Green Avenue Compound new capital

map pinR7, New Capital City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 21,196 EGP/M2
DuplexDuplex 22,612 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 3,349,000 : 4,900,000 EGP
Area 158 : 196 M2
Price 3,844,000 : 5,470,000 EGP
Area 170 : 240 M2

The Green Avenue Compound new capital is one of the most important high end projects located in the heart of the administrative capital, and it is a large scale project that the Egyptian government announced on the 13th of March 2015, and it was announced at the conference called (Support and Development of the Egyptian Economy).

The total area of ​​compound Green Avenue new capital project is 11.5 acres divided into different units (apartments, duplexes, and penthouses) and the project was designed by New Jersey Real Estate.


About Green Avenue Compound new capital

Green Avenue Compound in the Administrative Capital is one of the most important projects established by the New Jersey company, which is known in the market as one of the largest real estate companies. Green Avenue is characterized by the presence of many green spaces, and many distinguished facilities that meet the needs of all residents and make them in Needless to resort to spending elsewhere.

The Green Avenue Compound new capital is one of the most important projects that satisfy its customers in all forms, from organizing the payment plans to meeting its needs. It also has places dedicated to reading lovers and yoga lovers, and there are theaters, cinemas, and all the various and varied entertainment tools.


Green Avenue Compound new capital Location

Green Avenue Compound is located on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and the central regional ring road in the seventh district, R7, plot N6, and it is located near the most important main axes in the region, which are:

  • Minutes away from the embassy district.
  • Overlooking the green river.
  • Near the presidential palace, and the fairgrounds.
  • Green Avenue Compound new capital located Close to the British University, and the capital airport.
  • Besides the diplomatic area.
  • Close to the capital airport.


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Green Avenue Compound new capital Area

The area of ​​Green Avenue compound is 11.5 acres, provided that the buildings for the implementation of the project will be built on an area of ​​22.5% of the total area of ​​the project, to occupy the remaining space for green spaces and water phases.

The project has been designed on a large number of units, which are about 394 housing units.

It is possible that the producing company will add several units to the total project area at any time.


Units Details Of Green Avenue Compound new capital

Units Types

  • Apartments.
  • Penthouse units in Green Avenue Compound new capital.
  • Duplex apartments, and large villas.


Units Area

The compound space was divided into the following form:

  • Residential apartments spaces: Green Avenue, the administrative capital, are about 100 square meters and up to 196 square meters.
  • Penthouse units' spaces: between 170 square meters and 250 square meters.
  • The spaces of duplexes and villas in Green Avenue Compound new capital: it starts from 184 square meters and can reach 328 square meters.


Units Design

The design of the units within the Green Avenue project, the administrative capital, is characterized by the high end European style, in terms of defining a part dedicated to green spaces for all units and stunning water bodies, unlike the wonderful European designs in the residential units, each of which contains several rooms next to the bathroom, the kitchen and the wonderful terrace, and as for The number of rooms is determined based on the number of beds.


Green Avenue Compound new capital Services And Facilities

The Compound Avenue Compound new capital project contains many great features and services, namely:

  • The Green Avenue compound project in the new administrative capital is characterized as one of the most vital projects because it is located on different main streets.
  • It contains the City Walk in addition to containing very large projects distributed by plot R7.
  • Green Avenue Compound contains wonderful landscaping spaces, as its space reaches 78% of the total area of ​​the compound's land.
  • Swimming pools of various areas for all units in Green Avenue Compound new capital.
  • It contains a very large commercial area with many fine restaurants and cafes that provide the best services to customers.
  • A health club equipped with the best and most modern equipment, which guarantees the provision of great services to all residents.
  • A children's entertainment area has been established, providing all the entertainment and games that children desire.
  • The Green Avenue compound in the new administrative capital has distinguished services of guarding and security working 24 hours a day, in addition to providing surveillance cameras for the sake of safety and security in the Green Avenue project, the administrative capital.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Green Avenue Compound new capital Units Prices

Unit prices in the Compound Avenue Compound new capital project vary from one housing unit to another, and these are the prices of the residential units in the Green Avenue project:

  • Penthouses: start from 1,530,000 EGP.
  • Duplexes in Green Avenue Compound new capital: price starts from 1,656,000 EGP.
  • Apartments: prices start from 900,000 EGP


Payment Plans Of Green Avenue Compound new capital

The New Jersey company, the company that produced the project, was based on providing the best services in payment, reservation, and installments.

It established a plan of payment by not paying a down payment at all, provided that installments are to be made for 8 years. As for the payment plans, they were divided into the following:

  • 10% down payment, 5% upon receipt, and the rest over 7 years.
  • 15% down payment, 10% upon receipt, and the remaining payment over 8 years in Green Avenue Compound new capital.
  • 20% down payment, and the remaining installments over 8 years.


The Developer Of Green Avenue Compound new capital

The real estate developer of the Green Avenue project is a New Jersey company, and this company is one of the most important large real estate companies in the real estate world in the market, and it has won a very big position among investors and owners.

The New Jersey company relied first and foremost on the implementation of the appropriate project strategy for all owners, which is commensurate in terms of prices and space at the same time.

And she chose the best locations in building all her projects, and we see the New Jersey company in the real estate market more than 10 years ago.


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Popular FAQ

9,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,530,000 pounds.

New Jersey Company

Compound Location

R7, New Capital City, Cairo

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