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Marina 1 North Coast is considered one of the distinctive tourist villages, to which many tourists go, whether in the summer or winter, due to the calm atmosphere it enjoys, in addition to the multiple services that the village provides to all customers and guests.

The residential units vary in Marina 1 North Coast, so that every customer can find what he needs, in addition to the competitive prices, which are not found in any other coastal village, and given that its area is large, it is easy for designers to make a lot of decorations and designs. Attractive and elegant engineering, and for more details about Marina 1 North Coast Resort, here are the following lines.


Details about Marina 1 North Coast

  • Project Name: Marina 1 North Coast
  • Village location : North Coast.
  • Village area: approximately 4000 acres.
  • Units Type: apartments, townhouses, chalets, villas.
  • Units Space : it starts from (128 to 200) square meters.
  • Existing payment systems : There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company : Emaar Misr


Information about Marina 1 North Coast

Marina 1 North Coast is located on the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, from kilometer 94 to kilometer 111, and is distinguished by its view of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, such as the Mediterranean Sea, with the reflection of sunlight on the water and yellow sands, and the length of the coastal village On the Mediterranean Sea about 17 km.

Marina 1 Al Sahel is built on a huge area of about 3,952 acres, and this area is divided into residential units with gardens and green areas within the village.

The coastal village provides the services that guests need, with many features that increase the value and status of the village among other tourist resorts, in addition to achieving privacy and security for individuals within their homes in the village.

  Emaar Misr is distinguished by its proximity to important areas, which provides easy access, and offers distinctive prices and flexible payment plans; To satisfy all desires and tastes.

The location of the coastal village of Marina is what helped increase the number of visitors to it, in addition to increasing the number of investors in this place, as follows:


What is the location of Marina 1 North Coast?

Marina 1 North Coast is located among many ideal areas, which are easy to go to, and the location of the tourist village is one of the strategic locations, where:

  • The Mediterranean Sea: Marina 1 North Coast overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, which increases the number of people coming to it because of the stunning views.
  • Cairo: Marina 1 Al Sahel is about half an hour away from Cairo.
  • Commercial areas: The resort is located in a privileged location, surrounded by all the huge malls and shops.
  • Transport station: enables the guest to go anywhere quickly, through distinct transportation stations in a few minutes.

The area of the coastal village, Marina, is one of the largest spaces that you can find in any other resort, which gave the engineers more freedom in designing elegant and attractive decorations and residential units, and the units' spaces are as follows:


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What is the area of Marina 1 Village?

Marina 1 North Coast Resort was built on a huge area and in a privileged location, to be close to other resorts and the main roads to which the individual goes. The village is characterized by its decorations and residential units being finished with high precision, with the use of colors that attract customers' choice, and the area of the resort is as follows:

  • Total area: The resort area is one of the giant spaces, as it was built on an area of 3952 acres.
  • Building Area: The buildings and residential units of Marina Coastal Village were built on an area of 20%.
  • Green spaces, landscapes, and aqua parks: green spaces and natural parks abound in the resort, with an area of 80% of the total area of the project.

It offers many services and features in Marina 1 North Coast; To work to increase the number of visitors and provide them with comfort and relaxation, and among these services and features:


What are the services and features of the Marina 1 coastal project?

Marina 1 North Coast provides many services that the resort's management is keen to provide; In order to achieve customer satisfaction, and to make them happy to stay inside the resort, all services will be explained in the next paragraph:

  • Medical services: Within the resort, there are many hospitals and health centers, which are efficient and experienced, while providing comfort for the patient, in addition to many ambulances, to be equipped in emergency cases.
  • Security services: There are several police stations inside the resort, as well as surveillance cameras. To provide security for the guests with electronic doors, the village consists of 7 entrance gates, all of which are equipped with the best modern cameras for protection.
  • Hotels and Resorts: The coastal village includes many hotels to accommodate the largest number of visitors, and it is designed in the highest style, and all of them overlook natural scenery from all sides.
  • Entertainment services: The coastal village includes many recreational areas for adults and children, such as amusement parks that include the largest fun games, in addition to the aquapark and a tourist walkway.
  • Archaeological areas: The village of Marina 1, North Coast, includes the most beautiful archaeological area, which is carved inside the mountain. Tourists come to it from all over, as it includes ancient artifacts from the Roman and Pharaonic eras.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There are distinguished and famous restaurants that offer customers the most delicious food and the best drinks.
  • Health club: It includes the most health equipment and tools, which provide relaxation and comfort for guests.
  • Swimming pools: designed in different sizes and spaces, to suit all ages, with covered swimming pools for women. To provide them with comfort and privacy.
  • Beaches: The tourist village includes many beaches equipped for swimming, and they are 22 beaches.
  • Cinemas: The newest and latest movies are shown on the best and largest screens, so that all viewers can see.
  • Educational services: It includes many schools, universities, and institutes, in addition to nurseries that provide students with the best education with the latest technological means, through teachers with competence and professional experience.
  • Garages: The resort has private garages for parking cars.
  • Golf: Marina includes 1 golf course; For the entertainment of the residents, with special carts to move inside the gardens.
  • A healthy environment : Green spaces, landscapes, and gardens are spread within the village. To spread clean air away from urban pollution.
  • Decorations: There are many sculptures and statues scattered throughout the resort, to increase the attractiveness and elegance of the place.
  • Artificial lakes: The tourist resort includes the largest number of artificial lakes, which gives the village a wonderful artistic look.
  • Clubs: Marina 1 North Coast features basketball and football courts and jogging areas, equipped with all needs and services.
  • Games: There are the most interesting games, which are preferred by a large number of people, and it is a game of jumping over buildings, and you are tied to ropes to keep you safe.

Within Marina 1 North Coast, there are many different units so that each guest can choose what suits his needs, including:


Units details in Marina 1 North Coast

The units within Marina 1 North Coast have many advantages, including a variety of spaces and distinctive designs, and enjoy competitive prices, in addition to various payment plans; To satisfy all tastes, among the important details about the units within the Marina 1 North Coast project are the following:


What are the unit types in Marina Village 1?

The residential units that are located within the tourist resort vary in their designs and shapes, in order to suit everyone and meet all their desires and tastes, including:

  • chalets.
  • Villas.
  • Apartments.
  • Town House.

To find out the different areas of the units, here are the following lines:


What is the unit space in Marina 1 North Coast?

Within the village of Marina 1 Al Sahel , there are many residential units, which number more than 15 thousand housing units, characterized by different designs and internal and external engineering decorations for the unit, in order to suit all the different tastes of the guests, as:

  • Residential apartments space: inside the resort, it starts from 128 square meters for a two-room apartment.
  • Three-bedroom apartment space: it starts from 199 square meters.
  • Villas and townhouses space: it starts from 128 square meters up to 200 square meters.


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Units design in Marina 1

The real estate company offers all resort units at competitive prices that are not found in other coastal villages, while providing new and distinctive decorations and designs, so that each customer can choose what suits his taste.

There are about seven gates surrounding all directions of the tourist resort, all of which are equipped with high-tech surveillance, and security guards with a high degree of efficiency and courage.

In the next paragraph, we will learn about all the prices of residential units within Marina 1 North Coast , as the prices are competitive, and this is evident in the following:


What are the prices of Marina 1 Compound, North Coast?

The price per square meter in Marina 1 North Coast starts from 42,000 pounds. There are a number of elements through which the price of each residential unit is determined, such as the location and quality of the unit, in addition to the area of each residential unit. Within Marina Village, there is an opportunity for rent instead of purchase, we will address all prices in the next paragraph:

  • Chalet price:

The chalet sale price starts from 1,200,000 pounds to 4,500,000 pounds.

  • Villas prices:

Villas selling prices start from five million and 500 thousand pounds to forty million pounds.

  • Chalet rent prices

In the case of one-day rent in the north, the price starts from one thousand pounds to four thousand pounds.

  • Villas rent price:

The price of renting a villa starts from 5,000 to 15,000 pounds per day.


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Marina 1 Al Sahel?

The company provides customers with many payment methods, so that you can take your residential unit at the required time with all the finishes and decorations specified by the customer, and among these systems:

  • 5% down payment: 5% down payment is paid, then a second amount of 10% is paid, and the rest of the amount can be paid over 6 or 7 years.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Who is the company that owns the Marina 1 North Coast project?

Emaar Misr is the owner of the Marina 1 North Coast resort , and it is considered one of the largest and largest projects that it has implemented on the ground, and it has many other projects that we will explain later, and this company is one of the institutions that has a name and great popularity In the world of real estate, where you provide the best construction, while providing all the services that any client needs, such as administrative and development services.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Marina 1 project?

In addition to the tourist resort project in Marina Village, the real estate company has presented many projects, with a lot of distinguished engineering designs and decorations, with full finishing and super lux for all the housing units it offers, and among the successful projects it has worked on increasing its value and position among other companies and different countries , with which its projects such as India, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey were built, the following:

  • Port Said Village.
  • Porto Matrouh Resort.
  • South Beach Resort.
  • Porto Sokhna village in Ain Sokhna.
  • Marina resorts such as Porto Marina.
  • Porto Golf Marina Village.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of investing in Marina 1 North Coast?

Marina 1 North Coast has a strategic location close to all the important facilities that provide it with easy access, with a multiplicity of units and systems for obtaining units from owning or renting, and the prices are competitive and very suitable with the services provided.

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