La Vista Topaz Sokhna

map pinSokhna-Zaafarana Rood, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez
TownhouseTownhouse 68,235 EGP/M2
ChaletChalet 48,333 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 11,600,000 : 24,000,000 EGP
Area 170 : 220 M2
Price 7,250,000 : 11,600,000 EGP
Area 150 : 180 M2

La Vista Topaz Sokhna Village bears the name of its owner, La Vista Real Estate Development Company, which established it in the most prominent areas of Ain Sokhna and built the most luxurious chalets and penthouses, in addition to service and recreational facilities, to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure for its guests.


About La Vista Topaz Sokhna

La Vista Topaz project is one of the most distinguished touristic residential projects in Ain Sokhna because it provides the opportunity for its customers to own modern units in a fully serviced location at a competitive price and a convenient payment system, which drew the attention of many customers and investors to it.


La Vista Topaz Sokhna Location

The village of La Vista is located in a charming location on the shore of the Red Sea in Ain Sokhna, near the city of Galala. It is also characterized by its proximity to:

  • Suez City
  • Zafarana Road
  • The new administrative capital


Moreover, La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna is only a short distance away from Greater Cairo and many vital roads and major projects:

  • Greater Cairo: only 140 kilometers separate them, as it is possible to move between them within 90 minutes.
  • Ain Sokhna Road: It is 90 km away from it.
  • Al Jalalah Road: It is 15 km away from it.
  • Porto Sokhna Resort: separated by about 25 km.


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La Vista Topaz Area

La Vista Topaz Sokhna's large area of ​​150 acres is divided between green spaces and various facilities, which occupy the largest proportion of them, and residential buildings that are distinguished by their diversity, although they occupy the least proportion of the area.


La Vista Topaz Resort Units Details

The most important characteristic of La Vista Topaz units in Ain Sokhna is their contrast, whether in size or type, which ensures that the different tastes and needs of customers are taken into account.


Unit Types

La Vista Topaz Sokhna allows its customers to choose from two types of the most luxurious units, namely:

  • Chalets in La Vista Topaz Sokhna
  • Penthouse in La Vista Topaz Sokhna


Units ِArea

In general, the spaces of most chalets in La Vista Topaz Sokhna range between 110 and 170 square meters, but there are other chalets with larger spaces than that, and the spaces of some units can be clarified as follows:

  • Chalets: The areas of the chalets overlooking the pool range between 120 and 140 square meters and the customer can receive them immediately, while the chalets overlooking the sea and the pool are built on 180 square meters (immediate delivery)
  • Chalets of the second and third phases: The second phase of the project includes other chalets on the ground floor with a garden and penthouses in the first, overlooking the sea and the swimming pool, with areas ranging between 150 and 190 square meters, 150 and 180 square meters, respectively.
  • Penthouses: The area of ​​the first type is 190 square meters, where it includes four rooms and three bathrooms and an attached pool, and the second type includes five rooms and three bathrooms and overlooks a swimming pool.


Units Design

The design of the units in the La Vista Topaz project not only took into account the modern luxury shape, but also preserved the privacy of its residents, as they were distributed in different parts to take the shape of a U shape, and this also helped in all units enjoying a charming view of the sea and green spaces, as well as the luxurious facades that capture Looking at it at first sight.


La Vista Topaz Sokhna Village Facilities And Services

La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna did not occupy a prominent position among the most luxurious villages in Ain Sokhna, but rather thanks to its many advantages and high end services, such as:

  • Comprehensive insurance: Thanks to the security team that is ready to deal immediately with any emergency, in addition to the cameras that are installed throughout.
  • Places for body health: represented in the health club, which offers many services thanks to its integrated equipment, in addition to the modern spa and the gym, which is equipped with many modern exercise equipment.
  • Distinguished restaurants and fine cafés: It serves various local and international dishes and various drinks to the guests of La Vista Topaz Sokhna in a very special atmosphere thanks to its elegant design and modern décor.
  • Many playgrounds: It provides the opportunity for all guests, especially sports enthusiasts, to spend a special time playing football, basketball, volleyball, and others.
  • Commercial area: All guests can shop in it at any time because it is close to their units and is characterized by the availability of all well known brands and high quality products in it.
  • Luxurious hotels: La Vista Topaz is located inside Ain Sokhna because it is an integrated project that provides hotel services to its guests in addition to other basic services.
  • Swimming pools: They achieve a great deal of fun, especially for swimming enthusiasts, as they reflect a wonderful outside view thanks to their modern design.
  • Kids Area: Allow children to enjoy their time to the fullest extent possible, as there are many fun games.
  • Green spaces: Their cheerful colors are comfortable for the eyes and nerves, and they encourage the residents of La Vista Topaz Sokhna to relax more.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



La Vista Topaz Sokhna Prices

The price per square meter in La Vista Topaz Sokhna starts from 18,000 EGP for some units (such as penthouses), but it can be more than that depending on the type or specifications of the unit, for example, the price per square meter reaches 23,000 EGP for some chalets, and examples can be clarified about the prices of some units. Offered for sale are as follows:

  • Chalets in the La Vista Topaz project: The price starts from 2,200,000 EGP for chalets built on 110 square meters and reaches 2,400,000 EGP for an area of ​​125 square meters, and it reaches 3,500,000 EGP and 3,200,000 EGP for chalets that Their areas are 120 and 140 square meters, respectively, and reach 3,500,000 EGP for chalets built on 170 square meters.
  • Penthouses in La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna: The price starts from 3,450,000 EGP, and others are available with higher specifications at 4,150,000 EGP.


Payment Plans Of La Vista Topaz Al Sokhna

Although the customer receives his unit in La Vista Topaz Sokhna immediately and with integrated Super Lux finishes for a special price, he gets great facilities upon payment, which are:

  • Pay a 25% reservation down payment, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 5 years.
  • Pay a 10% reservation down payment and then 10% as a second payment after 3 months of paying the first payment, provided that the rest is paid in installments for 7 years.


About The Developer "La Vista"

Ain Sukhna bears La Vista Topaz, the name of the real estate development company that owns it because it is a major company with a wide reputation, so any project bearing its name is an addition to it that attracts many customers, as its inception dates back to 1991, which enhanced its experience and enabled it to launch projects Many have been successful throughout its history.

The company always uses highly experienced engineers and creative designers in the real estate sector when implementing its various projects, including La Vista Topaz Sokhna, which enabled it to outperform many major real estate companies. Examples of some of its previous work can be illustrated as follows:

La Vista Topaz Sokhna is a destination for many customers looking for distinctive units, so hurry up to book your unit before the reservation ends

Popular FAQ

18,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,980,000 pounds.

La Vista Company

Compound Location

Sokhna-Zaafarana Rood, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez

Best Properties

Chalet with Roof 150 m 2 nd Floor Front View at La Vista Topaz AL Ain AL Sokhna

Ground Chalet 150 meter with Garden 60 m at La Vista Topaz AL Ain AL Sokhna

Chalet 170 m 1st Floor with Sea View at La Vista Topaz AL Ain AL Sokhna

Town House 170 m 1st Floor Special View at La Vista Topaz AL Ain AL Sokhna

townhouse 220 m at La Vista Topaz AL Ain AL Sokhna