Celia New Capital Compound

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Celia New Capital compound is owned by Talaat Moustafa Group, so it is expectable that it enjoys a prestigious location in the Administrative Capital, and includes various types of residential units whether apartments, twin houses, or villas.

Celia New Capital has many other advantages that made it a destination ideal for those wishing to live a luxurious residential life.


About Celia New Capital

Celia New Capital Compound succeeded in attracting many clients and investors to it, thanks to its unique services and many advantages that made it outperform many other residential projects, in addition to its competitive unit prices and easy payment plans.


Celia New Capital Location

Celia Compound enjoys a strategic location in the New Administrative Capital, as it directly overlooks the Green River, in addition to having two facades on the central park, cp4 and cp5, and one of the most important advantages of its location is the accessibility of it from more than one road, such as:

  • Sheikh Zayed Southern Axis Road
  • Sheikh Zayed North Axis Road
  • south future road
  • Ring road


Celia Compound also connects its residents with many vital places in the Administrative Capital, such as:

Governmental Neighborhood: It contains the Al Massa Hotel, the Parliament building, and the ministries.


Moreover, it is distinguished by its proximity to major cities and important facilities outside the Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Governmental Neighborhood: It contains the Al Massa Hotel, the Parliament building, and the ministries.


Moreover, it is distinguished by its proximity to major cities and important facilities outside the Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Madinati
  • New Cairo
  • Badr city limits
  • Ain Sukhna City: 60 km separated them.


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Celia Compound Area

Celia, the capital, is distinguished by its large area of ​​500 acres (about 2023427.24 square meters), but this vast area is divided into several phases, with the area of ​​the first phase alone reaching 40 acres.


Celia New Administrative Capital Units Details

Modern units of various shapes and areas are available in Celia, the administrative capital because it takes into account the different requirements of the market, so it offers many options to its customers.


Units Types

Despite the many types of units in Celia Compound, the new administrative capital, all of them are characterized by modernity, as they are represented in:

  • Apartments in Celia Compound, the new administrative capital
  • Villas in Celia Compound, the new administrative capital
  • Twin house in Celia compound, new capital

It is worth noting that the apartments are located on the eastern side, and the villas are located on the western side, where the units were distributed in its various parts, to ensure that there is no crowding between its residential buildings.


Units Area

The areas of the Celia New Capital Compound units vary greatly, as they are:

  • Apartments: their areas range between 77 and 174 square meters, and there are other apartments with three rooms with a minimum area of ​​125 square meters.
  • Twin Houses (Double Villas): the area of ​​the smallest units is 259 square meters, and the largest is 341 square meters.
  • Villas: The smallest extends over 190 square meters (minimum).


Units Design

Celia New Capital Compound units are designed according to the latest modern international designs, as they work according to the smart system or the so called Smart Home, which enables its residents to control the lighting system, air conditioning, etc. remotely with a single click, through advanced technological means.


Celia New Capital Services And Facilities

Residents' comfort is guaranteed inside Celia compound because it is equipped with various types of services and equipment, such as:

  • Security services: Security personnel are available 24 hours and surveillance cameras are deployed in all its areas.
  • Shopping area: It has multiple commercial centers and many shops that provide the residents with everything they need, as well as world famous brands and brands.
  • Medical services: It is characterized by its integration, as there is a medical center and clinics of various specialties in Celia Compound, in addition to pharmacies.
  • Ease of transportation to and from it: Thanks to the transportation network that was launched in the area, which is characterized by calm and does not suffer from congestion, which contributes to the flow of traffic in it.
  • Educational facilities: represented in the international school and two nurseries for children, which makes it easy for students and children living there to join the finest educational institutions that are a few steps away from their homes.
  • A group of cafes and restaurants: They are distinguished by their high quality services, which ensures that the residents of Celia, the capital, get a distinguished service in case they want to eat their favorite dishes and drinks in it.
  • Sports club: equipped in a way that enables its patrons to experience new and different sports and games, especially with modernly designed playgrounds inside.
  • Multiple entertainment venues: There are 2 entertainment centers in which you can play fun games and many recreational activities that suit families and individuals alike, in addition to the Roman Theater that offers wonderful entertainment shows and events.
  • Swimming pools: vary in size to suit all residents of Celia, the administrative capital, including children, in addition to that, some of them are covered to suit women more, as it guarantees them greater privacy.
  • Multiple gates: There are sub gates next to the main gates, to facilitate access to the residential buildings directly.
  • Mosques: It includes three major mosques designed according to the ancient Islamic style, distributed in different parts.
  • Other advantages: Such as advanced smart security systems applied almost everywhere, in addition to the units of Celia New Administrative Capital built according to the gradual system, which positively affects the movement and roaming within its various streets and facilitates access to these units.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units Prices Of Celia Compound New Capital

The price per square meter in the Celia Compound in the administrative capital starts from 18,000 pounds, but it can be more than that depending on the type of unit sold (apartment, villa, twin house) and its other specifications, such as its location inside.


Payment Plans Of Celia New Administrative Capital

Celia New Capital Compound offers one of the easiest payment systems for its customers, where they can pay a down payment of 55 thousand pounds for the apartment, and up to 250 thousand pounds in the case of booking a villa, with the possibility of paying the rest in installments for a period of up to 13 years.


The Developer Of Celia New Capital

Celia Compound is owned by Hisham Talaat Mostafa Holding Group, which is very famous among the largest real estate companies, because it has a great experience on the one hand, as it was established as an Egyptian joint stock company in 2007, and on the other hand, it is always keen to launch large integrated projects.

The group is also keen to implement residential complexes with modern designs and various spaces that meet the different needs of its customers, which made it occupy a leading position in the real estate development sector in the whole Middle East, not only in Egypt.

Talaat Moustafa Group owns vast lands extending over 53 square meters, in the most prominent locations ever, which doubles its chances of success once launched, especially as it uses experts and creative competencies to implement its various projects in a way that takes into account the welfare of its customers to the maximum degree.

Celia Compound is considered one of the group's most luxurious residential projects, as it sought, upon its launch, to design it luxuriously in line with what its name means in Arabic, which is (paradise). Tourists are also in lively upscale locations.

The company's distinctive projects are spread in very multiple regions, and a number of the most prominent of its previous work can be illustrated as follows:

  • Rabwa project in Sheikh Zayed
  • Nour City in the Gardens of the New Administrative Capital
  • Al Rehab City in New Cairo
  • Madinaty in New Cairo (built on 8,000 acres)

All the specifications of the luxury residential complex are located in Celia, the capital, so you should not miss booking your unit in it to enjoy living in a strategic and integrated location.

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18,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,400,000 pounds.

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R7, New Capital City, Cairo