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Blue Bay Asia Sokhna offers the true meaning of luxury from Marseilia Real Estate Development, as it offers chalets of various areas, some attached to a garden and others attached to a roof to suit the requirements of customers.


About Blue Bay Asia Village Ain Sokhna

Marseilia Real Estate Development Company has been keen to provide Blue Bay Asia Sokhna with the advantages that make it the first choice for clients from inside and outside the country and has already succeeded in capturing their attention and captivating their hearts with its stunning style and distinguished location.

It has also taken care of providing more than one system for paying the total price of the blue bay El Sokhna village units to make it easier for every customer who wants to own a high-end summer residence unit at competitive prices and a long payment period.


Blue Bay El Sokhna Village Location

Blue Bay Asia Sokhna village is located in the "Tawahin Al-Air" area, directly overlooking the Red Sea, and it has the following advantages:

  • Zaafarana Gate: It is located 4 km from the village of Blue Bay Sokhna.
  • Cairo Gate: It is only 140 km from Blue Bay Ain Sokhna village.
  • Al Hayat Resort: One of the closest resorts to Blue Bay Sokhna.
  • Porto Sokhna: 30 km from the village of Marseille Blue Bay.
  • Santa Claus Resort: It is less than half an hour away from Blue Bay Sokhna Village.
  • Renewable Energy Plant: It is located in front of blue bay El Sokhna village.


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Blue Bay Asia Design 

Marseilia Real Estate Development Company designed Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Village in the Latin style intertwined with the Asian civilization with external decorations that transport its residents directly to the Latin Quarter, and it is characterized by the following:

  • Low rise buildings "ground floor and two upper floors only".
  • Each floor consists of 2 units and therefore each apartment building consists of 6 units.
  • Roofs of buildings in the village of Blue Bay Sokhna in the form of four-sided domes.
  • Elephant statues inside Blue Bay Ain Sokhna village give a feeling of Thai life.
  • A tourist walkway in the village of Blue Bay Asia, Sokhna, inside the Red Sea, with a stunning appearance.


​​Blue Bay Asia Area 

Blue Bay Ain Sokhna was built on an area of ​​about 58 acres, which was divided by Marseilia Real Estate Development Company according to the following:

  • Allocating 25% of the total area of ​​Blue Bay El Sokhna village for the construction of residential buildings only.
  • The rest of the 75% was allocated to the construction of the green and water surface and important facilities within the village of Blue Bay Sokhna.


Blue Bay Ain Sokhna Units Details

As for the most important details of the units of the Blue Bay Asia Sokhna village, we mention them in the following paragraphs


Units Types

All units in blue bay El Sokhna village are of the following type:

  • Chalets with garden in Blue Bay Ain Sokhna: consist of two rooms and are located on the ground floor.
  • Standard chalets in Blue Bay Sokhna: located on the first floor.
  • Roof Chalets in Blue Bay Ain Sokhna: located on the second floor.


Units Area

There are multiple spaces within the village of Blue Bay Asia Sokhna, and they start with the following:

  • Chalets: space starts from 96 square meters.


Units Design

The units of Blue Bay Sokhna have unique interior designs, which we mention as follows:

  • Units in the village of Marseille Blue Bay of all kinds are delivered fully finished and attached to air conditioning.
  • The company uses the best paint and flooring materials to finish units in Blue Bay Sokhna village with the best interior decorations.


Blue Bay Asia Village Services And Facilities

Blue Bay Asia Sokhna includes many basic services and unparalleled recreational benefits, which include the following:

  • Dancing fountains: to give a panoramic view of the units.
  • A central commercial area: for shopping and purchasing personal and entertainment supplies from the most famous international brands.
  • Security and guarding: to protect the village of blue bay, El Sokhna, from all sides.
  • Car garages: to prevent overcrowding in a bad appearance and to protect them during the waiting period.
  • Health club: includes a spa, jacuzzi, and a gym for fitness lovers.
  • Swimming pools: suitable for all ages inside Blue Bay Ain Sokhna village due to its varying depths.
  • Sports fields: football, basketball, tennis, and squash.
  • Sports club: to play different games inside Blue Bay Sokhna.
  • Aqua Park: includes water games in the village of Marseille Blue Bay for both children and adults.
  • Kids Area: To entertain children in Blue Bay Ain Sokhna village with the most fun and exciting games.
  • Recreational beach: equipped with games to enjoy playing on the soft sand.
  • HD cameras: to monitor the entire village of Blue Bay Asia Sokhna from all sides, internally and externally.
  • Green spaces: attractively distributed throughout the village of Blue Bay Asia, Sokhna.
  • Artificial lakes: to ensure an amazing view of all residential units within Blue Bay El Sokhna Village and the recreational areas.
  • Maintenance service: To provide periodic repairs for emergency malfunctions within the village of Blue Bay Sokhna around the clock.
  • Sterilization service: to protect the residents of Blue Bay Ain Sokhna village from catching an infection.
  • Marina Yachting: For lovers of fishing trips.
  • Party venues: for events, family celebrations, and other venues for barbecues and BBQ parties.
  • Hotel service: to serve hotel guests inside Blue Bay Sokhna Village.
  • Medical staff: to treat emergency cases in all specialties.
  • Pharmacies: To provide medication service throughout the day.
  • Hypermarket: To provide the residents' household needs.
  • Photography area: to take the most beautiful pictures in the middle of the picturesque nature inside the village of Marseille Blue Bay.
  • Leisure Forest: Designed in Asian style.
  • Diving Center: For lovers of diving in the depths of the Red Sea.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units Prices Of Blue Bay Asia Village

The price per square meter in Blue Bay Ain Sokhna starts from 17,000 EGP, and the chalet prices range as follows:

  • Chalets with a garden in Blue Bay Asia, Sokhna: prices start from 1.562.400 EGP.
  • Ordinary chalets in Blue Bay Asia Village, Sokhna: available at prices starting from 1,411,200 EGP.
  • Roof chalets in blue bay El Sokhna village: the total price starts from 1.461.600 EGP.


Payment Plans Of Blue Bay Asia Village Ain Sokhna

There are many payment plans for the units of the village of Blue Bay Ain Sokhna to facilitate the ownership of units for customers, and we mention them as follows:

  • The possibility of booking the unit inside the village of Blue Bay Sokhna, with a down payment of 5% to 10%.
  • Installment units in Blue Bay Sokhna over 6 years, without interest, and in equal monthly installments.
  • The units of Blue Bay Sokhna will be delivered starting from 2022 AD.


The Developer Of Blue Bay Asia Village 

Marseilia Real Estate Development Company, executing the village of Blue Bay Sokhna, is one of the pioneers of the Egyptian real estate market, as it was established as an Egyptian joint-stock company in 2001.

It has a very large investment volume that exceeds the barrier of 150 million Egyptian pounds, and it seeks, with twenty years of experience, to always provide everything sparkling and full of luxury and sophistication, whether in residential complexes or tourist villages.

She has countless previous works and talking about some of them, we mention the following list:

  • The village of "Marseille 1".
  • The village of "Marseille 2".
  • Resort "Marseilia Beach 1".
  • Resort "Marseilia Beach 2".
  • Resort "Marseilia Beach 3".
  • Resort "Marseilia Beach 4".
  • Cascadia Resort North Coast.
  • The village of "Blue Bay Joury" in Ain Sokhna.
  • "Golden Yard" compound in the new administrative capital.
  • Compound "Marseilia Florence" in Montazah in Alexandria.
  • Marseilia Land Compound in New Alamein.
  • Marseilia Mall in the North Coast.
  • Marseilia Alam El Roum Resort in Matrouh.
  • Project "Marseille Bouquet".
  • Mall "Florence Mega".
  • "Hayat Marseilia" compound in Alexandria.

We remind you that the advantages that Blue Bay Ain Sokhna owns, you will not find in any other village, so do not hesitate to own a unit that makes your dreams come true for you at attractive prices and with the longest possible repayment period.

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17,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,560,000 pounds.

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