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About Aria Compound City - Aria Compound

In the event that you have not heard about Aria El Mostakbal City Compound and you strongly desire to own a distinctive real estate unit within El Mostakbal City, then this article is your unique destination; Where we will inform you in a few lines about everything related to Aria Compound from Landmark Sabbour

In general, you get to know the location, area, units, and their areas, in addition to the features of the compound and its services, and finally, you know its prices and payment methods that are suitable for you.


Aria Compound Sabbour El Mostakbal City location

Aria Compound is located in Mostakbal City in New Cairo in the first plot on the Middle Ring Road, which makes you close to a group of important landmarks in the region, as well as being close to a group of many cities around you because you are located on a group of main roads such as the Middle Ring Road and near the main 90th Street and Suez Road.

In this strategic location, you are next to a large group of luxury residential communities, such as:

  • Palm Hills
  • Mountain View Fifth Settlement


Aria Mostakbal City Area

The compound occupies an area of ​​about 108 acres distributed between the landscaping and service facilities on the one hand, and the residential buildings on the other, providing a full-service residential community.


Units Details in Aria Compound

The units and their spaces vary within the compound to ensure that all customers' needs are met and their tastes satisfied.

Units types in Aria

  • Apartments
  • penthouse

Units area

The spaces of the units in Aria vary according to the different units in it, as follows:

  • Apartments spaces: the apartments' spaces in Aria Mostakbal City start from 125 square meters
  • Penthouses spaces: the penthouses spaces in Aria El Mostakbal City start from 165 square meters up to 230 square meters.
  • Finishing: The units are delivered in the semi-finished system if it is the first stage and fully finished in the case of the second stage


Aria Compound New Cairo Services and Facilities

There are many advantages and services in Aria Sabbour Al Mostakbal City, which help you achieve stability and psychological comfort, as well as obtain all the needs that were within the walls of the compound. Here are some of the advantages and services in Aria Sabbour

Landscape: Landmark Sabbour has not overlooked the importance of having large areas of landscaping inside the compound, which helps in achieving psychological comfort and a distinctive view of all units in the area.

Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools as an important recreational facilities of various sizes and styles

Health club: In Aria Compound Sabbour Al Mostakbal City, you can obtain a distinguished service from a health club equipped according to international standards to provide a luxurious service for you and its patrons.

Gym and Spa: You can also train in a gymnasium equipped with the latest technology and equipment, with specialized trainers to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Surveillance cameras: The Sabbour Company has been keen to provide modern surveillance cameras in all parts of the offices

Garage: There is also fully secured garages in the compound, using cameras and others to prevent congestion inside the

compound or in front of the residential units.

Commercial area: you can buy all your needs through a commercial area that occupies approximately 10% of the total area of ​​the compound; And there are many shops that sell the most famous international brands, as well as restaurants and cafes that provide luxurious services to their patrons

Children's area: There is a children's entertainment area in the compound equipped with the latest games suitable for their different age stages.

Security and guard services: The compound has security services and guards 24 hours a day


The Real Estate Developer

The Aria Mostakbal City project is one of the projects of Landmark Sabbour Real Estate Company, which is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development since 2011.

During this period, the company established many projects, most of which are located in New Cairo, such as:

  • Layan Compound New Cairo
  • The One Ninty project in the ninetieth in the Fifth Settlement
  • Zoya North Coast Resort
  • Elite Towers in Maadi
  • Elite Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Benfities of living in the city of the future

  • Mostakbal City is considered one of the modern cities that was established with the aim of expanding the urban area in the Fifth Settlement.
  • In Mostakbal City, you enjoy clean air, because about 50% of the total area of ​​the future has been allocated to green spaces and wide main roads.
  • It also enjoys a low population density and is close to a group of different cities such as El Shorouk City, 3 km away,
  • And enjoy shopping in the largest markets in the region, such as the Obour Market, which is 5 km away, and the Future Mall.
  • It also has many amenities
  • Important educational institutions such as the Military Sports School, the El-Batal Experimental Language School, and the 25th of January School.
  • Finally, being in Mostakbal City places you next to a large group of luxury residential communities such as Beta Gardens Compound, The City of Odyssia Compound, Capital Gardens, and La Venere.

Compound Location

Mostakbal City - Future City, Cairo