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Baroque New Administrative Capital is a high-end residential compound implemented by City Edge for Real Estate Development in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Baroque Compound new capital includes residential units of various styles including apartments, duplexes, villas, twin houses, and commercial units.


About Baroque Compound New Capital

  • Barouk New Capital Compound is located in the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, where it is close to service facilities and important places.
  • Unit prices in Baroque Compound are competitive, and the square meter price is suitable for the largest segment of customers, in addition to various payment systems.
  • Baroque Administrative Capital project has comprehensive services and various advantages that make it a city that meets all the desires of its residents.
  • The architectural design of Baroque Compound is modern and similar to the architectural styles in Europe, where the developer used the largest engineering consultancy offices to develop the basic design plan.
  • The space of the Baroque compound in the new administrative capital is large, allowing the provision of landscapes and spacious gardens, in addition to the diversity of unit spaces so that each customer chooses what suits his needs.


Baroque Compound New Capital Location

Barouk New Administrative Capital is located in the fifth residential district, R5, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, directly overlooking the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and near the following places:

  • It is about a five-minute drive from the business district.
  • It is separated from the Capital International Airport by an estimated distance of ten minutes.
  • Baroque Compound new capital directly overlooks Green River's central park.
  • Barouk Compound separates the administrative capital from the embassy district, the government district, the smart city, the presidential palace, and the Canadian University only a few minutes.
  • Baroque approaches the capital from the Suez Road, and the Ain Sukhna Road.
  • Baroque Compound is a few minutes away from the Sports City and the Academic City.


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Baroque Compound New Capital Area

  • The entire area of ​​the Baroque Administrative Capital project has turned around 1,000 acres. The area of ​​the first phase is estimated at only 250 acres, with 23,000 various housing units.
  • This vast area allowed the provision of green spaces and landscaping on about 80% of the area.
  • Also, the residential buildings in Baroque New Capital Compound occupy only 20% of the total area, which provides privacy for the residents due to the spacing of the spaces between the units and the wide streets.


Units Details Of Baroque Compound

The architectural design of the Baroque compound in the new administrative capital is similar to the French style, and the architectural style dates back to the era of Khedive Ismail, which is characterized by bas-reliefs, decorations, and classic colors.


Unit Types

The residential units vary within the compound and include the following:

  • Apartments in Baroque Compound in the new administrative capital.
  • Twin house in Baroque project in the new administrative capital.
  • Duplexes in the capital Baroque.
  • Villas in Baroque Compound.


Units Area

In the first phase of Baroque Compound new capital, there are two types of buildings with different designs and different areas, as follows:

  • The first type in Baroque Administrative Capital is buildings consisting of a ground floor for commercial units along with five upper floors, each floor includes seven units with areas ranging from 100 meters to 260 meters.
  • The second type in the Compound Baroque capital is buildings consisting of a ground floor for commercial units and five upper floors containing units of varying sizes ranging from 130 square meters to 300 square meters.

Within the Compound Baroque the new administrative capital units are consisting of one bedroom, and other units consisting of two rooms and the other three rooms, and in Baroque project of the administrative capital units are consisting of four rooms, with varying areas as follows:

  • InBaroque Compou in the new administrative capital, small apartments are consisting of one room, with areas ranging from 102 square meters to 107 square meters.
  • Medium apartments in Baroque Compound consist of two rooms with areas ranging from 117 square meters up to 140 square meters.
  • There are also large apartments consisting of three rooms with areas starting from 165 square meters up to a maximum of 275 square meters.


Unit Design

The facades of the residential units in the Compound Baroque in the new administrative capital, are distinguished by embossed drawings and inscriptions, and there are classic glass windows that allow you to see the outside views.

The interiors are also wonderful, and the colors are classic, harmonious, comfortable for the eye and nerves that suit all high-end tastes.


Baroque Compound New Capital Facilities And Services

Baroque Compound new capital is a full-service compound that meets the needs of all clients, most notably the following:

  • Large areas of landscaping and gardens.
  • Baroque compound includes swimming pools of varying sizes suitable for adults and children and covered swimming pools for women.
  • Crystal artificial lakes and dancing fountains in dazzling colors.
  • Barouk New Administrative Capital includes a large social club for family gatherings and practicing all activities.
  • A health club that includes a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and a gym with all sports equipment.
  • The Baroque Administrative Capital project includes a sports club with large playgrounds for various sports such as football, tennis, and basketball.
  • In Baroque Compound, there is a parking lot for customers to prevent crowding in front of the residential buildings.
  • Barouk New Administrative Capital has advanced guarding and security, electronic gates, and a high wall surrounding the compound.
  • Installing advanced surveillance cameras to monitor all movements 24 hours a day.
  • Track for walking and other tracks for bicycles.
  • There are mosques and churches to perform Islamic and Christian religious rites.
  • International schools and universities to achieve a better educational level.
  • Barouk New Capital Compound includes a five-star hotel.
  • Health services are represented in hospitals and clinics in all specialties.
  • Shops below apartment buildings to meet all needs.
  • A huge commercial mall for shopping and buying all international products and brands.
  • Baroque Compound new capital includes outdoor seating.
  • Allocate venues for different parties.
  • Places to practice yoga.
  • Establishment of a gas station within the Baroque compound.
  • Kids Area has a variety of games for children.


Baroque Compound New Capital Prices

The prices of the units within the Compound Bar in the new administrative capital, are competitive, as the square meter price ranges between 20,000 and 22,000 EGP


Baroque Payment plans

City Edge Real Estate offers convenient payment systems with convenient installments and the lowest reservation down payment when buying a unit in the Baroque New Capital project, which is as follows:

  • Pay a reservation down payment of 5% of the total unit price in Baroque Compound.
  • down payment another 10% after three months from the date of the first payment.
  • Then down payment 5% upon receiving the unit in Baroque Co in the new administrative capital.
  • Pay the remaining amount in equal installments for up to seven years.


About the developer "City Edge"

City Edge Real Estate Development is the developer ofBaroque New Capital Compound, and it is one of the largest and leading real estate marketing companies in Egypt.

City Edge, the owner of the Baroque Compound new capital project, is a cooperation between three government agencies, represented by the Urban Communities Authority, the Investment Holding Company, and the Housing and Development Bank.

The company has a distinguished precedent, including the following:

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20,000 pounds Per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,000,000 pounds

City Edge Real Estate Development Company

Compound Location

R5, New Capital City, Cairo