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Baymount Ain Sokhna village is one of the most amazing things that Maven has provided

Developments for Egyptian Tourism, as it offered various units between studios, chalets, and standalone villas of various types, as well as apartments.


About Baymount El Sokhna Village 

The village of Baymount El Sokhna shone with its privileged location directly overlooking the Red Sea, and it has become the first and last resort for all lovers of luxury filled with privacy in an atmosphere of fun and happiness and picturesque beaches with its soft sand.

In addition to all these advantages, the company has pledged to offer units at competitive prices, with plans and facilities, to pay them over the longest possible period so that the customer can own his unit in convenient installments.


Baymount El Sokhna Location

Baymount Sokhna village is located in the city of El Galala, in a very strategic location at the top of the mountain arena at a height of 240 meters above sea level. Its location is characterized by the following specifications:

  • Ain Sokhna Ambush: It is located only 15 kilometers from the village of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna.
  • El Monte El Galala Village: It is separated by 11 km from the village of Baymount El Sokhna.
  • El Galala Port: It is located close to Bay Mount Ain Sokhna.
  • Porto Sokhna Resort: It is the closest tourist resort to the village, only 5 km away.
  • Zafarana Road: It is less than 10 minutes away from Bay Mount Resort.
  • Carnelia Ain Sokhna Resort: A few minutes away from Baymount El Sokhna Village.


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Baymount Village Ain Sokhna Design

The company chose the European-inspired designs to be a picturesque appearance of the village of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna, and then it enjoyed the following:

  • The construction of the buildings in the system of "terracing", where the village is divided into 17 terraces, ensures a wonderful view of all units.
  • All buildings are of low height to allow the sun to enter the units from all sides.


Baymount Ain Sokhna Village Area

Maven Real Estate Development has implemented the Bay Mount Ain Sokhna village on an area of ​​76 acres, in addition to the beach area attached to the village, which equals 9.4 acres, with soft sand extending 30 meters in-depth, and this space was divided as follows:

  • Allocating a small area in Baymount Sokhna village for the construction of residential buildings of all kinds.
  • The rest of the area of ​​Baymount Sokhna village is devoted to service facilities, turquoise lakes, swimming pools, and green spaces.


Baymount Units Details

For everyone looking for all the details of the units within the village of Baymount El Sokhna, we offer them under the following points:


Units Types

Baymount Ain Sokhna includes 1,756 luxury housing units distributed as follows:

  • Studios at Baymount Resort: for small families.
  • Apartments in Baymount Sokhna: consisting of three rooms.
  • Chalets in Baymount Sokhna: consisting of one, two, or three rooms.
  • Stand Alone Type A & B Villas in Baymount El Sokhna Village.
  • Single Floor Twin Villa Villas in Baymount Sokhna
  • Double Floor Twin Villa Villas in Baymount Ain Sokhna.


Units Area

There are many spaces within the village of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna that suit the needs of customers, as follows:

  • Studios: with an area of ​​54 square meters.
  • Apartments: spaces start from 190 square meters.
  • Chalets: with an area of ​​83 square meters for one room, 144 square meters for two rooms, and 190 square meters for three rooms.
  • Stand Alone Type A Villas: start from 250 square meters.
  • Stand Alone Type B villas: available with spaces starting from 220 square meters.
  • Single Floor Twin Villas: start from 167 square meters.
  • Double Floor Twin Villa: with spaces starting from 190 square meters.


Units Design

The company agrees to deliver the units of Baymount El Sokhna village according to the following designs:

  • All units in Baymount Ain Sokhna are fully finished with luxurious floors of elegant granite and marble and anti-bacterial paints.
  • Units within the Baymount Resort are all including air-conditioning and kitchen cabins.
  • The villas in Baymount Sokhna are attached to planted gardens and a swimming pool.


Baymount Ain Sokhna Services And Facilites

There are many features and ideal services that are indispensable for lovers of luxury life, including the following:

  • Security service: to protect the entire village from all sides.
  • Medical service: in all specialties to treat emergency cases.
  • Periodic maintenance service: for all units and facilities to address malfunctions and emergencies.
  • Periodic sterilization service: to provide a healthy atmosphere within the village free of diseases.
  • Surveillance cameras: They were installed throughout the village to protect and monitor it completely.
  • Health club: It contains a jacuzzi, gym, spa, and sauna to provide treatment and fitness exercises.
  • Gym: to practice all kinds of sports.
  • Social Club: With a direct view of the sea beach, for lovers of recreation.
  • Direct sea views: for all Baymount Resort units.
  • Club Carts: Facilitates transportation from one place to another within the village of Baymount El Sokhna.
  • Mountain Hub & Mountain Cabins: Available throughout the village of Baymount Sokhna.
  • Swimming pools: of varying lengths and depths, to be suitable for adults and children.
  • A commercial center: to provide recreational, household, and personal requirements to the residents.
  • Sports fields: for enthusiasts to practice various sports such as basketball, squash, as well as football.
  • Mosques: They accommodate a large number of worshipers and are distributed throughout the village of Baymount Sokhna.
  • International Hotel: To provide hotel service to the guests.
  • Roman theater: It is one of the most important advantages of the village of Bay Mount Ain Sukhna for the first time in the Red Sea Governorate.
  • Tourist walkway: Its length is 50 meters and its width is 20 meters above the surface of the water.
  • Turquoise lakes: to add splendor and elegance to the panoramic view.
  • Golf courses: For lovers of golf, there are large areas and carts for transportation.
  • Restaurants and cafes: one of the most famous international food and beverage chains.
  • Hotel service: Available along the beach to serve residents and visitors.
  • Barbecue areas: equipped to the highest standard.
  • Places for events: to hold celebrations and family events.
  • Fireworks: places are designated for them to give joy and pleasure.
  • Kids Area: Includes international children's games to have fun.
  • Commercial area: to sell essential goods and products to customers.
  • Mountain Elevator: For lovers of excitement and thrill, and to move around the village of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna with its specified stations.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units Prices Of Baymount El Sokhna 

Maven Developments offers the price of a square meter inside Baymount El Sokhna village, starting from 13,000 Egyptian pounds. Accordingly, the unit prices are as follows:

  • Studios in Baymount Sokhna: prices start from 690,000 EGP.
  • Apartments in Bay Mount Resort: they are sold at a total price of 2,500,000 EGP.
  • Chalets in Baymount Sokhna: the price of one room starts from 940,000 EGP, while the price of two rooms starts from 1,200,000 EGP, and the price of three rooms starts from 1,800,000 EGP.
  • Stand Alone Type A Villas in Baymount El Sokhna Village: prices start from 6,800,000 EGP.
  • Stand Alone Type B Villas in Baymount Sokhna: Available at a total price of 5,900,000 EGP.
  • Single Floor Twin Villas in Baymount Ain Sokhna are sold for 3,800,000 EGP.
  • Double Floor Twin Villa Villas in Bay Mount Ain Sokhna: the total price starts from 4,400,000 EGP.


Payment Plans Of Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

The company offers more than one payment system for the units of Baymount El Sokhna Village, to make it easier for customers to choose what suits their financial ability, as follows:

  • The possibility of paying a 5% down payment, followed by another 5%, after 3 months and completing the unit installments in the village of Baymount Sokhna over a maximum period of 7 years.
  • The customer pays 5% of the total unit price at Baymount Resort, followed by 8% after 3 months, and the payment is completed over 8 years.
  • Reserve the unit in the village of Baymount Sokhna with a 10% down payment, followed by a 5% payment after 3 months, then a 10% payment upon receiving the unit, and the remaining customer pays over 9 years.
  • The installments of the units of the Bay Mount Ain Sokhna village are in the form of equal monthly payments, with no interest added.
  • The contracts are signed in agreement to receive the units of the Bay Mount Ain Sokhna village within four years from the date of the contract.


The Developer Of Baymount El Sokhna

Mine Development is the company that owns Bay Mount Ain Sokhna, which has extensive experience in constructing luxury residential projects and tourist villages.

The company was founded by Mr. Mohamed Rushdy and his American partner, Mr. Larry in 2009. It started its real estate activity as one of the branches of the American River World Company, and took over the implementation of many projects in the United States of America, then headed to the Egyptian real estate market to launch the most amazing projects.

Baymount El Sokhna village is considered its first production in Ain Sokhna, and it also has many other projects on the 6th of October and the North Coast and speaking of its previous works, we mention the most famous of them as follows:

  • The "Avenue 30" project in the United States of America.
  • "Avenue V" project in the United States of America.
  • The "Cambria Court" project in the United States of America.
  • Project "N-5 Square" in the United States of America.
  • The "Residences at York" project in the United States of America.
  • The village of "Cali Coast" in the North Coast.
  • Implementation of 9 projects in Philadelphia, USA.

There are not many units anymore, so hurry up to own your luxury unit in the village of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna before the project runs out and is completely handed over, to experience an unparalleled luxury life.

Compound Location

Sokhna-Zaafarana Rood, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez