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Bellagio Ain Sokhna is the best village where you can spend a quick vacation, because it is located near Cairo by only about two and a half hours, so you can go to the village at the end of the week and return quickly without fear of being late for your work in Cairo.

Also, Bellagio Ain Sokhna has chalets overlooking the sea, and it is characterized by luxury in its construction, in addition to being suitable for all families, whether small or large, and young people can also have them and spend a special holiday in the village, because these chalets are available in different sizes to suit everyone.


Information about Bellagio Ain Sokhna

Bellagio Sokhna is a wonderfully beautiful village, because it was built in a wonderful area in Ain Sokhna, which is one of the most vital places that many people go to to spend an enjoyable and special time, especially people who want to go for a quick vacation.

And Bellagio Ain Sokhna is not only the village suitable for holidays, but it is a great investment opportunity, and this is because it is integrated with services, and the units in it are available at competitive prices, so any investor can get the ideal unit for him to invest in.

The village also enjoys an ideal location, as we have already mentioned, and we will explain this location better in the following points.


What is the location of Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

Bellagio El Sokhna Resort is located in the best area of Ain El Sokhna, and this makes it close to the main roads and vital places that all people want to be near, to get the services they need during their vacation, and the village is located near:

  • Cairo: The village is only two and a half hours away from Cairo.
  • Suez City: The village can be reached from Suez in only two hours.
  • Zafarana: Zafarana is only ten minutes away from Bellagio Ain Sokhna .
  • Other tourist villages: It is located near Porto Sokhna, and can be reached in only 33 minutes.

The area of the resort is one of the factors that distinguish it from any other village, and we will present the details of the area in the next paragraph.


What is the area of Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

The village of Bellagio Sokhna is located on a very large area, so that the village has many services and features, which help all visitors to have the best vacation there, and the area of the village was divided as follows:

  • Building area: 20% of the total area of the village has been allocated for buildings, and this is until the largest part is allocated
  • Green spaces and landscapes: Green spaces that help in obtaining fresh air occupied 80% of the total area of the village, to provide many landscapes for the visitors of the village.

In order to achieve maximum comfort for the customers in the village, the provision of integrated services is the ideal solution, and therefore we will mention all the details of the features and services available in Bellagio Ain Sokhna as follows:


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What are the services and features of the Bellagio Ain Sokhna project?

It is possible to obtain rest and relaxation when going to the village of Bellagio Ain Sokhna, and this is because the village has integrated services that make all those in it a state of great comfort, and among these services and advantages that the village enjoys:

  • Room service: This service is obtained by customers upon request. Once the call is made, you will get the wonderful hotel service, which helps you relax and get a clean and tidy chalet.
  • Private car park: To ensure that all customers are very happy and comfortable, this large car park has been provided, which can accommodate a large number of cars, and this car park is free and safe, and your car will be preserved from any damage to it.
  • Swimming pools: Many customers want to enjoy going into the swimming pool, so 6 large swimming pools of different depths are provided to suit everyone in Bellagio Ain Sokhna, and care is taken to clean and sterilize the swimming pools on a daily basis.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Eating in front of the sea is a magical thing, so when you go to Bellagio Ain Sokhna , you will find more than one luxurious restaurant overlooking the beach, and it has a wonderful view, or you can enjoy your favorite drink in front of the sea, and there are also some restaurants and cafes that are located inside The village is near green areas or swimming pools.
  • Kids Area: In the village, there is an area dedicated to children’s games, in which there are many games that make children enjoy their time, and parents can leave the children there and go to spend a wonderful time because this area is safe.
  • Bike rental areas: You can have more fun when you ride your bike inside Bellagio Ain Sokhna ,   And go to the beach and relax with this beautiful view.
  • Aqua Park: There are many charming water games that are suitable for adults and children as well, which are located on the beach, and these games vary so that any customer can enjoy the game that he prefers.
  • Security and guarding: Security and guarding services that exist within the village   It makes you and your family completely safe, because there are surveillance cameras all over the village, and there are also security personnel everywhere.
  • Health club: To get more relaxation and comfort, the customer can go to this integrated health club, where it has a gym, and there is a perfectly equipped spa to get a wonderful massage session.
  • Supermarket: You can find all the food and drinks you need, and there is a delivery service inside the chalets.

And these breath-taking services are not all that make your holiday at the resort   A perfect and wonderful vacation, and this is because of the details of the chalets that we will show you in the following.


Units Details in Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

Getting a unit in Bellagio Ain Sokhna is the best decision that can be made, and this is because there are wonderful details in the units of the village, and this is what makes your stay in it an unparalleled residence, and you cannot enjoy it in any other village as you will enjoy it. To know more about these distinct units, follow the next paragraph.


What are the types of units in Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

In order for customers to obtain the best units in Bellagio Ain Sokhna , the units that all customers wish to obtain have been provided, including:

  • chalets.

As we mentioned previously, the village provides all the needs of customers, so these chalets have been provided with more than one space, and we will know the details in the following.


What is the unit space in Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

In the village of Bellagio Ain Sokhna, you can find the right unit for you and your family, because of the presence of units of various sizes, which are suitable for large and small families, and there are units ideal for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon, as follows:

  • Chalet space: the chalet space in the village starts from 110 square meters.

And if you want to know the details of these wonderful chalets, we will display these details in the following points.


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Units design in Bellagio Ain Sokhna

Bellagio Sokhna Resort is characterized by the presence of all the factors that make it the best tourist village in which you can spend a very special vacation, especially with the wonderful design of the units that the village enjoys, as the units were designed as follows:

  • The chalets have a modern yet simple design, so you will be able to feel the great luxury while you are in your chalet, with modern colors and decorations.
  • All chalets feature the latest furniture inside, so you will be able to enjoy comfort while you are there.
  • The distance between each unit has been carefully studied, so that you can enjoy the privacy you need without any disturbance.
  • The units overlook the beach, and some of them overlook green spaces and swimming pools, so whatever your taste, you will find the perfect unit for you.
  • Bellagio Ain Sokhna has a sandy beach and you can enjoy the sea and go down to it at any time, especially since it is located in the whole village.

So when you buy a unit and go to the village,   You will be in a place with many features that will help you get rid of any negative energy you have, especially since the unit prices are suitable for all categories, as we will present them in the next.


What are the prices of Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

The price per meter in Bellagio Sokhna starts at around 13,000 EGP, and with the many services and features that characterize this village, this price is very competitive for the customer who will get all this for this price, and the units are available at a price:

  • Chalet meter price: about 13,636 thousand Egyptian pounds .

Chalet of 110 square meters, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms:

It starts from 1,500,000 pounds.

Chalet of 200 square meters:

It starts from 2,727,200 pounds.

Chalet of 300 square meters:

It starts from 4,090,800 pounds.

Chalet of 400 square meters:

It starts from 5,454,000 pounds.

To find out more about prices and offers on units, please contact customer service.


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What are the payment systems and payment methods in Bellagio Ain Sokhna?

In Bellagio Ain Sokhna, a very easy payment system has been put in place, and this system helps customers get the unit they want without fear of paying the full price of the unit, as the payment system is as follows:

  • 25% down payment of the unit price, and the rest of the amount over 3 years.

Many people may need to know the company that owns this huge project, which provides all these features and payment facilities, so we will mention its details in our next paragraph.


Who is the company that owns the Bellagio Ain Sokhna project?

The Saudi Egyptian Development Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. It also owns the Bellagio Ain Sokhna project. It was founded in 1975, when a partnership took place between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish this company.

The company has carried out a very large number of real estate projects, and all its real estate projects have many advantages, whether it is the excellent location or the construction according to the latest standards, and this village is a very successful model for the cooperation of Egypt and the Kingdom.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Bellagio Ain Sokhna project?

More than one successful real estate project has been built by the Saudi Egyptian Development Company, where the company was interested in the presence of huge real estate projects throughout the Republic, and among these projects:


What are the advantages of investing in Bellagio?

The features of Bellagio Ain Sokhna are very numerous and we have mentioned it before, but the unit prices are the most attractive factors for investors for this project, especially since it is in a vital location facing the best beaches of Sokhna.


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