District 5 New Cairo Compound

map pinDistrict 5, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 78,771 EGP/M2
DuplexDuplex 77,670 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 11,343,000 EGP
Area 144 M2
Price 16,932,000 EGP
Area 218 M2

District Five Cairo Compound is a high-end residential complex with integrated services by Marakez Real Estate Development Company.

District 5 New Cairo Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement, and it includes various units including villas, townhouses, and independent apartments of varying sizes.


About District 5 New Cairo

  • It is located close to the main 90th Street, which is considered one of the most vibrant and densely populated streets of the Fifth Settlement.
  • District 5 Compound Fifth Settlement includes comprehensive services that serve customers and meet all their basic and recreational needs, thus achieving stability for them.
  • The compound also provides its residents with the opportunity to enjoy shopping, through a huge shopping mall that includes many shops that provide all products of international brands such as shoes, clothes, and accessories.
  • The compound space is vast, allowing for the provision of landscapes and green spaces, in addition to the residential buildings that have been designed in a modern architectural style.
  • Despite all these advantages, the unit prices are very reasonable, with various payment systems available to suit the capabilities of all customers, so owning a unit inside the compound is a golden opportunity.


District 5 New Cairo Location

The location of District Five Compound Cairo is strategic and lively, as it is located in the heart of New Cairo, within walking distance of the following places:

  • It is only about seven minutes from 90th Street.
  • District 5 New Cairo is located just eight minutes from the American University in the Fifth Settlement.
  • The distance from Cairo International Airport is only about 20 minutes.
  • District 5 compound is separated from the Fifth Settlement by a distance of approximately 13 minutes from Maadi.
  • It is 45 minutes away from Ain Sukhna.
  • It is located near some high-end residential compounds, such as Key Heights Compound, which is only 6 minutes away.


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District 5 New Cairo Area

The entire area of ​​the compound is 200 acres, which is enough space to provide the landscape and service facilities on a large area estimated at 82.4%.

In addition to the residential buildings that occupy a small area of ​​17.6% of the total area allocated to the compound.


District 5 New Cairo Units Details

Marakez Real Estate resorted to one of the largest engineering consultancy offices to develop the Master Plan for the architectural design of the compound.

District Five Cairo Compound includes units that vary in styles and spaces to meet the needs of all customers.


Unit Types

The residential units vary within the compound, and include the following:

  • Villas in District 5 New Cairo.
  • Townhouse in District 5 Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Apartments in the Compound District Five, Cairo.


Units Area

District 5 Compound, the Fifth Settlement, includes residential units of various sizes, as follows:

  • Villas: with spaces starting from 258 m² up to 600 m².
  • Apartments: spaces start from 150 m² up to 215 m².


Unit Design

The units of the compound are characterized by a unique architectural design, as the exterior facades are of modern glass, which allows seeing the scenic views and the landscape.

It also prevents noise and annoying sounds and allows light to pass during the day, which saves electrical energy consumption.

The interiors are very impressive, with harmonious colors and optimum use of spaces.


District 5 New Cairo Facilities And Services

The compound is an integrated service that achieves self-sufficiency for its residents, and among the most prominent services available are the following:

  • Commercial Mall: Inside the compound, there is a huge mall that includes all products bearing international brands.
  • Green spaces: The green spaces and landscapes are spread over a large area within District Five Cairo.
  • Cleaning services: there are cleaners for continuous cleaning inside and outside the units using the latest equipment and means.
  • Water bodies: Within the District 5 New Cairo compound, they are represented by a group of artificial lakes and dancing fountains that give the compound a charming aesthetic view.
  • Swimming pools: A number of swimming pools are available to suit all age groups, and there is an indoor swimming pool for women.
  • Food Court: An area that includes a group of the most famous restaurants and cafes that provide international services to customers.
  • Kids Area: There is a recreational area specially prepared for youngsters, with various games and secured to keep them safe.
  • Health club: The District 5 compound in the Fifth Settlement includes a gym with the latest equipment, a spa, a Jacuzzi, and an equipped sauna room.
  • Club House: The compound includes a high-end clubhouse equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Sports fields: There are large fields for practicing various sports activities such as football, squash, tennis, and golf.
  • Hiking trails: There are trails for walking, running, and cycling off the motorway.
  • Parking: There are fully secured car garages equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Maintenance services: There is a specialized team for the periodic maintenance of the facilities.
  • Banks: A group of banks and commercial centers are located near District Five in Cairo that meets the needs of customers.
  • Security services: The compound enjoys security and safety, as there is a highly trained security staff.
  • Surveillance cameras: Surveillance cameras that work with modern technology technologies have been distributed everywhere within the District 5 New Cairo compound.
  • Electronic gates: There are electronic gates, and the compound walls are high for more security.
  • Educational services: The compound is located near many international schools.
  • Health services: It is within walking distance of hospitals that provide highly efficient medical services.
  • Places for relaxation: outdoor areas are designated for relaxation and recreation, in addition to practicing yoga and meditation.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



District 5 New Cairo Prices

The price per square meter in District 5 Compound starts from 13.266 EGP, so we find that the unit price starts from:

  • Apartments: prices start from 1,990,000 EGP up to 2,852,000 EGP.
  • Villas: with prices starting from 3,422,628 EGP and up to 7,959,600 EGP.


Distric 5 New Cairo Payment Plans

Marakez Real Estate Company offers an easy payment system to customers with a convenient installment system, which is represented in the following:

  • Pay a reservation and contract down payment of only 10% of the total unit value in District Five Compound Cairo.
  • Pay the remaining amount of the total price in equal installments for 7 full years.
  • The units in District 5 New Cairo are scheduled to be delivered 3 years after the date of the contract, in a semi-finished system so that the customer can complete the packing according to his taste.


About The Developer "Marakez"

Marakez Real Estate Development Company is the owner of District 5 Compound, Fifth Settlement, and it is one of the Fawaz Al Hokair Group of Companies that was established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1990.

The company has an honorable precedent, most notably the following:

  • Aeon Compound.
  • Mansoura Mall.
  • Implementation of Tanta Mall.
  • Establishment of Kattameya Mall.
  • Execution of the famous Mall of Arabia.

Popular FAQ

13,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,000,000 pounds.

Marakez Real Estate Development Company

Compound Location

District 5, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

Best Properties

Apartment for immediate receipt 144m at District 5 New Cairo

Duplex 218 m at District 5 Compound New Cairo