Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

map pinAl Zohour St., 2nd District, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza
ApartmentApartment 36,136 EGP/M2
DuplexDuplex 48,013 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 40,629 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 64,165 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 7,950,000 EGP
Area 220 M2
Price 11,523,000 EGP
Area 240 M2
Price 9,750,919 : 24,000,000 EGP
Area 240 : 480 M2
Twin house
Price 17,132,000 : 17,559,000 EGP
Area 267 : 282 M2

Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed is the most prominent real estate achievement provided by Iwan Development Company.

it succeeded in providing all the ingredients that would establish an integrated residential city in the most prestigious areas of the 6th October City, where the ALMA Compound project provides various types of housing units that vary between villas Standalone, duplex, townhouse, and twin houses.


About ALMA Compound 6th October

ALMA October has everything you can think of, whether in recreational services or residential units, and is also characterized by its excellent geographical location near the vital service areas, in addition to innovative architectural and engineering designs, all these advantages will make Alma Compound 6th October your first choice, especially after the launch of the systems Easy payment with a long financial return.


Alma October Location

Alma October project is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. Choosing this unique location means that you are close to the most vital areas in the 6th October City, because it contains many banking offices and banks, in addition to being close to the following:

  • 26th of July Corridor: It has easy access to the main roads in the region
  • The Central Authority in Sheikh Zayed City: A few minutes away from the compound.
  • Mall of Arabia: a few steps away from the project
  • Juhayna Square: It is only 5 minutes away from the compound.
  • Hyper One: 5 minutes away from the project land.
  • Global and Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital: the most prominent health and treatment services located near the project
  • Capital Park: The most prominent project is located near the ALMA compound, as it is located steps away from the Green Center and the Americana Plaza project.


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Alma Compound 6th October Area

Ewan Real Estate has built ALMA compound on a vast area of ​​35 acres, and this space has been divided with unparalleled professionalism according to the division plan developed by the company, which includes facilities, services, residential units of all kinds, with interest in increasing the area of ​​​​the green area, as well as cultivation Trees and flowers, which guarantees all residents inside the compound a pure healthy environment free of impurities and car exhaust.


Alma 6th October Units Details

The real estate developer Iwan offers a variety of residential units, and talking about its details, we list the following:


Unit Types

The residential units in Alma compound 6th October vary, and they are as follows:

  • Duplex at ALMA October.
  • Standalone villas in Alma 6th October project.
  • Townhouse in ALMA Compound.
  • Twin house in Alma compound 6th October


Units Area

The space of the units in Alma 6th October varied to meet the needs of a large segment of customers as follows:

  • Twin Houses in ALMA Compound: their areas range from 262 m² to 300 m², and these units contain a private car park for the residents inside these units.
  • Standalone villas in Alma, 6th October: attached to a swimming pool and a large indoor garden.
  • Townhouses in Alma 6th October: They are distinguished from other residential units because they have a separate entrance.


Unit Design

The designs of Alma Compound 6th October are emulated by the whole world because they succeeded in presenting innovative designs for the first time in the 6th October City, and all units have a panoramic view of the green spaces, fountains, artificial lakes, as for the interior design of the units of Alma Compound 6th October, It came as follows:

  • The units of the Alma 6th October project are delivered in a semi-finished system, with the possibility of choosing the super-luxe total finishing system, according to the customer's desire.
  • Ewan Real Estate Company managed to gain the confidence of its customers for its full commitment to the delivery date, and the company promised to deliver ALMA October units of all kinds after 3 years from the date of booking.


Alma Compound October Facilities And Services

Ewan has been interested in satisfying a large segment of its customers, by introducing more entertainment services, making Alma 6th October a standalone residential project. Among these services are the following:

  • The wide green area: it occupies the largest area of ​​the project land, for more comfort and recreation.
  • Swimming pools: They come in amazing sizes and designs, to suit all customers, old and young, and give the units a charming view.
  • Long sports walkway: This walkway was built in a large area, in order to enjoy walking in the morning.
  • Organized walking routes: to avoid congestion at the entrances and exits of the compound, and this excellent service would give ALMA Compound 6th October a distinctive civilized appearance.
  • Restaurants and cafes area: helps you rest, relax and get rid of the stresses of life, as it provides you to sit in a romantic, dreamy atmosphere away from the noise and crowding.
  • Sports Club: A large area has been allocated for holding sports matches and competitions. The club also contains a large stadium area.
  • Health club: It includes a gym and a spa. These halls are equipped with the latest equipment, in order to achieve customer satisfaction by obtaining perfect services without the need to leave the compound.
  • Entertainment places for children: a large area of ​​the project land has been allocated in order to take care of children, and this area contains a number of games and fun recreational activities.
  • Car maintenance centers: They are characterized by providing the best level of repair and maintenance services, after conducting a comprehensive vehicle inspection, which ensures the provision of a satisfactory level of services.
  • Mosque: fully equipped at the highest level to receive visitors, attached to a bathroom for ablution, and a prayer room for women.
  • Medical centers are equipped at the highest level: they contain the latest medical devices and equipment, and Alma Compound on 6th October also contains private clinics and first aid tools, in order to receive critical and emergency cases.
  • Pharmacies: provide the best medical care services 24 hours a day.
  • Veterinary Clinic: To provide the best care for animals, you do not need to leave the compound for any reason.
  • Rooms for raising and caring for pets: All the residential units in the compound have been provided with these rooms, to make all animal lovers happy.
  • Places for holding events and barbecues: a large area has been allocated for holding various events, as well as enjoying lunch and dinner in the open air.
  • International schools: ensuring the best level of educational services for all residents of ALMA Compound 6th October.
  • Commercial area: It includes a number of shops specialized in selling the most famous international brands and brands.
  • Garage and car park: Each housing unit is equipped with a separate entrance and exit, allowing residents to park cars next to their home, ensuring the highest level of comfort and privacy.
  • Security and guarding services: Ewan has taken care of providing its customers with the highest level of security, and in order to achieve this goal, it has been working to appoint a highly trained guard staff, as well as installing digital surveillance cameras at the entrances and main streets leading to the units.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed Prices

Ewan Real Estate was keen to meet the purchasing capabilities of a large segment of customers, as the price per square meter in ALMA October starts from 23,000 EGP as a minimum.


Payment Plans Of Alma Shiekh Zayed

Ewan Company for Real Estate Development has made it easier for many of its clients to own a high-end housing unit in ALMA in October, by providing them with easy and flexible payment systems. You only have to choose the appropriate payment system in order to avoid feeling any financial pressure, and the most prominent payment systems are as follows:

  • A simple down payment of 10% of the total unit value.
  • Pay 15% of the unit value after 3 months of booking.
  • 10% payment upon receiving the unit.
  • The rest of the amount due is paid in equal installments for up to 4 years.
  • Pay additional sums of money for periodic maintenance services.
  • The customer must pay the subscription fee in the gym.


About The Developer "iwan"

Ewan Development is the owner of Alma project on 6th October, and despite the company's establishment of a number of mega projects on the 6th October, ALMA Compound remains like a shining sapphire among the stones thanks to the excellent location and exclusive services for the first time in that area.

The Company is among the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, with a long experience of more than 15 years. Over the past years, it has been able to better identify the requirements of customers, and this is what made it able to establish giant projects with international standards and standards.

Indeed, its projects managed to obtain The approval and satisfaction of work, and this is evident in the racing of many customers to reserve their residential units during the first phase of all their projects.


Previous Works of iwan Real Estate Company

Speaking about the giant projects and huge achievements presented by Ewan Development and Real Estate Development, we list the following:

  • The Axis Compound in the 6th October.
  • Jedar Compound on the 6th October.
  • Atrio Compound on the 6th October.
  • Jeera Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Neighborhood project.
  • Vida project.
  • Iwan Avenue Compound.
  • Magada Resort Ain Sokhna.

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23,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 6,000,000 pounds.

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Al Zohour St., 2nd District, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

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