Brix 6 October

map pinRing Road, 6 October City, Giza
ApartmentApartment 52,317 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 4,290,000 : 11,863,000 EGP
Area 82 : 243 M2

The Brix 6th of October compound exemplifies the creativity and splendour of the design for a unique project in the middle of the 6th of October city. With more entertainment services and several advantages, the Brix Compound has been deemed the finest artwork among the October projects.

Brix Compound offers a wonderful design of units, in addition to a variety of prices, special discounts, and payment methods according to the customer's ability.


Information about Brix Compound, 6 October

  • Bricks October Compound presents a unique real estate image in terms of design, construction, services, and a variety of features that combine originality and leadership in design.
  • BRICS was established in the most prestigious location in Sheikh Zayed, in the middle of October, on a large area that includes residential buildings, in addition to various services and green areas.
  • As it has distinguishing access to October districts, giant projects, and unusual complexes, the Brix 6th of October project offers residents a distinctive view.
  • It has a wide view of the most prominent services of the place, including various educational, recreational, and social services, in addition to all the services that the compound contains.
  • As for compound design, it has a unique panoramic glass facade that distinguishes the October Bricks from the rest of the projects.
  • Brix Compound units varied between apartments, twin houses, and duplexes to expand the variety to satisfy all our customers' tastes.
  • The project is characterized by competitive prices, in addition to discounts, and Inertia has provided flexible payment methods that consider customers' capabilities in Brix Compound.
  • Inertia is one of the most significant real estate development companies in Egypt, Inertia has carried out a wide range of residential and service projects, offering a variety of recreational activities as well as the administrative benefits of the compound.
  • Bricks Cairo Compound is characterized by the abundance of gardens and the spread of green spaces that offer a distinct clean environment free from diseases and microbes, and crowds of other cities.
  • Receive your unit in the best residential and service area in Brix Compound from Inertia Real Estate Company, with competitive prices, where you can communicate online and we will provide you with all the data and information with pictures.
  • October city is one of the areas that contain units for sale in Brix Compound 6 October, where the price level is reasonable in comparison to the amenities and features of Brix Compound 6 October, including the most significant of the compound's gardens and different payment systems.
  • Own an apartment now in instalments with a down payment that suits you, and enjoy the best residential apartments in Egypt, especially in October.


The location of Brix Compound, 6 October

44,000 square meters have been allocated in the heart of 6th of October to make the BRICS project directly on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road so that it is easily accessible to all surrounding areas, roads and main axes.

Inertia has chosen a special place in October, overlooking many roads and important areas such as:

  • 26th of July Road: very close to Al Mehwar 
  • Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road: Brix on the 6th of October is close to the road to facilitate access to various places.
  • Ring Road: a few minutes away from Brix Compound 6 October.
  • Lebanon Square: Brix Compound 6 October is only 10 minutes away from the square.


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The area of the Brix Compound, October 6

  • The total area: 44,000 square meters, approximately 11 acres.
  • Building area: 27% of the total area.
  • Green spaces and landscapes: 73% of Brix Compound 6 October.


Services and features of the Brix 6th of October project

Brix Compound 6 October implemented by Inertia Company, enjoys many different services and features, which made it the best destination for customers, in addition to unique designs with a variety of units and spaces, competitive prices of apartments in the compound, and one of the most important features of Brix Compound 6 October the following:

  • Distinctive Location: In the heart of the 6th of October City, Inertia has created a distinctive design that attracts attention, in the midst of the most important axes and roads of October City, and is considered one of the finest projects that match international designs.
  • Distinctive design: The design of the Brix Compound 6 October is one of the modern designs, which carefully expresses a distinctive vision for Inertia Real Estate Investment Company in a high-quality style, and a variety of apartments and duplexes with distinctive spaces and convenient payment systems, as it includes multi-use real estate and is a unique opportunity for all those are looking for Luxury and calm.
  • Space flexibility:  great advantage of Brix Compound is unit variety, as the project is divided between apartments and duplexes.
  • Green spaces: the largest part of the compound is allocated to plants and gardens.
  • Swimming pools: designed with distinctive designs and different shapes, which are surrounded by trees and green spaces to give you the feeling of Alexandria vibes, or the North Coast.
  • Garage: Different garages serve the entire compound, equipped with surveillance systems and the latest cameras.
  • Commercial area: Brix Compound on the 6th of October City has various shops and malls to provide goods and services to all residents.
  • Generators: The Brix Compound, 6th of October City, has powerful generators for automatic operation as soon as the power is cut off from the compound.
  • Club House: Distinguished by entertainment services.
  • Educational services: There are many different educational services, including prestigious international schools, nurseries and schools equipped with the latest facilities.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The Brix 6th of October compound includes the best brands of restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of types.
  • Gardens: The forms of green spaces and garden designs vary in the Brix October project.
  • Kids Area: The existing Kids Area varies, which contains the best games that delight children, taking into account safety and comfort factors.
  • Medical services: We have many clinics in Brix 6th of October that operates throughout the day, with the availability of pharmacies beside specialized clinics that provide services to residents of Brix 6th of October throughout the week.
  • Modern surveillance systems: The largest companies have been assigned the best and latest systems and cameras have been installed to provide daily surveillance easily.
  • Security and guarding: We have the best security companies and the latest guard systems, and they have been provided with the most important security means to provide privacy for residents in Brix 6th of October.
  • Electronic gates: to facilitate entry and exit with taking account into the safety factor.
  • Gathering areas: Multiple areas for holding parties and events.


Units details in BRIX 6th of October

Inertia Development Company presents the Brix 6th of October compound, as the best residential project on a huge area of approximately 11 acres.

The units are characterized by a sophisticated design and special prices were offered by Inertia Company.

  The details of Brix Compound units are as follows:


Types of units in Brix 6 October Compound

Brix Compound has wonderful designs and distinctive units that match modern European designs with a unique view of a panoramic façade. The units have varied as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Twin House.
  • Duplex.


Units Spaces Brix Compound, 6 October

Among the advantages offered by the Brix 6th of October compound in October, which is one of the elements of demand for the compound's units, is the diversity of spaces and their services. The units' space has been announced as follows:

  • Villas for sale in Brix October Compound: 346 sqm.
  • Townhouse space for sale in Brix October: 258 sqm.
  • Apartments space for sale in Brix October Compound: the apartment space starts from 56 square meters.
  • Apartments for sale area of 177 square meters consisting of 2 rooms in addition to 2 bathrooms.
  • Apartments for sale with an area of 192 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms.
  • Apartments for sale 149 have 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.


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Apartments for sale in October.


Units design in BRIX 6th of October

The design by Inertia Real Estate Development Company is characterized by sophistication, as the designers relied on a mixture of modern geometric shapes and a unique architectural style thanks to the assistance of professionals from foreign designers

And combined the experiences with the ideas of developers to produce a unique design that simulates modern architecture in developed countries.

The units provide privacy as the roads and spaces between buildings widen.

expanding green spaces to make sure there is a clean atmosphere.

Paying attention to luxury aspects such as swimming pools, gardens, and health service areas is one of the most important features of the project design in the 6th of October City.


Units' prices in Brix 6 October Compound

The price per square meter in Brix Compound, October 6, starts at 14,000 pounds, and the unit prices have been announced as follows:

  • The price of the apartments in Brix October Compound: starts from 840,000 EGP.
  • The price of villas for sale in Berix October Compound: 4,844,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse prices for sale in Brix October: 3,612,000.


Payment systems and methods in Brix Compound, 6 October

Among the distinguished projects that took into account diversity and provided flexibility when determining payment methods while providing a long payment period and appropriate down payment, the payment systems for the units of the Brix October compound were as follows:

  • 10% down payment: A 10% down payment of the total value of the unit is paid.
  • 7 years in instalments: The period of repayment of the unit value is estimated in a monthly instalment for a period of 7 years from the date of the contract, after deducting the down payment.


Brief about the real estate developer of the Brix 6 October project

One of the biggest and most opulent compounds on the 6th of October is the Brix 6th of October complex, which is offered by inertia Development Company. The company has also presented other residential projects over the years that reflect extensive real estate development expertise.

The company was established in 2007 and has 12 years of experience in the real estate market.

The best designs in Brix Compound are what illustrate the sophistication and experience of inertia Company, in addition to its work in various mega projects.


The previous work of the real estate developer of the Brix 6 October project

The company inertia offers constructions that express a unique vision, as it is not looking for housing units only, but it offers integration in the project, which is represented by the Brix October Compound, and among the most important experiences of the institution are the following:


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Ring Road, 6 October City, Giza

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