D Bay Resort North Coast

map pinInternational Coastal Road, New Alamein City, North Coast
VillaVilla 59,864 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 54,925 EGP/M2
ChaletChalet 64,310 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 16,762,000 : 17,872,000 EGP
Area 280 M2
Twin house
Price 10,985,000 : 13,434,000 EGP
Area 200 : 240 M2
Price 6,431,000 : 9,690,000 EGP
Area 100 : 185 M2

D Bay North Coast is an ideal interface for many clients and investors, especially after the great success achieved by Tatweer Misr Real Estate after launching its first project, Fouka Bay, and the D Bay Resort North Coast project came as a continuation of this success. Chalets, twin houses, lofts and cabins, all these luxurious units were offered at affordable prices that are incomparable with the exclusive services provided by the project.


Details about De Bay North Coast

· Project Name: d bay north coast

· De Bay Village Location: North Coast City

· De Bay Village space: approximately 201 acres.

· Units types in De Bay North Coast: chalets, villas, and twin houses.

· Units Space in De Bay North Coast: it starts from (75 to 280) square meters.

· Payment systems in De Bay North Coast: There are different instalment systems.

· The name of the executing company for De Bay North Coast: Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company.


Information about De Bay North Coast

Dbay North Coast Within the list of tourist resorts located in the North Coast region, Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company has succeeded in providing a modern lifestyle full of activity and vitality, and this is evident in all the recreational services in the project, and despite its interest in services and facilities, it was keen to select a distinguished location in the heart of North Coast, in addition to the innovative designs inspired by the European style, all units enjoy a panoramic view of the sea thanks to their terrace design.


What is the location of De Bay North Coast?

De Bay is located in the heart of the North Coast, specifically at kilometer 165 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road in the Dabaa area. The village was able to attract the attention of many customers and investors alike thanks to its excellent strategic location near many vital places and prominent landmarks on the North Coast, including the following:

· Cairo City : 3 hours away from D Bay, North Coast.

· Marsa Matrouh City: It is 115 km away from the village, and thus it is easily accessible within 90 minutes.

· Fouka Bay Village: the most prominent tourist village on the North Coast, you can reach it in a few minutes.

· Mountain View North Coast: Steps away from the D Bay Resort North Coast project.

· El Alamein Resort and Marina: Both are only 20 minutes away from the project because the distance between them and the project does not exceed 45 kilometers.

· Fouka Road, New Fouka Road: The village is located close to these main roads, thus making it easy for village visitors to go to major cities within a few hours.

· Marassi Tourist Village: The distance between it and De Bay Village is less than 15 minutes.

· Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay: Guests of D Bay North Coast need only 15 minutes to reach this charming spot.

· Telal North Coast Village: close to the project, with a distance of only 15 minutes.


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What is the area of De Bay Village?

Choosing D Bay North Coast Resort guarantees you to enjoy a charming view of the sea, as it extends over an area of 201 acres with a sandy beach of 800 meters in length. The owner company provided countless privileges to its project clients, and this is the secret of allocating the largest percentage of the project land. To create green spaces, landscapes, and various services. As for the residential buildings represented in chalets, standalone villas, and twin houses, they occupy the smallest space of the total land of the project.


Units details in Dbaye North Coast

We list more details related to the units, the most important of which are the types, spaces and design, as follows:


What are the unit types in De Bay Village?

D Bay North Coast includes about 1,800 housing units, which vary between the following:

· Chalets in Dbaye, North Coast.

· Independent villas in De Bay Village.

· Twin House in Dbay Resort, North Coast.

· Lofts in D Bay, North Coast.

· Hotel cabins in the D Bay North Coast project.


What is the unit space in De Bay North Coast?

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company presented units of utmost luxury and sophistication with a variety of spaces to meet the needs of all customers, as follows:

· Chalets: available in various sizes starting from 100 square meters, and these luxury summer residences consist of 2 or 3 bedrooms.

· Standalone Villas: available for immediate reservation with an area of 280 square meters or more.

· Twin House by Twin House: space starts from 200 square meters.

· Lofts: ranging in size from 75 square meters to 95 square meters.


Unit design in dbay

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company has sought the assistance of the largest engineering offices in order to establish an integrated residential city that exceeds all expectations, with special attention to units design, taking into account the diversification of spaces and finishes, in addition to that various types of units of De Bay Village will be delivered with a full super lux finishing, including Allows the customer to choose the unit and finish that best suits him.


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What are the services and features of the dPay project?

D Bay, North Coast, is equipped with many basic and recreational services, making it an integrated residential city suitable for living in throughout the year, as it contains the following:

· Vast green spaces and landscapes: in addition to the spread of gardens everywhere in the village, and it seems that they are surrounded by the village, and it is noted that tall trees spread everywhere in the village, all of this makes you feel the natural beauty around you.

· Walking and running paths: Within the village of De Bay, North Coast, there are a number of safe tracks, which were specially created to meet the desires of sports lovers in a safe place away from public roads.

· Crystal Lagoons: It gives the village an ideal appearance, as it was built in the heart of the village.

· Swimming pools: you can see them everywhere in the village, and they are among the recreational facilities for adults and children alike.

· Private beach: 800 meters long, allowing all D Bay Resort North Coast residents to enjoy the white sands and turquoise waters.

· An entertainment area equipped for children: This area is equipped in a safe way so that you can be assured of your children throughout their stay in the area. It is not only a hosting area but it is also equipped with the best recreational games and fun activities.

Halls for holding parties and events: to meet the needs of customers without requiring them to leave the village of D Bay North Coast

· Shuttle buses: Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company is keen to provide transportation to and from the village, and it can be considered one of the best services available in the resort.

· Garage and parking: Ample parking spaces have been allocated for visitors and residents within D-Bay North Coast, and they prevented overcrowding inside the village.

· Medical clinic: It includes all specialities, and it also receives patients and emergency cases at any time throughout the day.

· Pharmacies: They operate permanently throughout the day, with home delivery or anywhere in the village.

· Health club: It contains a spa room and jacuzzi, and gyms equipped at the highest level with the best sports, making it a suitable place for athletes.

· Restaurants and cafes area: The company was interested in establishing this area at the highest level to suit VIP visitors and businessmen. It is unique in providing a variety of the best Arabic and international cuisine.

· Guarding services: The real estate developer worked to provide security services, the first of its kind in the North Coast region, with intensive guarding at the entrances and exits 24 hours a day.

· Surveillance cameras: operate 24 hours a day, in order to secure all aspects of d bay north coast, from the inside out.

· Commercial centres: contain a number of shops, in order to provide all the products that the residents need from the most famous and luxurious international brands.

· Hypermarket: provides all residents with all household necessities, which makes them indispensable for leaving the village of D Bay Resort North Coast.

· A special area for luxury yachts: in order to enjoy the practice of fishing, that hobby that is popular with many customers who frequent the North Coast region.

Luxurious hotel: It provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the sea coast, providing the highest level of service to its customers.

· Elevators: All buildings in d bay north coast are equipped with a number of elevators, making it easier for residents to move between floors.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquillity and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:


· Chalets for sale in De Bay North Coast.

· Villas for sale in De Bay North Coast.


What are the prices of Dbay Village?

It is certain that you will find the unit you have always dreamed of in Dbay, North Coast, at a reasonable and appropriate price, especially after Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company offered luxurious residential units at unparalleled competitive prices in all the tourist villages located in the North Coast region, and the prices are as follows:

· Standalone villas in Dbay Resort, North Coast: their price starts from 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds, and what distinguishes these units most is that they are the first row of the lagoon.

· Twin house in the Dbay project, North Coast, first row, Lagoon: it comes at a price of 5,750,000 Egyptian pounds and above.

· Lofts in Dbay, North Coast: at a minimum price of 2 million Egyptian pounds, knowing that it consists of one bedroom.

· Chalets in Dbaye, North Coast: their price ranges from 2,300,000 Egyptian pounds for medium-sized spaces consisting of two bedrooms, while chalets with a spacious area of 3 bedrooms come at a minimum price of 3,300,000 Egyptian pounds.


What are the payment methods in DePay Village?

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company provided all its clients with an easy payment opportunity, enabling them to pay the price of the residential units in Dbaye North Coast without incurring additional financial burdens, by paying a simple down payment of 10%, and the rest of the amount is divided into equal instalments for a period of 8 years without interest. The customer pays a maintenance deposit of 10% of the total unit value before receiving it.


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Who is the owner company of the Dbay North Coast project?


Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company is the company that owns the D-Bay North Coast project. The company has worked in the field of real estate development since 2014, and although it just has 8 years of experience, it was able during this short period to reach a prestigious position to become one of the most important real estate entities in the Egyptian market, its capital reaches 1.7 billion pounds, and thanks to this huge budget, it was able to provide integrated multi-use projects that meet the needs of the largest segment of customers.


What is the precedent of the real estate developer's work for the D Bay project?

Tatweer Misr for Real Estate Development has succeeded in launching large-scale housing projects with advanced urban concepts, the most prominent of which are the following:

· Fouka Bay North Coast.

· IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.

· Compound Bloomfields New Cairo.

You can now book any residential unit you dream of in Dbay Resort, North Coast, in light of the competitive prices and easy payment systems offered by Tatweer Misr Real Estate.


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International Coastal Road, New Alamein City, North Coast

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