Jubail October Compound

map pin26th of July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza
VillaVilla 30,992 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 28,500 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 7,500,000 : 18,594,600 EGP
Area 242 : 600 M2
Twin house
Price 11,029,500 : 12,597,000 EGP
Area 387 : 442 M2

Jubail October Compound is one of the most important projects of Iwan Real Estate Development Company in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October, and includes various units between villas, townhouses, and twin houses of different areas and prices.


About Jubail Compound 6th October

Jubail Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic location in the 6th of October City, as it is close to most of the vital places.

Jubail October contains a variety of housing units of different areas, allowing the customer to choose what suits him, and the prices vary according to the type and area of ​​the unit.

The owner company offers a variety of payment plans to facilitate customers, whereby each customer chooses the plan that best suits his circumstances, knowing that all plans depend on a simple contract provider and a long payment period.

Jubail Compound 6th October is a full-service compound that gives its residents a feeling of warmth, stability, and self-sufficiency, and the spread of green spaces gives a sense of relaxation and optimism.


Jubail Compound October Location

Jubail 6th of October Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed in 6th of October City on the 26th of July axis, and there are near the current places:

  • Cleopatra Square: Jubail Sheikh Zayed is a small distance from Cleopatra Square that does not exceed a few minutes.
  • Education City: The distance that separates the Jubail 6th of October project from the Education City is only a few minutes.
  • Compounds: Jubail Compound is located near several famous residential compounds, such as Reem Residence, and Swan Lake Compound on 6 October.
  • Juhayna Square: Jubail Zayed Compound is located a few minutes away from Juhayna Square.
  • Safwa City: It is also very close to Safwa City


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Jubail Iwan Compound Area

Iwan, the owner of Jubail October, has allocated 13 acres of land for its full implementation, as it includes varying residential buildings and green spaces that represent a large percentage of its total area.


Jubail Compound Units Details

Jubail Compound 6th October contains a variety of housing units of different sizes to suit all desires, as follows:


Units Types

Jubail 6 October Compound includes various units including the following:

  • Standalone villas in Jbeil Compound, 6th of October.
  • Townhouse in Jbeil Compound, 6th of October.
  • Twin house in Jubail compound.


Units Area

Within the Jubail 6 October project, there are different areas of residential units, which are as follows:

  • Standalone villas: spaces range from 242 m² up to 352 m².
  • Townhouses: spaces start from 243 square meters.
  • Twin House: The space is 290 square meters.


Units Design

Jubail Zayed Compound has a modern architectural design that is similar to modern European designs, thanks to the use of senior experts and engineering consultants.

Jubail October facades are made of double glazing that prevents noise and allows sunlight and daylight to pass through.

The interior decorations and divisions are very impressive, suitable for those with good taste, super-luxe finishes, and attractive colors.


Jubail October Facilities And Services

One of the most important advantages of Jubail 6 October Compound is that it is integrated with services and has multiple advantages that make the residents feel stability and distinction, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Green spaces: all residential units within the compound are surrounded by gardens and landscapes that give a wonderful aesthetic appearance.
  • Places for animals: the compound is provided with rooms for pets.
  • Food Court: Jubail Compound 6th October includes a group of cafes and restaurants that provide high-level services to customers, and are staffed by the best and most famous chefs.
  • Shopping center: Jubail Sheikh Zayed includes a commercial center consisting of several shops selling all international products and brands.
  • Health Center: The Jubail 6th of October project includes a gym equipped with the latest international equipment, a Jacuzzi, an equipped sauna room, and a sophisticated spa.
  • Maintenance: Periodic maintenance services are available for all facilities, and there are plumbing, carpentry, and electrical technicians.
  • Swimming pools: Each villa within Jbeil Compound Zayed has a swimming pool with a sophisticated and distinctive design.
  • Parking: A garage attached to the housing units was also provided to maintain cars and prevent crowding in front of the units.
  • Barbecue places: Places have been allocated within the Jubail 6th of October compound for barbecue.
  • Places for parties: Other places have also been allocated for holding parties and weddings.
  • Jogging trails: Outdoor walking and jogging trails have been paved, as well as the possibility of cycling away from motorways.
  • Phases of water: Available within Jubail October, water bodies are represented by artificial crystal water fountains and lakes.
  • Educational services: There are several international schools and private universities that provide an outstanding level of education.
  • Recreational areas: Jubail compound has been provided with areas that include a variety of games suitable for large and small.
  • Health services: represented by medical clinics in various specialties and a pharmacy that operates throughout the day to provide all types of treatment to patients.
  • Internet: Free high-speed internet is available within all units of the Jubail 6th of October project.
  • Playgrounds: Large playgrounds were provided for sports activities, such as football, basketball, and tennis.
  • Cleaning services: there are cleaners to clean the units constantly, and there is an innovative system for waste disposal.
  • Kids Area: only places for the little ones have been allocated with various games that are secured to keep them safe.
  • Security services: The company did not neglect the security services, as it appointed security personnel everywhere within Jubail Sheikh Zayed throughout the day, in addition to installing CCTV cameras.


Units Prices Of Jubail Compound 6th October

The price per square meter inside the Compound Jubail 6 October starts from 24 thousand pounds, which is a competitive price and is considered one of the best prices for residential projects in Sheikh Zayed, and the unit prices start from the following:

  • Villas in Jubail October: with prices ranging from 5,411,000 EGP up to 9,054.675 EGP.


Payment Plans Of Jubail Compound

Ewan Real Estate Development offers a unique plan for paying the unit price in Jubail Compound 6th October, which is as follows:

  • Pay half of the unit value as a reservation and contract provider, then pay the rest of the price in fixed installments for a year.


The Developer Of Jubail October

Jubail Zayed Compound is one of the most prominent projects of Ewan Investment and Real Estate Development, which has extensive experience in the real estate field that extends to more than twenty years.

A distinguished team of the most efficient experts, engineers, and consultants projects within the company, which contributes to the optimal implementation of its projects.

The company was able to gain the trust of customers thanks to the commitment to the scheduled project delivery schedule, in addition to its interest in infrastructure and international specifications in construction.

The company that owns the Jubail 6th of October project has a distinguished precedent, including the following:

And the establishment of the Compound Jubail on 6 October.

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24,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 5,000,000 pounds.

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Compound Location

26th of July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

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