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Dara Gardens Compound is considered one of the finest October projects, as it offers different units in size and design.

Dara Gardens Compound provides flexible payment systems to meet all tastes, in addition to services that achieve luxury and happiness for its residents, and for more details about Dara Gardens Compound , here are the following lines.


Details about Dara Gardens October Compound

  • Project Name: Dara Gardens October Compound.
  • Dara Gardens Compound Location: 6th of October City.
  • Dara Gardens Compound Space: approximately 197,000 square meters.
  • Units types in Dara Gardens October Compound: townhouses, twin houses, villas.
  • Units Space in Dara Gardens October Compound: it starts from (283 to 1100) square meters.
  • Payment systems in Dara Gardens October Compound: There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company of Dara Gardens October Compound : Al-Ahly Sabbour Company for Real Estate Development.


Information about Dara Gardens October Compound

  • Dara Gardens 6th of October is distinguished by a privileged location in the 6th of October City behind the Shooting Club. It is considered one of the most luxurious and oldest projects that were established by Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, and it provided all services to achieve the welfare of the residents.
  • Dara Gardens Compound was announced in 2004, and the construction of 216 villas has been completed, and a very large number of residential units of different designs and spaces to provide a mixture of opportunities for different customers and meet most desires.
  • Dara Gardens Compound was established on an area of 197,000 square meters, part of which was allocated for constructing residential units, and the largest part for green spaces, gardens, and various service places that provide more comfort and distinction.
  • The design of Dara Gardens is distinguished by its magnificence, in addition to a direct view of the most important areas of Giza, with the distinction of designing units and villas within the compound, with the provision of various gardens, and the provision of security and guarding services for all parts of the Dara Gardens compound october.
  • Al-Ahly Sabbour Company provided flexible and different payment systems to provide ease of payment while benefiting from various discounts.
  • The units in Dara Compound varied among villas, townhouses, and twin houses
  • The project's sales exceeded 2 billion Egyptian pounds due to the tranquility and privacy that everyone is looking for, with the availability of modern European and international designs that provide the modern spirit of the compound with various entertainment services.
  • There are distinct units for sale with discounts, benefits, and convenient payment methods.


What is the location of Dara Gardens October Compound?

Dara Gardens has a unique location, as Dara Compound is located behind the Shooting Club in Giza, 6th of October City, which is the northern expansions area of the governorate.

There are a number of villas with unique designs and distinctive capabilities for sale in Dara Gardens compound , as well as apartments surrounded by modern gardens, with unique designs for a number of October Townhouses in Giza.

The Dara Gardens compound is a destination, a wonderful view, and an attraction factor for it, which is the proximity to the important areas and landmarks in the region, and the most important surrounding areas are as follows:

  • Al-Morouj neighborhood: adjacent to the Dara project in October.
  • Northern Expansions in October : Dara Gardens Compound is located in the middle of the northern expansions.
  • Al-Wurud District : The neighborhood and the Dara Gardens project are separated by a few minutes.
  • October Hills Compound: one of the distinctive landmarks near the project.
  • Mena Garden City Compound: the distance between the two compounds is a few minutes.
  • Mall of Arabia : One of the basic services for the region, which is located near Dara Gardens Compound.


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What is the space of Dara Gardens Compound?

Total area: 197,000 square meters.


What are the services and features of the Dara Gardens project?

Once you own a unit in the Gardens compound , you win the great services and advantages that are found in Dara Gardens Compound.

Of course, in addition to the distinguished strategic location next to the finest villages and malls, there are many services that provide you with luxury and privacy at the same time, and among these services are the following:

  • The Privileged Location: Dara Gardens Compound is close to a variety of the best October landmarks.
  • Green spaces : The area of the gardens exceeds the area of the buildings, which is a real treasure for the governorate, as it provides spacious gardens that include different types of trees in international gardens.
  • Swimming pools : Compare their areas and designs with other projects. We will excel in different designs.
  • Attractive facades: One of the advantages of the compound in October is the unique design of giant facades that achieve a system of ventilation and natural lighting within the units.
  • Water bodies : Gardens October Compound is distinguished by the multiplicity of water bodies to provide the entertainment factor.
  • Walking paths: suitable paths are allocated in the middle of gardens with distinct spaces in Darat Gardens Compound.
  • Various spaces : There are more than one villa design in Dara Gardens compound, and the compound apartments vary in size.
  • Garages: There is a private garage for each unit in the Gardens Compound , in addition to the general garage in the various parts of Dara Gardens October Compound.
  • Commercial Mall : There is a huge distinctive mall that provides various basic commodities, including food products and others that provide apartment residents, a villa in Dara Gardens Compound , Al Raha.
  • Security and guarding: The management of Darat Gardens Compound relies on a large company specialized in security work to provide 24-hour security service.
  • Surveillance cameras : Dara Gardens has an advanced surveillance system with the latest technology to provide operational efficiency throughout the day.
  • Club House: It has all the recreational services to enjoy the various recreational activities within Dara Gardens Compound for sale.
  • Cafes and restaurants : the most important international brands and agencies for favorite food and meals restaurants.
  • Children's play areas : The Gardens Compound has more than one design for Kids Area with children's favorite games.
  • Sports clubs: In Dara October Compound, in addition to the excellence in designing apartments and villas, there are giant playgrounds equipped for various sports, games, and hosting sporting events.


Units details in Dara Gardens October

The Dara Gardens compound units came with a variety of designs and clear differences in spaces, as they provided elegant residential units.

The capabilities of the units varied from one bedroom, how many bathrooms, and what is the level of finishing of the unit, and the units are as follows:

  • Apartments
  • buildings
  • chalets
  • Furnished Apartments


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What are the unit types in Dara Gardens Compound?

Dara Gardens Compound was designed according to the modern international architectural style, and focused on providing safety and tranquility, and most importantly enhancing privacy for all Dara Gardens compound residents, while providing a huge variety in the design of the units, which came as follows:

  • Town House
  • Twin House
  • Independent villas


What are the units' spaces in Dara Gardens October Compound?

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly Sabbour Company is interested in providing many different spaces to meet the tastes and desires of its customers, and these spaces include:

  • Townhouse space in Dara Gardens project : ranging from 283 sqm to 320 sqm.
  • Twin house space in Gardens compound : the space of the twin house starts from 360 square meters.
  • The space of the independent villas in Darat Gardens Compound : it starts with an area of 440 square meters up to an area of 1100 square meters.


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The design of the units in Dara Gardens

A sophisticated design was provided on the latest international style, in units, services, and even gardens, taking into account the specifications of achieving privacy for each inhabitant, and colors were chosen from the best neutral colors to increase the splendor of the design, and provide complete customer satisfaction.

Gardens, water bodies, and entertainment venues are designed for more luxury, as it combines sophisticated and elegant design, luxury, and the availability of various services. It is an integrated residential project that provides privacy, security, and independence.


What are the prices of Dara Gardens Compound?

The price per meter in Dara Gardens Compound starts from 19,900 Egyptian pounds, and the unit prices were announced as follows:

  • Town House Price: Townhouse prices in Gardens October City start from 5,631,700 EGP.
  • Twin House Price: it starts from 7,164,000 EGP.
  • The price of a standalone villa: the price of a villa in Dara Gardens Compound starts at 8,756,000 EGP.


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Dara Gardens Compound?

Payment systems have been allocated, ranging from convenient installments to cash.

Take advantage of the opportunities in Dara Gardens October Compound, and get a villa that is offered for sale, and get a special discount with various gardens, a modern townhouse with distinctive rooms.


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Who is the owner company of the Dara Gardens October project?

Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the Dara Gardens project in the 6th of October City, where it carried out many projects in Cairo and abroad and presented distinguished works in addition to the giant national projects.

There are many projects for which expansions have been provided in buildings for elite clients in distinctive compounds, which are close to vital places in the country.

The Sabbour Foundation, the owner of Dara Gardens, and Al-Ahly Company was established in 1994 as a joint-stock company. Sabbour and his family own the largest share, equivalent to 60% , and the National Bank owns 40%.

Al-Ahly Sabbour’s work varied between residential projects and commercial businesses, in addition to sports buildings, in various cities and governorates of Egypt and in coastal areas.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Dara Gardens project?

Al-Ahly Sabbour Foundation has carried out many modern designs for giant projects that were considered a trend in the sky of real estate and real estate development, and in addition to October Star Dara Gardens, there are many distinguished projects that have received great demand from customers, and here are some of them:

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