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Le Ciel compound in the new administrative capital is one of the projects of Bedaya Association, which was keen to choose a distinguished location for it in the administrative capital.

It also provided Le Ciel compound New Capital with luxury residential units, whether apartments, penthouses, duplexes, or villas, because it considered providing an integrated project to its clients that achieve them their wellbeing and comfort to the greatest extent possible.


About Le Ciel Compound New Capital

The project of Le Ciel Compound New Capital is completely far from any noise or crowding, and thus provides its residents the necessary calm, and is characterized by the multiplicity of its services and equipment, whether basic or luxurious, and despite this, it is characterized by its reasonable prices and convenient payment plans.


Le Ciel Compound New Capital Location

Bedaya has established Le Ciel Compound in plot F4, which is one of the most distinguished areas in the seventh residential district (R7) in the New Administrative Capital, and its distinction is shown in the ease of moving from it to many neighborhoods and places, such as:

  • Many neighborhoods: such as the government district, the embassy district, and the diplomatic district.
  • Major places of worship: Such as the AlFattah AlAlim Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • Recreational areas: represented in playgrounds, gardens, and a social club.
  • The Presidential Palace: It is a short distance from the Le Ciel compound in the capital.
  • Green River: It can be moved between them easily.
  • Al Massa Hotel: it is only 5 minutes away.
  • The British University: They are also five minutes apart.
  • Other nearby areas: such as the Opera House, Medical City, Fairgrounds (Expo)


Le Ciel The Administrative Capital Area

Le Ciel, the administrative capital, extends over 17 acres (about 71,400 square meters), but the buildings do not occupy all this space alone, because the green spaces and other facilities extend over 80% of them.


Le Ciel New Administrative Capital Units Details 

A group of modern units is located in Le Ciel, the capital, and therefore the customer can choose his unit with the type and space that suits him best.


Units Types

It can be said that Le Ciel New Capital Compound includes various types of residential units, as it includes:

  • Apartments in Le Ciel New Administrative Capital
  • Penthouse in Le Ciel New Administrative Capital
  • Duplex in Le Ciel compound, the new administrative capital
  • Standalone villas in Le Ciel compound, the new administrative capital

Residential units are not only available, but customers wishing to invest in a prime location in the Administrative Capital can find commercial and administrative units within it as well.


Units Area

Le Ciel New Capital offers different areas for its clients, as the areas of its units generally range between 72 square meters and 335 square meters.


Units Design

The design of the Le Ciel Compound New Capital project, in general, is inspired by the modern world style, so it can compete with the most luxurious European residential projects, in addition to owning its units with a charming view thanks to the green spaces and picturesque gardens surrounding its various buildings


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Le Ciel New Capital Services And Facilities

Le Ciel Compound achieves the maximum levels of safety, comfort, and luxury for its residents, thanks to its enjoyment of all the necessary means and services for this, such as:

  • The highest levels of security: Through the security personnel responsible for guarding and securing it 24 hours a day, in addition to highquality and accurate surveillance cameras.
  • Big Mall: It contains many stores that have all the purposes and supplies needed by its patrons.
  • Cafés and restaurants: The residents of Le Ciel Compound are offered various food and beverages amid very highend services.
  • Spacious garage: all areas are fully secured, which ensures the preservation of the residents' cars in it.
  • Health Center: It has a Jacuzzi to take care of the health of the body as well as a spa, and it also provides other services to its patrons.
  • Sports Club: It makes it possible for the residents of Le Ciel, the administrative capital, who participate in it, to play different sports inside the stadiums in it.
  • Gymnasium (Gym): It has a large area because it includes many types of equipment so that all its patrons can practice various exercises.
  • Electric elevators: All buildings are equipped with them so that their residents can move easily between its multiple floors.
  • Running and cycling tracks: They extend over a long distance and are very safe.
  • Places equipped for parties: such as barbecue parties or any other parties for different occasions that the residents of L'Ociel the capital want to organize, such as birthdays.
  • Green spaces and gardens: spread around all buildings and facilities, and therefore almost all units have a wonderful view.
  • Kids Area: Children have fun in it, as there are many games and they can engage in various activities.
  • Artificial lakes: they catch the eye with their wonderful shape, and the units of Le Ciel Compound, the new administrative capital nearby, give a charming view.
  • Swimming pools: bring more luxury and enjoyment to its residents.
  • Mosque: It was built in a large area to accommodate a large number of worshipers.


Units Prices Of Le Ciel New Capital

The price per square meter in Le Ciel New Capital starts from 6 thousand pounds and increases from that according to the specifications of each unit sold, but in general, the total price of its units starts from one million pounds and reaches 7 million and 227 thousand pounds.


Payment Plans Of Le Ciel New Administrative Capital

The easiest payment Plans that enables the customer to pay the unit price with ease is provided by Luciel New Capital Compound, as it allows them to reserve the unit without a down payment, and enables them to pay in installments over 4 years without interest.

Customers receive their units semifinished, but the owner company provides an interior finishing service to customers who wish to do so, in installments and without interest, knowing that it has already started delivering some units since October 2021


The Developer Of Le Ciel Compound 

The real estate developer responsible for the project of Le Ciel New Capital Compound is Bedaya Association, a civil institution that has been declared in the Ministry of Social Solidarity, but its activity is not limited to the charitable aspect only but includes various sectors, such as real estate and agriculture.

Bedaya has always aimed to launch residential projects in highend areas with integrated services, and it has already succeeded in implementing Le Ciel New Administrative Capital, as it chose to build it in the Administrative Capital due to its many services and modern technologies that keep pace with global technological developments.

Bedaya harnesses all its capabilities to produce its projects in a distinct manner that achieves the comfort and wellbeing of its customers and is also keen on enjoying the most luxurious modern architectural designs.

The most prominent of her previous work in the real estate sector can be explained as follows:

  • Bedaya Towers in Dokki
  • Bidaya City Compound in the New Administrative Capital

There is no alternative to the luxurious residential life in Le Ciel, thanks to its various basic and entertainment services, so it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of by booking your unit inside it now.

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6,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,000,000 pounds.

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R7, New Capital City, Cairo