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Kai Sokhna is the product of fruitful cooperation between Misr Italia for Real Estate Development and the international hotel chain known as Hilton.

The Kai Sokhna project is unique in that it contains beach units ranging from chalets and villas, as well as luxury hotel units that enjoy the picturesque scenery on the Red Sea coast.


About Kai Sokhna

Kai Ain Sokhna Village is an ideal model for resorts and tourist villages in Ain Sokhna, in terms of the vital location near Zaafarana, and not only that, but it is close to Greater Cairo and Suez as well as the New Administrative Capital, it has become easy for clients wishing to permanently reside within the village to move With ease to the capital while providing all the essential and indispensable entertainment services.


kai Sokhna Village Location

The village of kai Ain Sokhna is unique in its privileged location on the Red Sea coast, 20 km from Zaafarana. What distinguishes the village is that it is close to the following:

  • The New Administrative Capital: 160 km from the village.
  • Greater Cairo: separated from the resort by a distance of 187 km, it takes only 120 minutes to reach it.
  • Suez City: 112 km away from the village.


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Ain Sokhna resorts and villages.


Kai Ain Sokhna Village Area

Misr Italia Real Estate has built the kai Sokhna project on an area of ​​147 square meters. The largest area of ​​the project’s land, which is 88%, was allocated for the creation of wide green spaces, and the remaining 12% was allocated entirely for the construction of villas and chalets, and this distribution confirms the interest in recreational services. In the first place, what gives the village calm, comfort and recreation.


Kai Sokhna Resort Design

Misr Italia Company was keen to draw everyone’s attention to the designs of Kai Village Ain Sokhna, and indeed it succeeded in creating unprecedented modern designs, is inspired by the Asian style, and the first credit for its design goes to the engineering consultancy office Alchemy Design Studio, which is one of the largest offices specialized in innovation Designs of tourism projects at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Kai Ain Sokhna Units Details

The real estate developer Misr Italia has launched a large number of hotel residential units within Kai Sokhna Resort, which meets the needs of a large base of its clients, and the details are as follows:


Units Types

The kai Sokhna project contains 350 units varied in terms of type, area, and design, which are:

  • Beach villas in Kai Sokhna.
  • Chalets in the village of Kai Ain Sokhna.
  • The project also includes 200 hotel rooms inside the Sheraton Hotel, one of the luxury hotels affiliated with the global Hilton hotel chain.


Units Area

The area of ​​Kai Sokhna's units varies between the following:

  • The beach villas in the Kai Ain Sokhna project: come with large areas starting from 270 square meters, and they consist of 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a garden, and a private entrance, for more privacy and recreation.
  • Chalets in Kai Ain Sokhna Village: available in a variety of spaces starting from 66 square meters up to 165 square meters, and these units are available in other spaces, for example, 102 square meters, as well as the chalets of Kai Ain Sokhna with spaces of 134 square meters and 144 square meters.


Units Design

Misr Italia has taken care of the diversity of the interior designs of the units, as evidenced by the following:

  • Chalets in Kai Sokhna: Available in 8 different models in space and interior design, and this will satisfy all customers and give them a greater opportunity to choose the unit they want.
  • The units of Kai Ain Sokhna village are delivered ready to be furnished, as all units of the project are delivered in a fully finished Super Lux system, taking into account the renovation and change in decorations and finishing touches to satisfy a large segment of customers.
  • The final delivery of all kai units in Ain Sokhna after a year and a half of signing the contract with the owner company Misr Italy.


Kai Village Sokhna Services And Facilities

The Kai Ain Sokhna project includes several services and facilities, which have had the greatest credit for attracting a large segment of customers:

  • Landscapes and green spaces: occupy a large area of ​​the project land and represent 88% of the total area of ​​the project.
  • Artificial lakes: The village contains some lakes, and these wonderful facilities have helped give the village a charming appearance.
  • Swimming pools of different areas: The company that owns the project worked on distributing them inside the village in an ideal way that serves all the residents of the village.
  • Practicing various water sports: because the village is located on shallow waters on the Red Sea coast, and that site played an important role in enjoying this sport, which is loved by many customers.
  • Kitesurfing Center Surfing Center: The location of Kai Resort Ain Sokhna has become one of the best suitable locations to enjoy surfing, as it is close to the windmills.
  • Marina and yacht marina: This area was created specifically for fishing lovers.
  • Sports area: This area contains some sports fields, which help players to practice their favorite sports at any time they want.
  • Recreational area: This area contains a set of games and recreational activities suitable for young and old alike. We advise you, dear customer, to go to this area to spend an enjoyable time with your family members.
  • Commercial area: It was established inside the village in a large area, and it includes several various shops, to provide the needs and requirements of customers without the need to leave the village.
  • Restaurants and cafés: The village contains several fine restaurants and cafés, which will provide the best level of service.
  • Health club: equipped to the highest standard, and it contains a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Club House: It was equipped to the highest level, ensuring the satisfaction of all the customers who frequent it.
  • Hilton Kay Sokhna Hotel 5 stars: The hotel offers all its visitors a unique experience unprecedented before, the hotel includes 3 restaurants, 3 bars, a health club, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, 5 large meeting rooms, a banquet hall, a center for businessmen.


Units Prices Of Kai Ain Sokhna Village 

The price per square meter in kai Ain Sokhna for beach villas starts from 32 thousand and 552 Egyptian pounds, and for chalets from 15 thousand and 500 Egyptian pounds up to 21 thousand Egyptian pounds, and this entails the following:

  • Villas in Kai Sokhna project: the price starts from 8 million and 789 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets in Kai Ain Sokhna: available at reasonable prices, starting from one million and 23 thousand Egyptian pounds up to 3 million and 465 thousand Egyptian pounds.


Payment Plans The village Of Kai Sokhna

Misr Italia Real Estate has been keen to allow its clients to invest their money in the most prestigious tourist areas in Ain Sukhna without bearing any financial pressures or burdens. For this reason, every client was allowed to own the best residential units in Kai Ain Sokhna with a simple 10% down payment, and the second payment of 5% after 5 months of contracting with the company, and the rest of the amount to be paid in convenient installments up to 6 years.


The Developer Of The Kai Sokhna Resort

Misr Italia Company for Real Estate Development and Development has fully supervised all stages of the establishment of the village of Kai Ain Sokhna, which has gained fame in recent years, especially after it assumed responsibility for the development of a large number of residential, investment, and hotel projects in separate areas of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company has an honorable record full of giant projects The area of a huge investment amounting to 68 billion Egyptian pounds.


Previous Projects Of Misr Italia Real Estate Company

Over the past 15 years, Misr Italia has managed to establish 11 housing projects, 9 commercial investment projects, 5 luxury hotels, in addition to 6000 housing units that have been fully delivered. The most prominent of these works are the following:

  • La Nuova Vista project.
  • The Il Bosco project.
  • Il Bosco City in Mostakbal City.
  • Vinci Street in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Vinci project in the new administrative capital (Vinci).
  • Garden 8 Mall in the new administrative capital (Garden 8).
  • Cairo Business Park Mall in New Cairo.
  • Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Hilton Ain El Sokhna.

Book now the best Kai Ain Sokhna units at an attractive price and flexible payment plans of up to 6 years.

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12,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,023,000 pounds.

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