Il Bosco City New Cairo

map pinMostakbal City - Future City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 29,162 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 53,090 EGP/M2
TownhouseTownhouse 40,230 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 49,207 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 3,674,373 : 10,126,966 EGP
Area 126 : 319 M2
Price 14,971,500 : 25,052,948 EGP
Area 282 : 459 M2
Price 8,528,829 : 10,686,939 EGP
Area 212 : 224 M2
Twin house
Price 11,317,657 EGP
Area 230 M2

It is natural for it to occupy a great position among the largest residential projects, because Misr Italia is the company that owns it. which is always keen to choose the finest areas to launch its project. so established Il Bosco Ciry in the prestigious Mostakbal City.

The units of Il Bosco Mostakbal City are also distinguished by their luxury. Whether apartments, penthouses, twins, townhouses, or villas, it is a golden opportunity for all who wish to live a modern residential life.


About The IL Bosco City 

The project of IL Bosco City is distinguished from many other residential projects, and the most important characteristic of it is the Green River that surrounds it, in addition to the gardens with dense trees that make it mimic the European countryside that combines charming nature and simplicity at the same time.


IL Bosco Mostakbal City Location

El Bosco City Compound is characterized by a prestigious location in El Mostakbal City along the Golden Square area. El Mostakbal City is considered one of the important central cities in New Cairo, as it occupies 11 acres and is equipped with the strongest infrastructure, and its distinctive location made it a link between the Fifth Settlement and the Administrative Capital.

Moreover, IL Bosco City Mostakbal City is also characterized by its proximity to the most vibrant areas of New Cairo, and the presence of a large transportation and road network in its location, and thus its residents can move to other cities and regions easily, such as:

  • Strategic roads: Such as the middle ring road, the eastern and regional ring road.
  • Major cities: Like Madinaty, the new administrative capital.
  • Major compounds and projects: such as Prime New Cairo, Euro La Vista Compound, and Palm Hills Compound.


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New Cairo Compounds.


IL Bosco City compound New Cairo Area

The spacious area, which amounts to approximately 268 acres, is the biggest evidence of the integration of IL Bosco City in New Cairo, as this means that it accommodates landscapes, service facilities, and entertainment venues on a larger area, in addition to residential buildings and other constructions.


IL Bosco City Mostakbal City Units Details

The integration of Il Bosco City in the future also appears in the presence of residential and nonresidential units within it, represented by offices and commercial units, and therefore it is a great destination for customers who want to invest as well, not just housing.


Units Types

It can be said that IL Bosco City New Cairo includes all types of residential units, such as:

  • Apartments in IL Bosco City New Cairo
  • Twin house in IL Bosco City New Cairo
  • Townhouse in IL Bosco City New Cairo
  • Penthouse in IL Bosco City New Cairo
  • Standalone villas in IL Bosco City New Cairo


Units Area

Each type of unit in IL Bosco City Mostakbal City includes a variety of spaces, as follows:

  • Apartments: spaces start from 140 m² up to 175 m² for apartments that include three bedrooms.
  • The two bedroom apartments: range in size from 105 to 125 square meters.
  • Penthouse: It extends over 235 square meters, and it has four bedrooms and a roof area of ​​50 square meters.
  • Townhouse / Twin House:  It extends over 197 square meters and has three bedrooms.
  • Standalone villas: their spaces vary greatly, ranging from 237 square meters to 286 square meters, and some of them reach 342 square meters.


Units Design

All units of the Compound IL Bosco City are designed according to the latest international designs for residential units, and feature a charming view, overlooking the Green River, in addition to green spaces, beautiful gardens, and a wonderful landscape view that wraps around all the buildings.


IL Bosco City Services And Facilities

IL Bosco City Mostakbal City is not just a traditional residential complex, but rather an integrated city, as it includes all of the following:

  • Security services: The owner company hired trained security personnel with great experience to secure it, and it was also interested in installing cameras in all its aspects.
  • Medical service: There are clinics and medical units in various specialties because they are among the basic services that must be available in any residential complex.
  • Educational services: There are international schools that provide modern educational services, and they are distinguished by their presence in close proximity to all the residential units of IL Bosco City in New Cairo Compound.
  • Fitness halls and body care centers: represented in the gym, in addition to the jacuzzi, the spa center, and the sauna.
  • Places for shopping: Represented in the centers and major stores and highend stores located inside.
  • Nonresidential units: There is an area with commercial and administrative units and offices in addition to the residential units built in it.
  • Many restaurants and cafés: They provide the finest services to all residents of Il Bosco City, Al Mostakbal, to break the routine of eating and drinking at home.
  • Various clubs: There are social and cultural clubs in addition to sports clubs, to ensure the provision of integrated entertainment services that take into account the different preferences of the population.
  • Exercise areas and walking tracks: Suitable for other sports as well, such as cycling and running, because it is completely safe.
  • Areas for barbecue parties: Also prepared for any other parties that residents of Il Bosco City New Cairo would like to organize.
  • Meeting rooms and areas: suitable for business owners residing inside it in particular, as it is easy for them to hold business meetings in a wellprepared place close to their units.
  • Green spaces and a pedestrian bridge: Reflecting a beautiful view, residents can also roam and stroll on the bridge, which connects the residential and commercial area, amidst the charming green scenery.
  • Kids Area: It is located inside the El Bosco City Compound, Mostakbal City so that children can play and have fun in a safe area and within their residential complex.
  • Swimming pools: Some are not covered and others are covered to suit women or people who want to have a greater degree of privacy.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units Prices Of IL Bosco City Al Mostakbal 

The price per square meter in Il Bosco City Mostakbal City starts from 13,333 pounds for the units of the Il Bosco City Compound project.

However, the owner company offers its customers a discount of 5% during the booking period.

Thus, the price per square meter is 10 thousand and 800 pounds, and the customer gets the discount once the fees prescribed for the reservation form are paid, which amounts to 50 thousand pounds for apartments, 100 thousand pounds for villas.

The total price varies from one unit to another, depending on the type, area, etc., and the prices of some units can be clarified as follows:

  • Apartments in IL Bosco City, Mostakbal City: their price starts from 1,399,965 pounds and goes up to 2,26,616 pounds for apartments that include two bedrooms.
  • It ranges between one million and 866 thousand and 620 pounds and 2 million and 333 thousand and 275 pounds for apartments that include three bedrooms.
  • Twin Houses in El Bosco City Mostakbal: Its price starts from 2,262,601 pounds.
  • Penthouses in IL Bosco City Compound New Cairo: Its price starts from 3 million, 133 thousand, and 255 pounds.
  • The villas in IL Bosco City Mostakbal City: The price starts from 3,159 thousand and 921 pounds and reaches 4 million and 559 thousand and 886 pounds.


Payment Plans Of IL Bosco City New Cairo

The payment system in the El Bosco City Compound project is one of the easiest payment plans in the entire real estate market.

Where the buyer can pay a down payment of only 5% and then pay the rest in installments over a long repayment period starting from 5 years up to 12 years.

Note that units are delivered on red bricks.


The Developer Of IL Bosco Mostakbal City

Misr Italia is the owner of Bosco City Mostakbal City, a major real estate company that offers huge projects, similar to this project, which was able to implement the first two phases of it, as it previously announced the implementation of a third phase.

The company's genius and experience not only appeared in Bosco City Compound New Cairo but also in all of its previous projects, such as:

Popular FAQ

13,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,600,000 pounds.

Misr Italia Company

Compound Location

Mostakbal City - Future City, Cairo

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