Green 5 Compound October

map pinBoulevard Road, 6 October City, Giza
ApartmentApartment 15,375 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 3,198,000 : 3,770,000 EGP
Area 208 : 210 M2

Green 5 Compound October is one of the episodes of the series of residential projects presented by Idris Development.

it is completing its success by establishing the fifth project of Green projects on the6th October City. The project includes many residential units that vary between independent apartments, and apartments attached to a garden Interior, or penthouse, be sure that you will get the unit of your dreams inside Green 5 Compound on 6th October for an incredible price.


About Green 5 Compound 6th October

Green 5 Compound 6th October is an integrated residential city that has impressed everyone thanks to its excellent prime location, exquisite architectural designs, vast areas dominated by green areas, its various units, multiple recreational services, as well as the prices of its units through which it competed with major residential projects.

On the6th October City, you still have the opportunity to book.


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Green 5 Compound 6th October location

Green 56th October Compound is located in the northern expansions area of ​​6th of October City, an exceptional location that takes you to a world of magic and imagination, where nature and tranquility are away from the hustle and bustle of life and the heavy traffic in Greater Cairo, the project derives its importance from its location near the following landmarks:

  • Rod El Farag Axis: It is easy to access Green 5 on,6th October.
  • Mall of Arabia: The distance between the compound and the mall does not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Juhayna Square: It is located near the Green 5 Compound 6th October project, it is only 5 minutes away.
  • Archery Club: It is located 3 minutes from the compound.
  • Tivoli Dome Mall: You can reach it within a few minutes.
  • Misr University: One of the most important universities in October area, it is a short distance from the land of the Green 5 Compound. The area also has the6th October University and the Nile University, both of which are close to the compound.
  • The American University: The distance between it and Green 5 Compound October is no more than 5 minutes.


Green 5 Compound 6th October Area

How beautiful to find yourself on the land of the Green 5 October project, which extends over an area of ​​20 acres, this vast area has been divided between green spaces, landscapes, and water bodies, which occupy 75% of the total land of the project, and the remaining 25%, has been fully allocated For residential buildings, including apartments and penthouses.


Green 5 Compound 6th October Units Details

The Green 56th October project includes 20 residential buildings. The building consists of a ground floor and 3 repeated upper floors. Speaking of the details of the units, we mention the following:


Unit Types

The Green 56th October project contains 500 housing units, varying between the following:

  • Independent apartments in Green 5 Compound 6th October.
  • Apartments with garden in Green 5 October.
  • Penthouse in Green 5 project 6th October.


Units Area

Within Green 5 Compound, you will certainly find the appropriate unit space for you and all your family members, due to the keenness of Edris Real Estate Company to provide units of various sizes, as follows:

  • Ground apartments: come in various sizes, from 45 m² to 144 m², and these units are attached to an internal garden.
  • Upper apartments: you can choose the location of the unit from the first to the third floor, its area starts from 165 square meters to 202 square meters.
  • Penthouses: available in large areas, ranging from 300 m² to 320 m².
  • Penthouses apartments: spaces start from 210 square meters, featuring a roof area of ​​88 square meters.


Unit Design

Green 5 October Compound has a distinctive architectural design both from the outside and inside. The real estate developer Idris was keen on diversifying the internal division of the residential units of all kinds, making them suitable for all desires, and the units were designed according to the following:

All types of residential units in Green 5 Compound will be delivered on Al Mahara, delivered according to the semi-finished system, allowing customers to do the final finishes in line with their tastes and desires.


Green 5 Compound 6th October Facilities and Services

Edris Real Estate Company has been keen to provide its residents in Green 5 with a large number of facilities and services that vary between basic and recreational, and the most important of these services are the following:

  • Wide green spaces: the compound is predominantly green to create green spaces and gardens in a large area. The compound also has private gardens for the residential units and public units with seating areas for more pleasure and luxury.
  • Attractive Views: Residents of all residential units enjoy an unparalleled charming view of green spaces, gardens, and swimming pools.
  • Educational, health, and religious services: the most distinctive feature of the compound is that it contains international schools for all educational levels, and 24-hour hospitals, and the Green 5 compound also contains a mosque.
  • An enjoyable shopping experience: The compound offers you a unique shopping experience, due to its proximity to the most famous commercial centers in the region, the most important of which are the Mall of Arabia and Tivoli Dome.
  • Security and guarding staff: Security personnel is deployed everywhere in the compound, ensuring the best protection for the residents inside, with a fence surrounding the compound.
  • Electronic gates: installed at the entrance, facilitating the entry and exit of cars from the compound.
  • Corridors in the middle of the green areas: for walking and running in the middle of the green area.
  • Garage: for visitors and residents inside Green 5 Compound 6th October.
  • Kids area: This area was established in the middle of the gardens, and it is characterized by containing a wonderful group of fun games for all children.
  • Sports club: It contains many playgrounds, the most important of which are golf, archery, basketball, tennis, squash, football, and a horse-riding area.
  • Spa: Among the distinctive recreational services provided by Edris Real Estate Company, which helps with relaxation.


Green 5 Compound 6th October Prices

Idris Real Estate provided affordable and affordable housing units, where the price per square meter in Green 5 Compound 6th October starts from 13,286 EGP, and accordingly, the price of apartments in Green 5 6th October starts from 2,543,375 EGP to 2,777,600 EGP, but you have to bear in mind that some factors will affect the unit price by increasing or decreasing such as the unit’s location, type, area, interior design, and finishing. to your circumstances and financial capabilities.


Payment Plans Of Green 5

Idris for Real Estate Development and Development was able to compete with major real estate companies by offering in Green 5 6th October easy payment systems, and they came as follows:

  • The first system: the customer pays a 10% down payment of the unit, the rest of the amount in equal installments for up to 5 years, and a discount of 6% of the unit price for each customer who chooses this system.
  • The second system: 20% down payment, installments the rest of the amount due over 6 years, get Green October 5 with a 6% discount when choosing this system.
  • The third system: the customer pays the value of the down payment or the first payment upon booking, and its value is 15%, then pays a 15% second payment upon receipt, the rest is in installments for 7 years, and the discount is 3%.
  • Fourth system: the customer pays 15% upon booking and 15% upon receiving the unit, and pays the rest of the amount due in installments for 8 years.
  • The fifth system: the customer gets a discount of 28% of the unit value when paying the price of the unit in cash, receiving according to the semi-finished system.
  • The Sixth System: Pay the unit price in installments for one year. In this case, the customer receives a discount of 24%.
  • Seventh System: The customer receives a 20% discount from the total value of the unit when paying the unit price in installments for 24 months.


About the Developer "Mabany Edris"

Edris Real Estate Company is the owner of the Green 5 project on 6th October Compound, and it is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market, with a long experience of more than 18 years, during which it was able to make giant achievements, uniquely offering integrated residential cities with European features on Egyptian land.


Previous work of Idris Real Estate Company

Edris Real Estate has presented a distinguished group of residential projects, the most prominent of which are Green 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 projects, all of which bear the same name. Giant following:

  • Green 1 Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Green 2 Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Green 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Green 4 Compound,6th October City.
  • Roveda Medical Complex.


Book your unit now in the Green 5 project on,6th October, and enjoy the strongest discount of up to 28%.

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13,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,500,000 pounds.

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