Galleria Moon Valley 3

map pin90 Street, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

Galleria Moon Valley 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, has everything in it, the basis of luxury, where green spaces and water bodies cover all parts, and its buildings have modern glass facades with a stunning view, which provides a wonderful atmosphere for its residents.


Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo location

It is easy to reach Galleria Moon Valley 3 site or move from it to any other destination, because it is located in the Golden Square area, one of the largest areas in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, with its presence near:

  • 90th street (about 3 minutes apart)
  • American University (about 10 minutes away)
  • Ring Road (about 7 minutes away from it)
  • Al Ain El Sokhna Road
  • Suez Road
  • New Cairo Club
  • Al Jazeera Club


What is distinguished in the location of Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo is also that it is inhabited, as it is close to major residential Compounds, such as Mivida Compound, Katameya Dunes Compound, Katameya Palm Hills.

  • New Cairo (it is 8 minutes away).
  • The new capital
  • Jisr Al-Suez (only 15 minutes apart)


Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo Area

The company built Galleria Moon Valley 3 compound, Fifth Settlement, on a large area of ​​72 acres, 18% of which were allocated to residential units and the rest to green spaces, various facilities, and various decorations.


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Details of the units in Galleria Moon Valley 3 Compound

The most important feature of the Galleria Moon Valley 3 apartments is their versatility, whether in design or space, as they spoil a lot of customers.


Unit types

Apartments and penthouses are the main units available to customers inside Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo so that each customer can choose what suits him.


Unit Area

The units are offered with spaces suitable for all customers, starting from 123 square meters and reaching a maximum of 345 square meters.


Unit design

Luxury is the title of all units, where the penthouse units have a large area consisting of two floors and a special swimming pool terrace, in addition to enjoying an interior view of the highest beauty, as for the apartments, they enjoy a modern design and glass facades with a very beautiful view.


Galleria Moon Valley 3 Facilities and Services

An alternative to the comfortable and luxurious residential life within the Galleria Moon Valley 3 Compound 5th settlement, because it suffers from its real estate costs as follows

  • Security and guard services are available throughout the day
  • Schools at different stages of education and a special academy for music education
  • Garages for residents in Galleria Moon Valley 3 Just to give you their cars an easy chance
  • Club House with a variety of equipment and techniques that serve its patrons
  • Gardens throughout The Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo, yes, in a very charming natural atmosphere
  • A social club set up in a large area for everyone to spend a great time in
  • An adequate medical center and its equipment and integrated capabilities that ensure a comprehensive service to its patrons
  • Electric elevators are provided in all buildings without exception
  • Gyms and other body health care centers such as sauna and jacuzzi
  • An economic proposal and reliance on solar energy as a safe and clean alternative to power generation
  • One of the largest art exhibitions held in Egypt
  • Malls and fifth settlements shops
  • Open areas in the gardens to organize bbq parties or other Birthday Parties
  • Luxury entrances to all residential buildings in Galleria Moon Valley 3, where the best granite and marble are used in finishing them
  • Indoor cinema
  • park inside Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo so everyone can enjoy a good entertainment time
  • Golf courses
  • Pool lounges to spend funky time and break the usual daily routine.Walking trails and tickets for riding in high safety
  • Cafés and restaurants are simply very sophisticated and the atmosphere is great
  • A distinctive view of the finest landscape of all apartments and units
  • Wooden seats are scattered in multiple areas within the greenery so residents can sit there and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Children's picnic gardens, where there are many games, are adjacent to them
  • Swimming pools for adults and children, where their design varies in size
  • Luxurious decorations all over the 5th settlement Galleria Moon Valley 3, dotted with waterfalls, industrial lakes, and crystals, the large-scale Lagoons


To find out all the other shops and commercial offices located inside the mall, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and help you implement your investment ideas and make the most of them, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Prices methods or plans

The price per square meter in Galleria Moon Valley 3 is very competitive, as it starts at only 16,250 EGP, despite the luxury of the various units and equipment.

Unit price specifications in Galleria Moon Valley 3 New Cairo according to type and specifications, the minimum prices of some units can be clarified as follows:

  • 2,686,000 EGP pounds for the units located on the ground floor and extending over 128 square meters, with a garden of 15 square meters.
  • 2,306,000 EGP for apartments extending over 125 square meters.
  • 4,002,000 EGP for Bentos units extending over 129 square meters, with an attached roof area of ​​about 21 square meters.
  • 3,738,000 EGP if the marriage of the Pentos extends over 161 square meters, with a roof area of ​​32 square meters attached to it.


Installments in Galleria Moon Valley 3

Galleria Moon Valley 3 complex, Fifth Settlement, offers unprecedented facilities upon payment, as it offers 3 easy payment systems, a rise in:

  • Down payment 10% of the unit price within Galleria Moon Valley 3 upon contracting, then pay the rest in monthly installments for 7 years without interest.
  • Down payment 20% of the unit when selling the rest in monthly installments for 8 years without interest.
  • Down payment 5% of the unit when sold, the rest in monthly installments for 7 years without interest.
  • Opportunity is an opportunity for clients of Galleria Moon Valley 3, good opportunity for school performance, well deserved good opportunity to have opportunity worth visiting.


About The Developer "Arabia Group"

Arabia Group is the owner of the project, it deserves to achieve success, for its permanent party on the implementation of residential projects with the latest technology.

The company that owns Galleria Moon Valley 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, pays great attention to landscapes and landscapes in its projects, to the utmost for its clients, so it applies the concept of (Living Arts) in all of its projects only.

Galleria Moon Valley 3 was not Arabia's first achievement, but rather it has already achieved great success over the past 27 years or more, implementing more than 20 giant projects in Egypt and Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, and foreign ones such as England.

The opportunity to participate in private business ventures is required,

Popular FAQ

16,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,700,000 pounds.

Arabia Group Company

Compound Location

90 Street, The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo