is only about 25 minutes.
  • Heliopolis: Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed is 50 minutes away from Heliopolis district.
  • Arkan Mall: It takes only 12 minutes for the customer to move to the well-known Arkan Mall.
  • Golf course: Allegria Compound Zayed overlooks a large golf course.


Allegria Shiekh Zayed Area

A large area of ​​land has been allocated for the construction of the Allegria October project in full, knowing that the buildings occupy an area not exceeding 30%.

While green spaces and recreational services occupy the largest part, which is estimated at 70% of the total area.


Allegria Compound Units Details

The residential units within Allegria Sheikh Zayed vary in terms of styles and spaces as well, so each customer can choose the most suitable for him according to his capabilities and needs, and this is evident in the following:


Unit Types

Within Allegria, Zayed Compound, there are various units as follows:

  • Apartments in Allegria Compound, 6th October.
  • Villas in Allegria Compound, 6th October.


Units Area

The spaces of the units in Allegria Compound 6th October vary, as there are villas consisting of six rooms, and others consisting of three rooms, a reception room, three bathrooms, and a kitchen, and the spaces are as follows:

  • Villas: spaces start from 300 square meters up to 384 square meters.
  • Apartments: with spaces ranging from 150 m² up to 280 m².


Unit Design

The architectural design of Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed is similar to modern European compounds, with glass facades and marble entrances.

The interiors are very impressive, characterized by calm colors and appropriate divisions, with the optimal use of spaces.


Allegria Shiekh Zayed Facilities And Services

Customers inside Allegria Zayed Compound enjoy comprehensive and main recreational services, which are as follows:

  • Landscape: The landscape is spread over a large area and surrounds all residential units.
  • Kids Area: Allocating a recreational area that contains games suitable for children, and is equipped with surveillance cameras to maintain their safety and reassurance.
  • Bodies of water: Bodies of water are spread throughout the Allegria October project, and vary between crystal lakes and dancing fountains.
  • Swimming pools: A number of swimming pools of varying sizes have been distributed within Allegria Sheikh Zayed, which are suitable for all ages.
  • Running tracks: Paving tracks away from motorways for running, walking, and cycling.
  • Air conditioning: Central air conditioning service is available inside Allegria on 6th October.
  • Internet: There is also free Wi-Fi with great speed.
  • Parking: The compound has been provided with parking garages to prevent them from being crowded in front of the residential units.
  • Places for pets: Customers can take pets with them to the compound, as places have been allocated to take care of them.
  • Sports Club: A gym was built inside the compound on a large area that allows practicing all sports such as football and tennis.
  • Health resort: Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed includes a gym, spa, jacuzzi, and equipped sauna.
  • Social Club: The club is located in a large area, allowing gatherings and practicing all activities.
  • Places for Recreation: Seats are allocated among the green spaces for recreation and contemplation.
  • Places for parties: allocating places inside Allegria Zayed Compound to hold various types of parties, and places for barbecue parties in the air.
  • Health services: represented by clinics and a medical center, in addition to automated pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
  • Food Court: The Allegria October project includes a group of restaurants that serve the best dishes from the hands of the most famous chefs and cafes that serve the most delicious drinks.
  • CLUBHOUSE: Allegria Sheikh Zayed is provided with a fully equipped CLUBHOUSE.
  • Tempo Restaurant: Inside the compound, there is a well-known Tempo restaurant, and various parties are held there in addition to birthdays, weddings, and engagements.
  • Security services: The security services within Allegria 6th October are represented by trained security personnel working throughout the day, high fences, and electronic gates.
  • Cameras: A number of modern CCTV cameras have been distributed throughout.


Compound Allegria Shiekh Zayed Prices

The price per square meter in Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed starts from only 14,000 EGP, which is a competitive price that is considered one of the best prices in the region, and the price of residential units starts from the following:

  • Villas in Allegria Compound, 6th October: prices start from 5,384,000 EGP.
  • Apartments in Allegria Zayed Compound: prices start from 2,100,000 EGP only.


Payment Plans Of Allegria Sodic

The payment systems within the Allegria October project are characterized by flexibility in order to facilitate the customers, and they are as follows:

An installment in fixed payments for a period of eight years without a contract provider.

Pay 5% reservation and contract down payment, and pay the remaining amount in equal installments over eight years.


About The Developer "SODIC"

Allegria 6th October Compound is one of the most prominent works of SODIC Real Estate Development, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market and in all Arab countries.

The company that owns Allegria Sheikh Zayed has extensive experience that extends for many years, in addition to its good reputation in the field thanks to its interest in applying international quality specifications in construction.


The company that owns Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed has a distinguished history, the most prominent of which are the following:

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For everyone who wants to own a distinctive unit that enjoys calm, privacy, and luxury, quickly book a unit in Allegria on 6th October and benefit from competitive prices and easy payment methods.

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14,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,100,000 pounds.

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