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map pinSahara Al-Ahram Road, 6 October City, Giza
ApartmentApartment 16,324 EGP/M2
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Price 3,526,000 : 5,800,000 EGP
Area 216 : 232 M2

Joules Compound, 6th of October, is considered one of the highest residential projects of Anertia Real Estate Development Company in the 6th of October City . Joules Compound is characterized by its luxurious modern designs that suit all tastes. The Joules 6th of October project contains various residential units at different prices and competitive prices that suit all groups.


Details about Joules Compound, 6 October

  • Project name: JOULZ Compound 6th October
  • Compound Location: 6th of October City
  • The compound space: approximately 119 acres.
  • Units Type: apartments, townhouses, twin houses, villas
  • Units Space: it starts from (155 to 400) square meters.
  • Payment systems: There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company for Compound Joules, 6th of October : Anarchia Real Estate Development Company.


Information about Joules Compound, 6 October

Joules Compound in 6th of October City is considered an architectural masterpiece built by Inertia Company, because the owner company used the latest modern architectural methods and the best methods to build this project.

The company chose a privileged and strategic location in Sheikh Zayed City, close to many vital places and important roads, and here are some details about the project.


What is the location of Joulz Compound 6 October?

Anertia Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose a privileged location in JOULZ October near Sheikh Zayed City, and the compound is located near:

  • Ring Road: located in Joules Compound 6th of October near the ring road.
  • Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road: easy access to the different provinces.
  • El Remaya Square: 5 minutes away from El Remaya Square.
  • Smart Village : The smart village is located 10 minutes away from the project.
  • Hyper One Mall: 10 minutes away by car.
  • Lebanon Square: Joules 6 is located at a quarter of an hour distance from Lebanon Square
  • Media Production City : Joules 6th of October is a 20-minute drive from Media Production City.
  • Juhayna Square: It is 15 minutes away from Juhayna Square.

It is worth noting that the owner company was keen to provide a large number of different spaces that allow for a large number of services and facilities.


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What is the space of Joulz Compound?

The company that owns the compound, Joulz October, was keen to build the project on large areas, and here are some details of these spaces

  • The total area: it is located on an area of 119 acres.
  • Green spaces : 20% of the total area has been allocated for green spaces, landscapes , services and facilities.
  • Building area : while the total building area is 80% of the total area of the project with 1150 various housing units .

It is worth noting that the company developing the project was keen to create a great balance between green spaces and building spaces, in order to satisfy all customers' tastes.


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What are the services and features of the Joules project?

The project has many integrated services and facilities to meet the needs of all residents of the compound, including:

  • Green spaces : public gardens and landscapes to be overlooked by all residential units within the JOULZ compound .
  • Artificial lakes : There are lakes of crystal colors with various areas to look like a beautiful landscape and give a feeling of psychological comfort.
  • Health club : There is a health club on a large area that is equipped at the highest level, and provides all the various recreational services, including a jacuzzi, a spa, and a gym.
  • A huge commercial center : it contains many shops, malls, and supermarkets to buy international brands and different brands.
  • Medical clinics : There are a large number of medical clinics that include all medical specialties and first aid to provide patient care at the highest level.
  • Pharmacies : It contains a large number of pharmacies that contain all the various imported medicines.
  • Nursery : Joulz October 6 contains a nursery for children that is equipped with all modern educational means.
  • International Schools : There are a large number of international schools to educate residents' children without going out.
  • Swimming pools : There are a large number of swimming pools in Joules, 6th of October, with different sizes distributed throughout the compound, and there are various swimming pools for men, children, and women.
  • Solar energy : Joules 6th of October compound operates with solar energy, to be used as an alternative to electrical energy in case of power outages.
  • Car wash : There is a car wash inside Joules 6th of October .
  • Sports club : There is a sports club in Joules Sheikh Zayed for fans of various sports activities.
  • Theater and cinema : There are many recreational places in the project, such as a cinema and theater, to entertain the residents inside the compound.
  • Mosque : There is a mosque in the project designed in the Islamic style.
  • International restaurants and cafes : There are many restaurants and cafes in the project that provide the finest services to all customers at the highest level.
  • Amusement parks: There are amusement parks for residents' entertainment within the Joules 6th of October project .
  • Walking Track : The project provides its residents with a dedicated track for walking, running, and cycling, away from the crowds.
  • A special area for children : it contains different games for children to protect you inside the compound.
  • Security and guarding: There is a trained team to protect the residents of the compound at all entrances and exits of the project 24 hours a day.
  • Garages for cars : There are a large number of garages in the compound to park cars in their designated places and prevent crowding.

Own your unit in one of the most important and best projects in 6th of October City.


Units details in Jules 6th of October

There are many different units in the project, and it is worth noting that the owner company has taken care of the presence of large numbers of units, to meet all customers' desires.

JOULZ Compound 6 th October contains different types of residential units, with different sizes to suit all categories, as follows:


What are the unit types in Joulz Compound?

There are many units with different shapes, spaces, and details in the project, and here are some details:

  • Apartments
  • Townhouse units.
  • Twin house units.
  • Villas.

It is worth noting that the units in the project were provided with more than one space and more than one price, in order to satisfy all the tastes and desires of customers, and here are some spaces:


What are the units' spaces in Joules 6 October?

The residential units range in Joulz Compound Between 155 square meters to 400 square meters , and the areas are as follows:

  • The space of the apartments in the Joulz project : their space ranges from 155 square meters to 212 square meters.
  • Townhouse Corner Units Space : it starts from 252 square meters up to 310 square meters.
  • Townhouse Middle units' space : it ranges from 258 square meters to 310 square meters.
  • Twin house units' space: it starts from 293 square meters up to 295 square meters.
  • Standalone villas space : it ranges from 346 square meters to 400 square meters.

The owner company was keen to design the units in a different, modern way, in order to attract the largest number of customers.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units design in Joulz Compound

Inertia Real Estate Development Company designed Joules Compound With the finest luxury architectural designs of high quality, the designs are as follows:

  • It was designed by a group of the most skilled professional engineers and architects with the latest modern designs that suit all tastes.
  • The project is characterized by finishing the buildings at the highest level with the most appropriate and important materials and the latest decorations.


What are the prices of Joules Compound?

The price per meter in Joulz October Compound starts from 20,000 pounds

The prices of the residential units vary according to the unit sizes and types of finishes, and the prices are as follows:

The starting price of apartments for sale is residential

From 2,859,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price of the townhouse for sale starts in Joulz October

From 4,715,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price of the twin house for sale starts in Joulz October From 6,966,000 Egyptian pounds

To inquire about the latest offers and prices, please contact customer service.


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Joulz Compound?

It provides Joules Compound Easy payment systems suitable for all categories, and the following are the prices in detail:

  • The first system of payment and repayment in the first, second and third stages: a 10% downpayment is paid, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over a period of 10 years without interest.
  • The second payment system is the payment system for the prices of townhouses, twin houses, and villas: 10% down payment, and the rest of the amount over 8 years.
  • Delivery date: The housing units in the first and second phases will be delivered within two years from the date of the contract .
  • Delivery date in the third phase: the residential units will be delivered after 3 and a half years of contracting.


Who is the company that owns the Jules 6th of October project?

Inertia Real Estate Development Company has implemented the Jules 6th of October project, which has been constructed since 2007 AD. During that period, the company was able to implement many residential projects throughout Egypt in the most prestigious areas in Egypt on the Red Sea coast, the North Coast, and New Cairo. .

The company is distinguished for designing the most luxurious residential projects in cooperation with the most qualified engineers and architects to design the finest residential units and finish them with the finest materials.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer for the Joulz project?

Inertia real estate real estate company is the real estate developer and is the company that owns the project, and this company is famous for having great experience in the Egyptian real estate market, because it builds its projects on foundations and construction standards with the latest architectural methods, and the best construction methods.

The developer company was able to build a large number of investment projects throughout its presence in the Egyptian real estate market, and the company was keen to provide a large number of services and various facilities to satisfy all the tastes and needs of customers. Here are some of the compounds that Anarchia Real Estate Development Company has built:


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