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We will talk about Marseille North Coast, as it is considered one of the distinguished coastal projects that contains services that achieve luxury, and is characterized by providing means of life at the best prices and a distinctive modern design.

The Marseille North Coast compound offers a direct view of the sea, which provides a pleasant atmosphere in addition to a beautiful appearance.


Information about Marseilia Beach, North Coast

  • Marseilia Beach North Coast represents an integrated world of luxury through a group of chalets and villas with the best designs and the finest shapes.
  • Marseille Beach North Coast extends over an area of 262 km2.
  • The Marseille project on the coast contains the best chalet design for sale, with a variety of spaces and number of bedrooms.
  • Marseilia Village is located in a privileged location, specifically at the 57th kilometer of Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, in the most prestigious spot in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • It represents a central region between western Alexandria, 124 km away, and the city of El Alamein on the northern coast.
  • There are units for sale in Marseilia Village, and there is the possibility of renting various units such as villas and apartments.
  • Marseilia Beach is a series of villages from the projects of the Marseilia Real Estate Company.
  • Marseilia Beach, North Coast, represents the integration of excellence factors in one project, where you can book an apartment at competitive prices, different spaces, and payment methods that suit everyone.
  • In addition to that, the distinctive attraction factor, which led to an increase in purchases, which led to the construction of more than one stage and different villages to meet the requests of customers, which is the location of the village where it is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay. during.
  • It has a view close to two important airports, Burj Al Arab Airport and El Alamein Airport, as it is characterized by speed and ease of access.
  • 2500 units are the number of Marseille units with unique designs and different spaces between villas, apartments, townhouses, and chalets.
  • It has a beach that is considered the longest to provide a direct view of the sea for all units and not to cause crowding.
  • A variety of aqua park services, children's entertainment areas, and different types of swimming pools to provide the greatest amount of privacy and enjoyment.
  • It is one of the most luxurious and prestigious coastal cities in the Alamein region, as it overlooks a wonderful sea, and this helped soften its atmosphere, and made it one of the distinctive coastal resorts with a charming nature, in which many people want to book residential units.


Marseilia North Coast project location

This Marseilia Beach North Coast resort is located in the most attractive and active coastal city, and its location is the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road at km 124. It is characterized by many characteristics, different from any other resort, which increased the number of visitors and citizens, and among the most important main areas around which the resort is located are:

  • International airports: Important, the resort is no more than five minutes away, such as El Alamein Airport and Burj Al Arab Airport, which provides multiple ways of access by land, sea, and air easily.
  • New Cairo : The distance between it and Marseilia Village is no more than 60 minutes.
  • Alexandria: it is only 124 km away.
  • Other resorts: such as Marassi Egypt, a few minutes away from the resort.
  • Hacienda Village: It is also one of the distinctive villages on the coast, which is adjacent to the village of Marseilia Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Marsa Matruh: A few minutes away is the separator between the city of Marsa Matrouh and the Marseilia Beach project.
  • For reservations now, throughout the week, you own the latest designs of the villa, and if you are looking for a chalet for sale with proportional areas in a group of villages on the Mediterranean coast and directly on the sea, its location is privileged, contact us to provide you with the details of the Marseille Real Estate Development Company, including the address and methods of communication.


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The area of Marseille Village, North Coast

The total area of the village is represented by the resort’s private beach, which is 650 meters long and 950 meters deep. The area of Marseilia Beach is as follows:

  • The total area The total area is 262,000 square meters.
  • Building area: It takes up an area of 22% of the total area.
  • Green spaces : they occupy the largest share of the total area, specifically 78%.


Services and features of Marseilia Beach North Coast Resort

There are many services and advantages offered by the village to its visitors who love distinguished tourist villages and luxurious housing, and the most important of these services are:

  • Gardens: with different designs and beautiful shapes that cover the entire village.
  • A large mosque : to accommodate the largest number of worshipers, and each individual performs his prayers comfortably.
  • Commercial area : The village of Marseilia Beach, North Coast, contains the largest distinctive shops, as well as a huge commercial mall, which offers the best products to citizens.
  • Artificial lakes: made of crystal that reflects the sun's rays, and gives the place an aesthetic, natural and charming view.
  • Swimming pools : with a high degree of security and safety so that the residents can entertain themselves.
  • Vast green spaces: covering most of the resort, increasing comfort and relaxation.
  • Children's entertainment areas : Marseille Beach contains a secure kids area for parents to check on, as it contains a large number of safe games.
  • Party venues: Marseilia Beach North Coast offers venues for holding huge celebrations equipped with various entertainment facilities with modern and sophisticated lighting systems.
  • Bessin: Marseilia Beach includes the northern coast of Bessin, which includes more than one form, including clean water.
  • Safe beaches : Swimming in the private beaches of the village of Marseille Beach is safe, as there are the best beach guards, as well as barriers that are not allowed to be crossed.
  • Maintenance services: There are the latest maintenance methods in addition to washing and cleaning inside Marseilia Beach North Coast.
  • Sports courts : Marseilia Beach, North Coast, includes many types of playgrounds for practicing different types of sports.
  • Landscape : The landscape provides green spaces everywhere in the village.
  • Security : The project includes a security system with a high degree of efficiency and experience due to the use of the latest technological methods.
  • Pest control : Marseilia Beach, North Coast, is characterized by the presence of an anti-insect system and harmful pests.
  • Parks: Within the Marseille Beach Resort, there are many parks with a garden to sit and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.
  • Quietness and privacy : the village achieves distance from the noise and pollution in the city.
  • Cafes and restaurants : There is a group of famous restaurants along the beach to spend the best times and enjoy the most beautiful coast.
  • Aqua Park: In the village of Marseilia Beach, North Coast, we offer water bodies, a space for games, and a distinctive sea.
  • Central Air Conditioning : Marseilia Beach North Coast has the latest central air conditioning system serving the entire village.


Units details in Marseilia Beach North Coast

Marseilia Beach North Coast, kilo 124, offers a unique and unique design for a coastal village near Matrouh and Alexandria. It is located directly on the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road, and near the most important landmarks.

Marseilia Beach North Coast extends over 140 acres.

Marseilia Beach North Coast on the coast in Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay offers a variety of bedroom units to provide a variety that suits everyone, with distinct prices and designs, and these details are as follows:


Types of oases in Marseilia North Coast

There are a number of different units, which suit the taste and desire of each customer, such as:

  • apartments.
  • Town House.
  • villas.
  • chalets.
  • shortcomings.


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The units' spaces in Marseilia Beach, North Coast

Marseilia Beach North Coast units are characterized by distinct spaces that take into account the desires of customers and different tastes, as the availability of these spaces has been announced:

  • Apartments space in Marseille Beach : the space of the apartments in this project starts from 55 square meters.
  • Marseilia Beach North Coast chalets' spaces : The chalets' space in the resort ranges from 70 , 90 , or 100 meters, according to the client's need.
  • Villa spaces in Marseilia Beach, North Coast : The net area starts at 410 square meters.
  • Marseille Beach Palaces Space : The space for a private palace starts from 680 square meters.


Units design in Marseilia Beach, North Coast

  • Marseilia is a series of villages created and designed by the Marseilia Foundation, one of the most beautiful projects on the coast, in a privileged location in Sidi Abdel Rahman, built on 140 acres, containing the latest designs of villas on the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road.
  • A resort in the North Coast, on the best spot in Sidi Abdel Rahman, in a direct location on the Alexandria Sea on the North Coast.
  • Marseilia Beach North Coast El Alamein is one of the most important projects in the North Coast. It has a view of the entire project on the North Coast Sea.
  • The units vary, and Marseilia Beach North Coast villas occupy the largest area of the village on the North Coast.
  • The designs vary as it provides a global look.
  • The units of Marseilia Beach North Coast vary, as they occupy more than 20% of the total area, and the rest of the space is divided between twin houses, stand-alone villas, swimming pools, in addition to services and entertainment units.
  • The village of Marseilia Beach, North Coast, was designed with terrace technology to provide a total direct view of the North Coast Sea.


Units prices in Marseilia Beach North Coast

The price of units within Marseilia Beach North Coast starts from 3 million pounds, as the prices of apartments, villas, and townhouses vary in terms of space and design required by the customer, as:

  • Chalet prices in Marseilia Beach, North Coast : The average chalet price starts from 450,000 EGP.
  • The price of apartments in Marseille North Coast : starts from 1,500,000 pounds.
  • Rental Prices: Rents start from 900 EGP per chalet per day in Marseilia Beach, North Coast.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Payment systems and payment methods in Marseilia North Coast

Marseilia Beach's prices represent the competitive North Coast in relation to neighboring villages such as Marassi Hacienda Bay, the Marina project, and also Wat Bay, in addition to the Marseilia Company providing several flexible systems with multiple payment facilities, as the payment systems are as follows:

  • 10% down payment : 10% of the amount is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over six years.
  • Finishing: All units will be delivered with the best super lux finishing.


Brief about the real estate developer of the Marseilia Beach North Coast project

  • Marseilia Beach, North Coast, represents the latest work and the finest view of Marseilia Real Estate Company.
  • It represents an Egyptian joint stock company that was established in the year 2001, to follow in the footsteps of the real estate market giant and establish the trust of customers.
  • It provides a creative building policy that combines luxury, tranquility, and exquisite design, to provide international quality standards.
  • Commitment and reliability is the title of work for the founders and managers of Marseilia.
  • The Marseille Company, which owns the Marseilia Beach project and is responsible for this resort, presented a lot of other real estate works, which achieved great success, satisfied all customers, and was able to obtain a prestigious position among all other real estate companies.


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Previous works for the real estate developer of the Marseilia Beach North Coast project

The company has presented many projects for sale in different places such as the North Coast and other different cities

  • Marseilia Village 1 at kilometer 70.
  • Marseilia 1, North Coast, kilo 70.
  • Marseilia 2 project at 96.5 km.
  • Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna.
  • Cascadia North Coast, kilo 57.
  • Golden Yard Compound in the Administrative Capital.
  • Marseille Matrouh.

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